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Delta leaders hail Supreme Court justices, warn political detractors

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Delta Leaders have congratulated Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan for his victory at the Supreme Court. They also thanked the Justices of the Supreme Court for satisfying the electorate and the society at large by dismissing the request of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) governorship candidate in the 2011 governorship election, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru.

In a statement issued in Asaba by the Director of Communications of the People’s Movement, Mrs Ibifuro Tatua, the leaders lauded the judiciary for not yielding to calculated lies about elections in the state, describing the past three governorship elections as the most transparent ever seen in the history of the state.

The leaders praised the governor for the pragmatic steps taken to address the problems in the various sectors, the development of democratic culture and stable polity as well as the creation of jobs for the people.

Emphasizing that God threw up Governor Uduaghan to help extricate the people from the shackles of poverty, enslavement and oppression, the leaders urged Dr Uduaghan to keep up the good works irrespective of the antics of some detractors who peddle false stories about the state.

Part of the statement reads: “Contrary to impressions implanted by some enemies of the state, Uduaghan has no problem if he decides to seek election into the senate come 2015. If the constitution were to allow a person to rule for life, Deltans at home and abroad will probably beg him to continue”

The leaders who also affirmed their total support to Uduaghan on his quest to develop the state, appealed to office and money seeking politicians to temper ambition and greed with concern for public good and genuine welfare of the people.

While condemning what it describes as, “misguided attacks by some politicians, self-acclaimed youth leaders and their backers, the leaders said such antics will never deter His Excellency from repositioning the state.

The leaders, who further thanked the people for the confidence reposed in Uduaghan, said the governor would continue to deliver dividends of democracy to them.

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Akata Festival draws huge crowd

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Hundreds of thousands of people are set to converge on Benue for the 2013 Akata Fishing and Cultural Festival.

The festival is a formidable forum for the Tiv people, both at home and in the Diaspora to express solidarity in their collective quest for economic empowerment as well as for individuals and corporate entities within and outside the country to expand the scope of their businesses by taking advantage of the economic opportunities in Benue State

“This year’s event promises to be unique because it is coming against the backdrop of a heightened cultural consciousness among the Tiv people, towards a reassertion of their ethnic and cultural identity and an unequivocal re -definition of their positioning within the political landscape of the Nigerian nation state” a statement by the principal consultant of Gren Business Dimensions, organizers of the three- day festival said.

“Benue has a long history with fishing and cultural festival,” said Mrs. Rosemary Duamlong,  stressing that they have expanded the festival to include Business Conference, Made in Benue Ekpo, Cultural and Award Night, wresting, power bike racing, traditional dances, boat racing, beauty pageant and arrow shooting.

“The government and people of Benue State are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that this year’s festival will be a memorable one. Steps have been taken to ensure that visitors from within and outside the country have a secure and conducive atmosphere within which to assess the economic opportunities of the state” the statement promised.

The festival, which has its theme “Food Basket of the Nation: Untapped Benue” keeps getting bigger every year. The festival has really grown” she said.

“Already, there are feelers that top business men in Nigeria, members of the diplomatic corps and key actors in government across the country are looking forward to converging on Benue beginning from 25th June, 2013.

“They are excited by the prospect of experiencing the hospitality for which the government and good people of Benue are known for”.

Last year, officials estimated that over a million people came to the festival, and this year it looked like that number might well be surpassed.


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An Address Presented By the Amanyanabo of Kalabari Kingdom His Majesty, King Prof T. J. T. Princewill, CFR, JP, Amachree XI On the Occasion of the Courtesy Visit on the Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Right Honourable Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, CON on June 11, 2013

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Gov. Amaechi and  King TJT PrincewillOn behalf of the chiefs and citizen of the Kalabari Kingdom, I thank Your Excellency for making out time from your busy schedule to receive us today.


At certain times in the life of a man, the public expression of the love, goodwill, admiration and support of friends and relatives may be highly desirable. For us as Kalabari people, this is a good time to show our solidarity with our son, brother, friend and Governor, Chibuike Amaechi. The last time we interacted with you with a full house of our people, we were all distressed and left in perplexity by what appeared to be a deliberate or inadvertent balkanization of the Kalabari Kingdom. We were given the impression that Soku, an ancient Kalabari Community was no longer in Rivers State. We concede that in the natural course of growth, it is not impossible that the Kalabari Kingdom may spread across State boundaries in the Nigerian Federation. However, the precise location of Kalabari towns and communities across states ought to be with our knowledge and consent; not by arbitrary division, the rationale of which is lost on us.


May we use this opportunity to thank Your Excellency for the swiftness and persistence with which you have committed to this battle to restore Soku and other Kalabari communities to the Kalabari Kingdom. It would be apposite, in the same vein, to join other men and women of goodwill resident in Rivers State to tender our gratitude to you for the growth and development in the core areas which your administration is focused on. The investments in health, particularly primary Health Care; in education, in infrastructure, enhancing the capacity of teachers, and quality assurance; and in agriculture, especially fish farming, compel us to say thank you.


It would be an oversight not to thank Your Excellency for sending our children to study abroad under generous scholarships. Neither would it appropriate for us to fail to say thank you for our brethren in various positions of responsibility, especially the Right Honourable Otelemaba Dan Amachree, the Honourable Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly in whom we are well pleased. He has maintained the principle of separation of powers while aligning the making of good laws to a shared vision for development. It is our hope that the confidence you have reposed in them will take you all to the finishing line.


May we quickly congratulate you on your re-election as chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, while appealing to your colleagues and indeed all other Nigerians, including the media to see how all the contending issues can be resolved amicably in the interest of the nation. For us as Kalabari people, we can confidently say that despite all odds, you have provided visionary and purposeful leadership for the state. We cannot pretend that your administration has delivered on its mandate. We align with all your pro-people initiatives and express our unalloyed support to your administration. We will stand with you at all times.


Our dear governor, we would not like to be associated with the proverbial ostrich, which allegedly hides its head in sand, rather than confront and overcome challenges. We have inferred that there is a political crisis in which Your Excellency is in the eye of the storm. Your Excellency, we might not know the background or the dynamics of all these events but we perceive that all is not well between you and His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The President is your brother and in-law. Brethren are bound to disagree but as the Holy Bible informs us, we need not let the sun go down on our anger.


It is against this background that we call for reconciliation of all the parties to the disputes, whether real or perceived. We are not merely calling on you and the president to settle your differences; we are offering ourselves as emissaries and mediators. We do not want history to judge us harshly, as having stood by when two brothers had a slight misunderstanding which we allowed to grow into a huge conflagration.


When you are free from these distractions, we believe that you would re-double your focus on delivering good governance in Rivers State. Our expectation is that it would result in measured political, economic and social empowerment for Rivers people, but especially Kalabari people.



Finally, the Kalabari people as an ethnic nationality would continue to work with you. We pledge our loyalty and unflinching support to Your Excellency’s administration.


Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Long live Rivers State of Nigeria!

Long live Chibuike Amaechi!


Thank you.


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“NUJ Set New Standard for Nigeria Electoral System” – Princewill

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“NUJ Set New Standard for Nigeria Electoral System” – Princewill.

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What did Amaechi do to Akpabio?

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By Odimegwu Onwumere

Many of us came to know the stylish world of Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, when editors from all walks of the media in Nigeria converged at Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, for their Editors Guild summit. All the newspapers were awash with the glowing tribute the editors paid to Akpabio, for being a gentleman that had the reasonableness for good governance. But all those
facial-appearances the editors saw in the governor seem to have been thrown to the dogs, following the precarious politics that Akpabio has been playing in the imbroglios that have surrounded the once admired and redoubtable Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), which the non-hovering
Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State, has made to be pronounced and today, it has become the fear of the presidency, which Akpabio now could been seen to be posing as an errand boy for.

It is not yet clear what Akpabio had at heart with his involvement in all the battles in the politics of the NGF he has been in the forefront against Amaechi, but has always bitten the dust and Amaechi,
has always been the winner. Not even the splinter group named PDP Governors Forum, which Akpabio cheers, also, has been functional in the direction it was formed. This group was formed in order to whittle the powers said that Amaechi was brandishing in the NGF. Yet, it has not worked. Since Thursday 21 February, when the first ‘political coup’ was staged against Amaechi in the NGF, Akpabio has been opposing everything Amaechi.

In all the roof-rofos from Akpabio against Amaechi, it has been indicated that Akpabio is not a good strategist, which has given Amaechi the hardheartedness to floor him in any plot. But instead
Akpabio would accept defeat in the fights Nigerians know that he has lost many times before Amaechi; he is yet posing before the president as Mr. Remedy to all the plots that have been and that are going to be played by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against Amaechi. Surprise
that Akpabio does not want peace to reign in the PDP, as recent facts in the newspapers can buttress.

From the February 21, when it came to the public notice that the presidency has enormous interest in how the NGF should be run, Akpabio has been speechifying against Amaechi. But with the much heralded election of the NGF, which took place on Friday 24th May and Amaechi was said to have won Governor Jonah Jang (the choice-candidate of Akpabio who was in collaboration with the presidency against Amaechi), Akpabio does not want to give up and does not want to accept defeat.
What the victory of Amaechi signifies is that he (Amaechi) stands a better use for the PDP, than Akpabio, who was said to have promised President Goodluck Jonathan that he had the machinery in place to deliver Jang. Yet, he failed to deliver and has refused to be remorseful and plead to Jonathan, for accepting to engage in the fight against Amaechi, he knew appropriately that he was no match to Amaechi.

The election of the NGF in which Amaechi re-contested and was said to have won, has exposed a lot of things about the once revered Governor Akpabio. The presidency relied much on Akpabio to deliver Jang, due to the hope he had raised against defeating Amaechi, but he scurried. This is the man whom it was said that a peace move by the leadership of the Senate led by the deputy senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu was initiated and he became the spoiler within, with a lot
of deep-necked promises to Jonathan. In the news reports, the leadership of the senate was said to have agreed that Amaechi would be allowed to run the headship of the NGF for one year (to 2014) and stay by the side, following the 2015 presidential election, which Jonathan has been caught in-between desperation and authoritarianism.

Why Jonathan has not booted Akpabio out from his side is yet to meet the eyes. Jonathan had seemingly accepted the plan of Ekweremadu, before he left the country for Addis Ababa, in the event of the African Union (AU) summit in Ethiopia, except for Akpabio. “But no sooner the Senate leadership travelled to Rivers State to meet with Governor Amaechi on the agreement, than Akpabio boasted to the President that he should not accept Ekweremadu’s proposition as he was capable of turning the tide against the Rivers State governor. Akpabio told Jonathan that he had most of the governors behind him and that they would vote for the President’s candidate. He boasted that he
would disgrace Amaechi in the election,” a report said.

All the purportedly boasts of Akpabio was later carpeted, with Amaechi said to have won the NGF election, a development which Jonathan was said to have not been pleased with, when he was in faraway AddisAbaba, where he heard the news. Reporters described Jonathan’s mood against Akpabio thus: “He was ‘very angry’ with Akpabio.” Why would Akpabio not allow Amaechi be, having been favoured with oil blocks said was belonging to Rivers State, which (the President has collected
and given out?) to Abia, Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa states, to the chagrin of unsuspecting residents of Rivers State?

With these unfolding issues, it ought to have been known to Jonathan by now that Amaechi was not the problem he has, but the hawks around him, who have been selling Amaechi in bad light around for cheap publicity, that he is his problem. If Amaechi is the problem of Jonathan, as the holier-than-thou members of the PDP want the world to believe, who are bent on fighting Amaechi to standstill, Akpabio then wouldn’t have been described in one of the newspapers reports this way: “The man is more problems to the President than ever envisaged”. What is the sense with what Apkabio has been doing around with the Governor Jang faction of the NGF, when he (Akpabio) was incapable to
deliver Jang during the NGF election, having boasted to Jonathan of having all the governors in his palm and that they would vote for Jang? Could it not be deduced here that Nigeria has gotten a
flatterer-governor in Akpabio?

It is very sad how petty Akpabio has become with the NGF election result. Is this the same man that the reverenced editors had attested for as a good man?  Why must Akpabio continue to make Mr Asishana Bayo Okauru, Director-General of the forum`s Secretariat a liar, after Amaechi’s re-election was announced? Akpabio’s continuous protestation against the election could be directed that he has been playing the ostrich before Jonathan, so that the later does not vent out his anger against him, for promise and fail. Akpabio’s continuous harangue that Amaechi was not supposed to preside over the election could be taken as the outburst of a defeated pro-Jonathan anti-troop that is against Amaechi.

Akpabio forgot that his unremitting voicing that his camp would do nothing than the recognition of Jang is not justifiable in any frankness. Could it be possible for Akpabio to tell Jonathan to leave
Amaechi alone and give Nigerians good governance? Is it Jonathan that is using Akpabio against Amaechi, or the other? And if Akpabio was saying that Amaechi was supposed to have stepped down before contesting in the NGF election, Nigerians should ask Akpabio if he stepped down before re-contesting for the position of governor of Akwa Ibom.

In an organize clime, a person like Akpabio ought to have since put down his resignation dispatch, for failing the president in his promise. Yet, Akpabio is not embarrassed, but resorted to embarrassing the sensibilities of Nigerians, and while taking cover that he is fighting Amaechi. Any person with a sound mind is expected to fight injustice and not Amaechi, who won in a declared free and fair NGF election. This habit of Akpabio is not expected anywhere, let alone, from a man who was said is a lawyer.

What is the gauge of a dippy and unfilled person? Akpabio should spare Nigerians with these embarrassments in the fight against Amaechi. His new found fabricated lifestyle opposite what the editors saw and applauded should stop. Akpabio should in earnest stop deceiving Jonathan and masquerading under the tutelage of the PDP struggle. It has become obvious that Amaechi was not the traitor that was within the PDP. If Jonathan can bend down without the support of the hawks
around him, he may find out who the true traitors in the fold are and send for Amaechi and make peace with him. Why Akpabio can’t leave Amaechi alone lacks reason in its context.

Odimegwu Onwumere is the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In
Rivers State (CONIRIV). Tel: +2348057778358 (or) +2348032552855.

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Jerry Needam Resgns from ACN

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The publicity secretary of Rivers State Chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Pastor Jerry Needam has resigned his position.

His resignation which was made available in an online statement stated that his decision to abdicate his position was based on ‘principle’.

The full text of the statement which was copied to ACN various chairmen reads:

From today, Monday, June 10, 2013, I ceased to be a member of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN.

By my resignation from the party, I also ceased to be the Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Rivers State Chapter.

My resignation from the ACN is hinged on principle. I want to place on record that there is an attempt to use Esuku M. Esuku, to desecrate the principles on which the Party was conceivably based through the infiltration of the very people whose political philosophy are diametrically opposed to those of the ACN.

It has been very difficult coping thus far with a bunch of non-progressives in what is meant as a progressive alternative to the status quo.

I have carried the banner with Dr Abiye Sekibo, and Hon Kenneth Kobani alone, while the like of Esuku M. Esuku is busy using the ACN platform as a selfish route to the Governor of Rivers State for his “stomach” no more, no less.

Rivers people will not forgive me, if I had used the ACN platform to seek monetary gains and political advancement from the Governor of Rivers State, as many would have hinged my consistent criticism of the Rivers State Governor and his style of governance on selfish reasons.

My aim was to join other genuine efforts to build a credible opposition and set agenda for government not to use the ACN platform to negotiate for enrichment of myself and reach out to government officials at night, as Esuku M. Esuku is doing.

My stance was therefore seen by the like of Esuku M. Esuku as stopping them from “chopping” government money and getting appointed into juicy positions, by the Governor of Rivers State.

I received all manners of threats to my life; the lives of my wife and children were put on the line.

Before 2011, Rivers State had been so unlucky not to have a serious opposition party. This was an impression we set out to correct. It is the gravest of crimes to have the likes of Esuku M. Esuku claiming to be in opposition in the day time, and at night in the Brick House  with government officials, plotting to destabilize the ACN.

Besides giving my reasons for resigning my membership of the ACN on principle, I wish to note that the resignation of our State Leader, Dr Abiye Sekibo, whose view and ideologies I share in, also contributed to my action because there is no point retaining my membership of the ACN, when he has already dumped the party.

I sincerely wish to thank Dr Abiye Sekibo and wife. I received very warm support, prayers and encouragement from them. I thank my beloved wife and children for standing firm in prayers to God on my behalf. Also, Hon Kenneth Kobani, my Archbishop, Diocesan Administrator and members of my Church, Kono people, Ogoni sons and daughters, Rivers people, members of NUJ, the Christian community in Rivers State and Nigeria, my friends in the media, members of Rivers State Independent Publishers Association (RIVPA), Human Rights Community, members of other Political Parties, management and staff of National Network Group of Newspapers, my friends within and outside the country, and the general public for all your supports and prayers.

God bless you all.

Jerry Needam

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

The National Chairman,

Action Congress of Nigeria

National Secretariat


Through:  The State Chairman

Action Congress of Nigeria

State Secretariat

Port Harcourt

Through:  The Chairman

Khana Local Government Area

Action Congress of Nigeria


Rivers State

Through:  The Ward Chairman

Ward 11

Action Congress of Nigeria

Khana Local Government Area


Dear Sir,


I respectfully write to inform you that from the date of this letter, Monday June 10, 2013, I have ceased to be a member of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN.

Besides personal reasons for resigning my membership of the party, I wish to note that due to the resignation of our state leader, Dr Abiye Sekibo whose views and ideologies I share in, there is no point retaining my membership of the ACN.

I wish you all well as you forge on.


Pastor Jerry Needam, JP





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Rivers State: Abiye Sekibo Dumps ACN

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Rivers State: Abiye Sekibo Dumps ACN

Information reaching nf-reports has it that the leader of Action Congress of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter Mr Abiye Sekibo who was the party’s governorship standard bearer in the 2011 gubernatorial election has resigned his membership of the party.

Action-Congress-of-NigeriaHis resignation was made available in a statement by the party’s publicity secretary Mr Jerry Needam.

The full text of the statements reads:

Sekibo Dumps ACN

The Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Rivers State and Governorship Candidate in the 2011 Governorship Election Dr Abiye Sekibo, has resigned his membership of the party.

According to Dr Sekibo in a letter dated Wednesday, June 5, 2013, addressed to the National Chairman of the Party, his resignation is based on personal reasons.

“I wish all my friends and colleagues who are still in the party well”, Dr Sekibo said.

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All is set for 2013 Akata Fishing and Cultural festival

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Arrangements have been finalized for holding the 2013 Akata Fishing and Cultural Festival.

A-FISHERMAN-WITH-FISHING-NETS-SALVAGED-FROM-SUSPECTED-OIL-SPILL-AT-THE-QUA-IBOE-FIELDS-IN-AKWA-IBOM-ON-WEDNESDAYA statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by the Principal Consultant, Gren Business Dimensions, Mrs Rosemary Duamlong said the need to ensure that every arrangement was in place to make AKATA 2013 the huge success desired by all compelled the organizers to postpone the event.

“The festival  originally billed to hold from Tuesday, June 4 –Thursday, June 6, 2013 will now hold from  Tuesday, June 25,- Thursday  June 27, 2013” the statement said.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may cause you and your organization”

The festival, a celebration of the rich culture of Tiv people in Benue State, is to promote Benue State as a tourist destination and also bring together the local and the global community for greater economic opportunities.

“Fishing competition is the main event of the day of the festival. Other activities include traditional dancing, traditional singing, power bike riding, traditional wrestling, boat racing, arrow shooting competition and traditional Tiv pageant (Miss Akata) aimed at promoting the Tiv woman and her virtues. ” the statement said.

Promising that all known traditional dancers in the area will participate and top government officials and business moguls from all the states of the federation will be in attendance, the statement said the three-day international fiesta would encourage more private sector participation, bring more benefits to the people of the state, showcase the tourism potential of Benue State, create wealth and unite the people and the communities,


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ACN Suspends Acting State Chairman, Mr Esuku M. Esuku

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Action-Congress-of-NigeriaOur attention has been drawn to series of activities and actions of Mr Esuku M. Esuku, Acting State Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Rivers State, the latest of which was his acceptance to work with the Rivers State Governor, Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi, for the purpose of registering members for the APC and to collect the attractive N1b monthly.

The Party particularly feels disappointed and condemns in strong terms the report to work with the Rivers State Government on the agreement that he (Esuku) should register members for the governor for the proposed Rivers State APC registration.

We recall that the Governor, Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi had offered to spend N1bn on an opposition party official, whose functions will, among other things, to act as a catalyst, speeding the rate of disaffection and destabilization in the opposition parties, particularly, the ACN, that has been consistent, most vocal, focused and untamed critic of the Amaechi’s style of governance in Rivers State.

ACN in a statement signed by the State Secretary, Mr Amonibia Akoko and Chairman of the Chairmen Forum, Hon Hope Onyeche said, “It is our information that part of the huge financial provision would be used to acquire, furnish and maintain a functional office under the control of the State Governor, and which will be manned by an opposition party stalwart”.

Mr Esuku M. Esuku collected the sum of Four Million Naira from the party’s coffer which has not been accounted for till date.

Mr Esuku M. Esuku also collected the sum of Eight Million Naira from Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission for the conduct of Local Government Council election.

Furthermore, we are demanding the party’s property he carted away and the personal belongings of the State Secretary.

Esuku M. Esuku is also working with the Rivers State government to register members for the APC.

“By these actions, Mr Esuku has demonstrated that he is contemptible, selfish, a non-serious party man, and someone that should not be trusted by the people”.

The Party therefore, states clearly that Mr Esuku’s action of working with the Rivers State government is personal and selfish, and not in the interest of ACN and Rivers people.

The party views Mr Esuku’s action of accepting bribe from the Rivers State Government as unhealthy and not in the spirit of the ACN philosophy, and will therefore not hesitate to treat it seriously.

The party therefore, in its Emergency Meeting today in Port Harcourt, Rivers State considered it expedient and resolved to suspend Mr Esuku M. Esuku from the party in accordance with the rules and regulation, and relevant statutory provisions of the Party’s Constitution.

The party also refutes the statement credited to Esuku M. Esuku purported to have suspended some principal officers of the party including the National Treasurer, Hon Kenneth Kobani and state publicity secretary, Jerry Needam, describing it as false and misleading and therefore urges the general public to discountenance the alleged suspension.

By this suspension, Mr Esuku M. Esuku is hereby directed to hand over all documents, funds and properties of the ACN to the next superior Officer of the Party in the State.

Mr Amonibia Akoko                                             Hon Hope Onyeche

State Secretary,                                                              Chairman of the Chairmen

ACN R/S Chapter                                                          Forum ACN R/S Chapter

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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ACN Rejects Sack of Officers

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The leadership of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in Rivers State has dismissed the announcement of purported suspension of the National Treasurer of the party, Hon Kenneth Kobani, its State Publicity secretary, Jerry Needam, Hon Lolo Ibieneye, Lali Green and others from the ACN.

The party in a statement signed by its State Leader, Dr. Abiye Sekibo said the purported suspension allegedly signed by one Mr. Esuku M. Esuku of Rivers State chapter, has no other motive but to destabilize the ACN, being the only voice of the opposition in the State.

According the statement, “at no time was there any meeting where such decision was taken neither was it contemplated”.

The ACN accused Esuku M. Esuku of selling out to justify monetary inducements he may have received from his paymasters having lost out in their party to cause confusion and commotion in the party but has unfortunately failed in this evil trade.

Urging members of the ACN, Rivers people and the general public to discountenance the false announcement, the ACN maintained that the party stands for the interest of Rivers people and against the injustice done to them.

“It has become very obvious that those who are desperate for a new cover having lost out in their party are now hell bent in penetrating the ACN in the state by using Esuku M. Esuku and others who have lent themselves as willing tools to destabilize the party.

As a people oriented party, we’ll continue to protect and promote the welfare of Rivers people and ensure their hard earned resources and tax payers money are not wasted to satisfy personal interests and ambitions by those entrusted with them.

This is the cardinal objective of our great party and cannot be wished away”, the ACN concluded.

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