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Amnesty Boss Engages Delta Stakeholders on Security of Pipelines

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Amnesty Boss Engages Delta Stakeholders on Security of Pipelines

In an effort to find a lasting solution to the current activities of the Niger Delta Avengers; the ‎Federal government, through the office of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, has taken proactive steps by engaging stakeholders in the region. The Amnesty Programme boss, Brigadier General P.T. Boroh, led a high level delegation, comprising of Representatives from the Office of the Vice President and Office of the National Security Adviser.

The Delegation met with a special committee, setup by the Delta State Governor, to look into the recent destruction of oil and gas installations in the state. The committee, led by the state Deputy Governor, Barr Kingsey Otuaro, briefed the delegation on their activities and asked for collaboration between the State and Federal Government, to tackle the issue.

In his response the Amnesty Boss, assured the committee of his full support and promised to use his office to tackle the root cause of the problem. According to him, Federal Government will ensure that restive youths in the Niger Delta are engaged positively. It’s on record that the Presidential Amnesty Programme has so far succeeded in training/ rehabilitating ‎17,322 persons since its inception, 5 years ago



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Fuel Subsidy Strike: Don’t Allow Labour Deceive You Again – CNPP Tells Nigerians

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Fuel Subsidy Strike: Don’t Allow Labour Deceive You Again – CNPP Tells Nigerians
…Says Labour Already Compromised

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has warned Nigerians not be deceived again ahead of planned industrial action by the organised labour over increase in pump price of petrol.

CNPP equallly urged Nigerians not to trust the Labour unions as they have been compromised, saying that the planned strike action for Wednesday won’t last beyond Friday as the labour unions were using the strike as a ploy to scuttled genuine actions against the increment in pump price as they did in 2012.

The umbrella body of political parties in Nigeria said said these in a statement jointly signed on Sunday by its National Chairman, Alhaji Balarabe Musa and the Secretary General, Chief Willy Ezugwu.

According to the CNPP, “What the labour unions are doing now by calling for a strike action was what they did in 2012 during the Occupy Nigeria protests in response to similar increase in the pump price of petrol under former President Goodluck Jonathan. The labour unions later scuttled the action by purportedly entering into an agreement with the then government on behalf of Nigerians and ended up fixing the pump price of petrol at N97.00 per littre.

“Nigerians must be beware that the planned strike action scheduled for Wednesday won’t last beyond Friday as the labour leaders have been compromised and are using the call as a ploy to deceive the masses.

“We have it on good authority that the labour leaders have compromised. Recall that the labour leaders were at a meeting where the decision to inflict more and more pains on the already impoverished Nigerian people by increasing the pump price was taken and never protested against it. Why the sudden U-turn by the same labour leaders?

“The ever increasing hardship enthroned on Nigerians by the current government cannot be be tolerated. The federal government and its labour collaborators must be told that the CNPP, the masses and the civil society shall occupy Nigeria until the reversal of the pump price of patrol. Enough of more and more suffering under the guise of fuel subsidy removal”, the statement read.

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Protest March Against Release of Tai LGA Result of Legislative Re-Run Election Uncovered

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Protest March Against Release of Tai LGA Result of LegislativeHon Magnus Abe 2 Re-Run Election Uncovered

The Media Committee of Senator Magnus Abe Campaign Organization has uncovered another plot of the Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to discredit Tai Local Government Area result by organizing a protest march.

In a press Statement issued in Port Harcourt and signed by Mr. Parry Saroh Benson, chairman of the committee, stated that Governor Nyesome Wike had set aside millions of naira from the tax payers money to fund the protest, pointing out that Wike was so obsessed with stop-Abe-at-all-cost project that he would not mind how much of development fund goes into the drain for it.

The statement said Wike had before this time lavishly spent a lot of money to produce a documentary of falsehood and distortion, which he aired on Television stations to discredit the result but could not convince the right thinking citizens of Rivers State.

It stated that while that failed, Wike and his cohorts resorted to using the social media to make unguarded utterances against INEC in order to deter it from releasing the Tai LGA result.

The statement condemned in strong terms the maligning of the INEC Staff Hajia Amina Zakari and others, with the intention to intimidate her to suspend the announcement of the result perpetually.

It said no amount of arm twisting and wrenching by them would stop the will of Rivers South East people from sending Abe to the Senate to continue his good works on the implementation of UNEP report and other sundry interest of the people.

The statement said Wike and the PDP were desperate and treacherous, pointing out that while they told the world and obstructed the elections in the state that the result sheets were fake, they gladly accepted the results from the so-called fake sheets, where the results favoured them.

It further stated that the governor’s desperation had made him to double speak such that at one time, he would say President Muhammadu Buhari had unleashed the federal might on the state to rig the elections, at another time, he would exonerate Buhari.

The statement described the governor as deceptive, inconsistent and incoherent in his utterances.

It said in spite employing violence against Abe supporters, PDP had come to terms that he (Abe) was on ground and was using every trick in its bag to scuttle Abe’s chances of winning the election.

The statement added that Tai LGA election was conducted, collated and the results returned but the announcement of the result was suspended, which made the lifting imperative.


Parry Saroh Benson
Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

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Again, EFCC Invades Chief Femi Fani-Kayode’s Residence

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Earlier today, the EFCC invaded the residence of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode even when he was still in their custody.

What miffed us most was their mode of operation which was forceful, provocative and dangerous as they wielded their guns with needless threats. The worst is that the invasion was without a warrant as they forced their way in, and after terrifying all the staff at home including the infant, they whisked the laundry man away even though he was later released.

This is the fourth time the EFCC operatives would be invading Chief Fani-Kayode’s residence in just under a week. We condemn this act of executive lawlessness, harassment and intimidation.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has served this country even at the highest levels and he deserves some courtesy.

We call on the EFCC to endeavour to carry out their functions within the ambit of our laws and stop brazenly betraying the fact that Chief Fani-Kayode is under persecution. The world is watching!


Jude Ndukwe

SA Media to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode


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GTNMT Commends President Buhari and Ameachi For commitment to the development of The Niger/Delta

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GTNMT Commends President Buhari and Ameachi For commitment to the development  of The Niger/Delta

The Greater Together New Media Team has commended President Muhammadu Buhari and his faithful lieutenant in the vineyard of the government of change, Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Hon Minister of Transportation, for demonstrating extraordinary and sincere commitment to the development of Nigeria, and in particular, the Niger Delta region by insisting that the strategic Lagos-Calabar Rail Project be captured  in the 2016 Budget in spite of blistering antagonism from some quarters.

A statement signed by the  Chairman of GTNMT, Ken Minimah said, “That sacrifice of love and quest for even development for all sections of the country paid-off when, on the 6th of May, 2016, the President finally signed into law the 2016 budget, with the contentious Lagos-Calabar Rail, undoubtedly  one of Africa’s biggest infrastructure projects duly captured and appropriated for in the Budget of Change expected to herald massive capital  spending capable of reviving Nigeria’s ailing economy for the benefit of the generality of Nigerians.”

The  statement reads: “The economic benefit of the Lagos-Calabar Rail to the people of the Niger Delta is massive. It will open up the area to trade and investment. It will will employ thousands of young people in the region who daily rummage the streets in search of non-existing jobs. As young people are meaningfully engaged, criminality and other anti-social tendencies that give the region bad name will abate. The lives of the people will be more meaningful. And above all, the project will not only engender a sense of belonging in the people, it will also assuage their frustration occasioned by lack of infrastructural development in the region for the last six years. Indeed, it will also induce the inescapable understanding that power should not be looked upon as an end in itself, but a means to an end, which is development for the benefit of the people.

“The rail project is routed through Rivers State, and for the first time in six years, the people of the state can look forward to a significant Federal presence/infrastructure befitting the economic status of the state. That, essentially, was the reason Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi implored people of the state to support President Buhari and the APC during the 2015 election. The State is finally poised to reap bountifully from that great vision of yesterday.

“We salute the courage, stoicism and equanimity displayed by Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Hon Minister of Transportation, who endured and took in his stride all manner of savage attacks on his person for daring to stand firm in defense of the interest of his people and vision of the President to bring about development that will open up all sections of the country to economic possibilities. All great leaders in history suffered similar fate in order to bring happiness and joy to their people. All through the controversy that attended the 2016 budget as it relates to the Lagos-Calabar Rail Project, it was Ameachi’s deep seated love for his people and patriotism that shone through. Today, we have a reason to be proud that we have in you a worthy Nigerian from Rivers State.

“We have no doubt that working closely with President Buhari, the Minister of Transportation will deploy his trademark of aggressive pursuit of people-oriented development project to ensure that the Lagos/Calabar Rail Project achieves superlative execution/implementation to bring succor to Nigerians in general and Niger Deltans in particular.

“We pledge our continued support to President Muhammadu Buhari and Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as they continue to work hard to make Nigerians feel the positive impact of change.”

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Amaechi and the Truth About Sanusi’s Letter to Dr Jonathan

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Amaechi and the Truth About Sanusi’s Letter to Dr Jonathan

The office of the Minister of Transport said their attention has been drawn to reports in the media that tends to infer and/or suggest that immediate past governor of Rivers State and now Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi surreptitiously and clandestinely ‘leaked’ a letter written by former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor and now Emir of Kano, Sanusi Muhammad 11 to then President Goodluck Jonathan on the non-remittance of $49.8 billion from oil sale to the federation account.

It noted that “this is further from the truth and what exactly transpired as regards Amaechi’s involvement in that Sanusi letter.”

A press statement from the office of the Minister of Transport reads:

“To put the records straight, we want to categorically state that: A concerned and patriotic Nigerian who felt sufficiently troubled with what was happening then, gave a copy of the Sanusi letter to Amaechi in Amaechi’s capacity as the chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF). Like Amaechi, we should appreciate that concerned Nigerian’s patriotism.

“When Amaechi got the letter, he spoke with Sanusi who was still the CBN governor to confirm the authenticity of the letter. Sanusi confirmed to Amaechi that he wrote the letter. During their conversation, Amaechi made it abundantly clear to the then CBN governor that the bleeding of the nation had to be stopped, all non-remitted funds remitted and that he (Amaechi) was going to use the letter to do whatever is in the best interest of the nation and Nigerians, which was the stoppage of the non-remittance and the recovery of all the non-remitted funds from oil sale. The CBN Governor didn’t agree with Amaechi on the way forward.

Considering that the letter was given to Amaechi as Chairman of the Governors’ Forum, he shared the letter with his colleague governors first, and with Senator Bukola Saraki (now Senate President), who before and around that period was doing some work or/and investigation around the oil sector in the senate.

“Around that period, a delegation from the United States of America government, from the offices of the Secretaries of State and Defense visited Amaechi in Port Harcourt to discuss the issue of oil theft in Nigeria. From their records, they gave Amaechi figures of billions of dollars (about $7 billion dollars, annually) that was being lost to oil theft in Nigeria. They were discussing the issue and figures of oil theft, and that was how the CBN governor’s letter to President Jonathan came up. In the presence of journalists covering the visit, Amaechi brought out the Sanusi letter to the visiting American delegation to buttress the point that Nigeria was losing far more money to non-remittance of proceeds from oil sale into the federation account, which everyone seemed to concur, was in itself, another form and another dimension to the issue of oil theft.

“To suggest, infer or even extrapolate that Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi surreptitiously, clandestinely or underhandedly ‘leaked’ the CBN governor’s (Sanusi’s) letter is indeed most unfair, disrespectful and uncharitable to his person. Amaechi did what he did because he believed that the theft and corruption was just too much. He was propelled by his patriotic zeal to put Nigeria first, do what is in the best interest of the nation and Nigerians, and stop the bleeding and sucking of our collective resources by a tiny few. The mindboggling corruption revelations in the recent past, that is still ongoing clearly justifies and vindicates Amaechi’s stance on the issue and the actions he took. Faced with the same situation, under similar circumstances, Amaechi will not act differently. The good of Nigeria, putting the nation and Nigerians first, will always be his guiding principle.”

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Evang. Ignatius to Christian Youths: Imbibe and Practice Charity

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Evang. Ignatius to Christian Youths: Imbibe and Practice Charity

A cross section of the youths dancing in celebration of the dayChristian youths in the world have been counseled to imbibe, cultivate and practice the act of charity in their dealings with their fellow human beings.

Evangelist Orji Ignatius, who is also the Youth President of Devine Miracle Galore Ministries a.k.a (Restoration Church), a Pentecostal Church in Enugu State, gave the advice during the celebration of the Church’s Youth Day on 24th April, 2016 with the Theme: “Neglect Not theA cross section of the youths singing praises in celebration of the day Gift in thee.”

Delivering his message/sermon for the day on the topic “Charity as a Tool for Upholding Spiritual Gift,” Ignatius defined charity  as the provision of help or relief to the poor or somebody who is in need, adding that the totality of what brings out one’s gift in life is sacrifice which is called charity or in some cases loveA cross section of the youths singing in celebration of the day

“Charity does not make a man a flamboyant human being, rather it determines where one is going,” Ignatius said.

Taking his reading from the Book of 1St Corinthians 13: 1-2, the youthful evangelist said, among all the fruits of the Spirit, ‘charity’ is the summary and ultimate as it is encapsulated in 1St Corinthians 13:13 – “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest is charity.

Evangelist Ignatius who noted that there are several spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, word of knowledge, faith etc, said these gifts may fail without the help of charity and enjoined Christian youths to pick up their gift and work for God with it by applying charity.Onwe Raymond and Kwashy Onyinye casting news

He said the youth day signifies celebration of youngness among the young Christians, noting that to be a youth, is a stage; a second stage of life that people prepare themselves for elderliness.

Youth President, Ignatius Orji


Evangelist Ignatius who described the youth stage as call from God, to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, advised youths to “come into the house of God to obtain the Grace that will help them to be charitable people.

The celebration witnessed some sight attractions such as, praise ministration by the youths, mock news presentation, recitations from the Holy Bible, dance, live TV talk show on “Life and Success,” anchored by Onyinye Ngene Chichetam as the presenter, with OnwFront, Youth President, Orji Ignatius  and his Dancing Group doing what they know best to doe Raymond and Kwashy Onyinye as the guests.

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The Labour Party and the Labour Movement should unite – Princewill

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The Labour Party and the Labour Movement should unite – Princewill

Prince Tonye Princewill the gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party in the 2015 governorship election in Rivers State has called on the Labour Movement to unite with the Labour Party to achieve a central goal.

Prince Princewill made the call in his Labour Day message today in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The Labour Day message reads: “Yet another Labour Day is here, but there’s nothing to celebrate. Our Labour force is shrinking very fast, children are crying, while majorities of the nation are having sleepless nights; just trying to find any way to survive. The situation is so bad that even paying salaries is now a lottery. Incomes are down, costs are up. It’s bad. Yet we can still put things right, if we put round pegs in round holes. We have no choice. We simply cannot give up.

“Clearly now has to be the time for organised Labour to play much more of a frontline role in modern day politics. The state of the nation and the state of this country cannot be divorced from the state of the Labour movement. This is the case everywhere and so Nigeria’s own is not going to be any different.

“A weak nation, a weak country and a weak economy can only mean a weak Labour. Politics is way too important to be left to politicians. If the Labour movement (NLC & TUC) and the Labour party joined forces, the only outcome for Nigeria would be good news, because the invaluable “creation of jobs” is bound to be central to the theme of such an alliance. Combined we can either make the difference or help decide who does.

“Succes is possible; unless of course the leaders of Labour are no different from the leaders of our current politics. Since actions speak louder than words, it is fair to say, inaction equally sends a very big signal. Let the significance of this day and the expectations of this moment be a reason for all those who constitute the Labour body to reflect. Are you not sick and tired of being sick and tired? Complaining all the time has to have its limits. Nigerians are watching us.

“Other Labour bodies in other countries have been a lot more involved. When will enough be enough and when will Labour move from being protesting followers to constructive leaders? Today is an opportunity to ask that question once again. Nigerians deserve answers.

“It’s our day. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s right our wrongs. Let’s strengthen the Labour force. Let’s build our country. For the sake of our children. Aluta Continua.”

Happy Labour Day!!!

God Bless the workers
God Bless their leaders,
God Bless those seeking work
God Bless Nigeria



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Progress lies on hard work, commitment – Hon. Igbuya

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Progress lies on hard work, commitment – Hon. Igbuya

The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya on Saturday paid tribute to workers for their contributions to the country’s economic development. He also praised Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for creating an environment for development and growth.

In a statement in Asaba, Igbuya praised Okowa for creating jobs, promoting investment, paying workers and setting the tone and foundation for economic progress and development.

“This administration is labour friendly. Workers will continue to receive recognition and encouragement. The place of labour will continue to be side by side with the political actors and not one degree lower. The House of Assembly will give the fullest support and protection to workers’ rights” he said.

Igbuya also commended the governor for his efforts and commitment in finding sustainable solutions to the plight of unemployed youth in the state.

He urged the workers to support the administration.

“The future of Delta State is not just in the hands of the government. It is in the hands of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN). It is in the hands of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). It is in the hands of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC).”

He urged workers to follow the governor’s footsteps by adhering to good governance ethics.

“Government is committed to creating jobs, wealth and ensuring a better deal for all. The PDP government is committed to giving Deltans a brighter future. I enjoin you to continue your hard work and commitment to the development of the state.

Stressing that government revenue was still too low to meet ambiguous demands, Igbuya promised to continue sorting out workers grievances.

“With your help, we can weed out ghost workers and ghost pensioners and end the stealing and wastage of public resources” he said..

Government will continue to invest in work and infrastructure” he added.


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