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Rivers APC Blames Wike, PDP for Murder of Activist Lawyer Ken Asuete

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Rivers APC Blames Wike, PDP for Murder of Activist Lawyer Ken Asuete

….Urges President Buhari to intervene

DR IKANYA IBIAMU DAVIES THE APC RS INTERIM CHAIRMANThe All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State has blamed Governor Nyesom Wike and the State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the gruesome murder, on Monday in Port Harcourt, of activist lawyer Ken Atsuete, a strong opposition voice in the state.

“Governor Wike and his PDP gang of vampires in Rivers State have once again exhibited the only act of governance known to them by plotting the assassination of Barrister Ken Atsuete, a well-known fiery critic of Wike’s evil administration and defender of Rivers State APC,” the party lamented Tuesday morning in a statement signed by the State Chairman, Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya.

Rivers APC said in the statement: “Barr. Asuete, a renowned human rights activist who was one of the speakers at the just concluded conference of the Nigerian Bar Association held in Port Harcourt, must have been assassinated principally for his stoic stand against the evil administration of Wike in Rivers State. The other reason why Barr. Atsuete was killed was for his several petitions to the Inspector General of Police and to the Chief Justice of the Federation against the Chief Judge of Rivers State for being partisan by remanding his client Ojukaye Flag Amachree unjustly and wickedly. The other fact that may have triggered the killing of this harmless man was his live interview on Nigeria Info 92.3FM radio station, in which he revealed that Wike and his myopic and misguided legal team procured a fake court order on the release of Tai election result to deceive themselves and the general public.”


Rivers APC observed that “Wike right from the beginning has had serious phobia for the person of Barr. Asuete’s client, the former Chairman of Asari-Toru Local Government Area, Ojukaye Flag Amachree, the prisoner of war in the hands of Wike and his misguided government whom Wike and his PDP are afraid that if he is released before the rerun elections, PDP will fail woefully based on his popularity among the youths in Rivers State. Their belief is that in order to keep him off the field, Barr. Asuete had to die.”


The party further said: “We have shouted ourselves hoarse that Wike is a bad omen for the Nigerian politics and that his forceful seizure of power is a bad omen for Rivers State since he is not interested in the peace and progress of the state and her people. We are aware that Wike and PDP are not interested in any peaceful election in Rivers State, hence they are doing everything within their powers to frustrate the peace in the state so as to ensure that the rerun elections never hold.”


Rivers APC lamented that over 200 of its members have been killed in less than two years by Wike and his misguided PDP in Rivers State, noting that “the strategy has changed, with the targets now being those defending the APC in Rivers State, after which the leaders of APC will be the next group to be destroyed by these vagabonds in power.”


The party regretted that Asuete’s assassination came shortly after Governor Wike recently attended a security meeting in Abuja with the Inspector General of Police, Director of Directorate of State Service (DSS), and Rivers APC leaders, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, Senator Magnus Abe, Dr. Dakuku Peterside and Dr. Davies Ikanya. It recalled that Wike at that peace meeting promised that there would no longer be any political killings in Rivers State. “We will like to know from him how and why the harmless Asuete was killed after this pledge,” Rivers APC said, adding: “He has at several fora recently stated that Rivers State under his watch is very safe, yet Rivers State people are kidnapped and killed on daily basis nobody seems to care.”


Turning its attention to the Federal authorities, the party said, We wish to remind President Buahri what he said on May 14, 2015 when a delegation from Rivers State led by former Deputy Governor of the state, Sir Gabriel Toby visited him where he assured the Rivers State people that his government will fish out and prosecute all those behind electoral violence and more than a year later, the political killings are getting worse in Rivers State. Wike and PDP killed to get power, now they are killing to retain it.


Mr, President during this meeting stated, “We will confront them with facts and figures. We will not forgive and forget those who perpetrated killings and arson in Rivers State during the elections. At least, this is the much we owe to Nigerians. There will not be an army within the army or a police within the police,” and today, Wike and PDP have become law to themselves.


“We will like to know what crime we have committed to leave us at the mercy of Wike and his gang of killers. How many of our people need to be killed before Rivers State is secured from the hands of this killer government operating in Rivers State?” It lamented that “nobody is safe anymore in Wike’s Rivers of blood as he recently granted amnesty to hardened criminals and granted them freedom to move freely without recovering their arms and ammunition to enable them ensure that Rivers State will never know peace. To sustain his war against Rivers people he has brought back the creek boys who were used to rig and maim Rivers people during the ill-fated 2015 elections to the streets to continue with their killing spree.”


Rivers APC declared that “Ken Atsuete’s lifeless body is currently lying at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital mortuary but the conscience of Wike and his gang will never have rest as his blood and all those so far murdered will never give them any respite in their miserable lives.”


The party once again urged President Muhammadu Buhari to fulfill his pledge that those behind the senseless killings in Rivers State will never go free but would be fished out and made to account for their atrocities.


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Ibim Semenitari: Exceptional Amazon, Epitome of Selfless Service

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“Chief (Mrs.) Ibim Semenitari, the Eleru of Ifon Kingdom, Ondo State, through Little Drops, a stage drama, took the story of the vulnerable Niger Delta woman and child to the national stage. The story of the region was told through the eye of the vulnerable. Semenitari had approved the purchase of mobility aides for the Association of Persons Living in Disability in Niger Delta and had engaged critical stakeholders in the supervision of projects being undertaken by the NDDC. If these are not revolutionary acts, then I wonder what revolution is all about. Considering the unique feats of Chief Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, I can now understand Abraham Lincoln the foremost world leader properly when he stated, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze



It is as if Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, two former great  presidents of the USA, had the appointment of Ibim Semenitari into higher offices by Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and President Muhammadu Buhari in mind when they stated, respectively, that: “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it”; and “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Ibim has demonstrated that both her appointments as the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communication by Amaechi, erstwhile governor of Rivers State and as Acting Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) by President Buhari was not only in order but that these two great Nigerian leaders did not make any mistake in given her the freedom to act and exhibit the leadership acumen in her if her feats achieved in these two assignments are to be used as criteria one can then come to terms that a new leader is born or rather exposed to our nation.

Ibim, in supporting this postulation by these two outstanding presidents of America, described Amaechi as a very simple man, extremely very simple. He is very trusting. Once he trusts you, he totally abdicates mistrust of any kind. “However, you find people taking advantage of that. If you are close to him, you will see that he is a very humble man, because he is not carried away by trappings of office. As a matter of fact, he is not interested in trappings of office. Above all, he is a passionate man. He is passionate about governance and delivery on his promises. He is in a hurry to deliver what he promised the people because he is very close to God. Perhaps, because of the challenges he went through before reclaiming his mandate.” But, the fact remains, for Amaechi to make this needed impact; he needs a strong army of which Ibim is one of these captains

Having monitored her very closely for about seven years, I have been struggling against this pushing urge to write on her. But this urge these days becomes very compelling, that signifies this treatise. But my biggest challenge is the fact that to examine or x-ray the life and activities of a very versatile, all-round, exceptional, multi-talented and broad-based character like Mrs Semenitari is not only an uphill task, but one the author is bound to be at a loss on how and where to begin as you have other thousand angles opened to you.

It is in this confusion that I decided to project a woman whose threat to the enemies of democracy in Nigeria was not only effective but infectious. I will come to this later. But let me introduce formally this unsung icon, Amazon and heroine of Niger Delta.

 Who is Ibim Semenitari?

Ibim Semenitari born on March 19, 1968 hails from the coastal and ancient town of Opobo, the headquarters of Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area of Rivers State, and married to HENRY JAMES SEMENITARI an award-winning banker and financial whiz-kid, who hails from Okirika Local Government.

Until she was appointed Rivers State Commissioner of Information & Communication in 2010, member of the Campaign APC Presidential Media Team for the 2015 general elections and the NDDC boss in December 2015; she was the publisher of Business Eye, a weekly business magazine. Before then, she was editor of Broad Street Journal, a tabloid in the stable of TELL Magazine. She is an outstanding journalist and an award winning investigative reporter, editor and publisher who has worked for over 20 years with some of Nigerian and American leading titles. She has also worked as journalism trainer/editor with the BBC World Service Trust. She was the first Nigerian female journalist to win the CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards, and for her reports in the Nigerian print media; she came second in print journalism in the CNN African Journalist Award in 1997. The vastly-experienced journalist is a two-time winner of the Nigerian Media Merit Award and a three-time winner of the Diamond Award for Media Excellence, amongst others. Besides being an award-winner herself, Mrs. Semenitari is a mentor to several award-winning journalists. The NDDC boss has contributed as a resource person to journalism training workshops organised by UNICEF, the World Bank, Freedom House, the BBC and International Labour Organisation (ILO).

 Factors That Shaped Ibim Semenitari

My seven years association with Ibim exposed me to four major acts/actors that shaped her life and influences most of her actions: God, her parents, her grandmother, husband and hard work.

  1. Ibim’s grandmother’s influence

Mrs. Semenitari lost her grandmother in 2003; an event, if possible she would want to obliterate because, according to her, it was her saddest in life and in tandem with the understanding of one of the foremost American Presidents, Abraham Lincoln who stated, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” ; Ibim stated, “My grandmother  was a woman of prayer. I was extremely close to her. She was my role model. Everything her children and grandchildren are today is because she prayed. She was very strict, disciplined and prayerful.”

  1. Ibim’s Parents’ influence

To Ibim, “whatever I am today is a result of the seeds unconsciously sown in me by my parents. I am the beneficiary of the grace of the activities of my parents. I am proud to say that I am the daughter of the former deputy governor of Rivers State, Sir Gabriel Toby. I am proud of his legacies. Every parent lays heritage for his children without knowing, because the heritage you lay is what would help the children years down the line. When you do certain things truthfully to the society, you will not know that you are sowing seeds which your children may harvest many years after you are gone. I just hope I will be able to match my parent’s commitment in terms of community service, because they were totally committed to everything they do.”

  1. God and Husband

Ibim is a devoted wife, mother of four beautiful children and a devoted Christian who teaches during Sunday school at her local Nigerian church. She is so passionate about God that she must seek approval from Him before venturing into any enterprise, including being a commissioner or NDDC boss. To her, “God has shown me so much favour and love, and that is the more reason I fear Him because there is no one like Him. The mistakes we make as humans is that we do what we think is right instead of doing what God wants for us. There is no job I ever took that God never intervened. I will never take up any job until God approved it. As soon as my HUSBAND approved of it, and there are passages of Esther in the Bible to support it, I knew it had God’s backing.” Yes my climb to the peak of my professional career maybe quite rapid and based on many factors. But in all and all, at the peak of each factor, there is always God showing up. Joseph was a tiny little kid when he dreamt that the sun, the moon and all the stars were bowing down for him. Then he was sold to slavery, then to Potiphar and, when he was there, he found favour from God. That is where hard work comes in. That was the beginning of his greatness, because Potiphar’s wife reported him to her husband who, in turn, threw him into prison where the king’s’ prisoners were kept. This was where God’s plan was being activated; because, if he had not gone into prison, he would not have told the butler when Pharaoh had a dream that `there is this Joseph who can interpret dreams’. When he came out, because of hard work, the king had to abandon the administration of the kingdom to him. If you don’t work hard, you will not get anything. It is there in the Bible.”

 Ibim As A Mentor

Though Mrs. Semenitari has won several awards, the remarks dedicated to her by one of her subordinates many years back – during the Nigerian Media Merit Award held in Port Harcourt – was one of the most memorable in her life. According to her, “One of my subordinates went up the rostrum to receive his award and he said: ‘I dedicate this award to two women in my life’. I was waiting to hear ‘my mother and wife’ or ‘girlfriend’ and he said: ‘My mother and Editor’. It made me cry. I have won several awards and even that night, but there is no award that I have won that meant much to me as much as Tunde’s comment. What that did to me was this: It is not wrong to be hard. That is one of my greatest joy that I have been able to mentor people who are also doing well in the society.”

 Ibim on Wike, Jonathan and Other Agents of Undemocratic Acts

To Ibim, “The real reason why Amaechi turned against former President Goodluck Jonathan was to ‘save Nigeria from the brink. Amaechi believed that Buhari had all it will take to change the trajectory, and envisioned that Nigeria was heading in a different direction. For Amaechi, having Buhari there was great for the integrity of the country, and also to pull back the country from the brink.”

This struggle to free Nigeria from the hands of Jonathan and his cohorts earned both Ibim and followers of Amaechi ‘death sentence’ and some of the challenges that Rivers State is currently suffering from now. As this treatise is on Mrs. Semenitari, let me dwell on what she suffered as an apostle of Amaechism: the art and gospel aimed at bettering and emancipating Nigeria and watering the growth of democracy in Africa.

In the politics of Rivers State, Chief Nyesome Wike whose controversial ascendancy to the office of the Governor of Rivers State, courtesy of the Supreme Court ruling which did not reflect the reality of the results of the polls in the 2015 gubernatorial election, is well-known to the world. Discussing the Rivers State politics without mentioning the inputs of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation will be like discussing Nigeria politics without mentioning Chiefs Nnamadi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Alh. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and Sir Ahmadu Bello In the inner circle of the political machine of Rt. Hon Amaechi are: Dr. Dakuku Peterside, Senator Magnus Abe, Chief Andrew Uchendu, late Chief G.U. Ake and of course, Chief Mrs. Ibim Semenitari. One single fact that most watchers of Rivers politics does not know is that not minding all the public showbiz by Chief Nyesom E. Wike, he dreads all these former colleagues as a Jew dreads a leprous man. Ibim, being the only woman in this team, has been maliciously attacked in a manner to suggest that only fear drives her political enemies to such acts.

The following buttress this assertion: Ibim is a bold and fearless woman, who has demonstrated that fear, is alien and does not exist in her dictionary. Based on this character and her stoical defence of the administration of Amaechi as then governor of Rivers State, she became a target before the administration of ex-President Jonathan. In demonstration of this fact, she made history when at the heat of persecution of Amaechi and his lieutenants, she was the only one among the Amaechi’s loyalists invited to appear before the then dreaded National Security Adviser to erstwhile President Jonathan, Col. Sambo Dasuki, when the heat was on us in Rivers State. When this act of intimidation against her could not cow her, the plot to assassinate her with other All Progressives Congress (APC) principals by PDP hoodlums at the Okirika rally attack of APC was hatched. To the shock of both these PDP hoodlums and even APC supporters, the shooting that claimed the life of a police officer during the Okirika rally that was beamed to the entire world by Channels TV, this woman was seen dancing in the midst of confusion and, if not for security aides attached to the APC governorship candidate, Dr Peterside, who dragged her out of the arena, who knows what would have been the outcome.

When Ibim survived this plot and Wike saw himself accidentally in the Brick House as Governor of Rivers State, and after the shameless drama of visiting the Governor’s House in order to embarrass Amaechi who brought him up politically, the major assignment he carried out as the Governor of Rivers State was to visit the official house of Mrs. Semenitari in Port Harcourt to cart away her personal jeep, in order to publicly disgrace her.

Reacting to the carting away of her Lexus SUV and other property by Wike’s agents; Semenitari described the scenario in these words: “Over 10 heavily armed policemen in two trucks – one Ford Transit and a Hilux – on Thursday, invaded my 12A, Ernest Ikoli Street, Old GRA Port Harcourt, residence, without a search warrant, as they forced their way into my premises. My security guard on duty requested to know their mission and who sent them. They refused to disclose either, but went round taking photographs and recording my premises on video. The security guard got in touch with my assistant who spoke with the men, explaining to them that I was out of town and again requested to know their mission. Again, they declined, insisting on seeing me first. She then got in touch with me on phone, as we were uncertain of the identity of the policemen in question. Upon further investigation and after about three hours of laying siege to my premises, I was told that they were from Rivers State Government House and had been sent to recover vehicles in my possession. They attempted to break into a Range Rover SUV belonging to my husband, which was bought long before I was appointed commissioner in Rivers State, damaging the front door. The vehicle in question, contrary to the lies being paraded, is not an armoured vehicle and has never at any point belonged to the Rivers State Government nor its agents, including myself as commissioner of information. By the time I finally made contact with them and expressed my displeasure, they insisted that they would take away a Lexus SUV duly allocated to me as commissioner for information and which, by law; I am entitled to leave with upon leaving office. “The monetisation policy of the government allows public officers to leave government with their official vehicles, as this is in lieu of vehicle allowance, transport and other allowances, which they cannot draw because of the monetisation policy of 2002. Mr. Wike served as chief of staff, and upon departure left with all the vehicles he used. This has been the practice since this democratic dispensation.

“Having served as commissioner for two tenures, I am entitled to my status cars and have proof of allocation. While I understand that Mr. Wike feels a dire need to destroy the reputation of (former) governor, Rotimi Amaechi, and all those who worked with him, it is unacceptable that he will engage in brigandage, thuggery and underhand tactics to do so. A simple letter from any government official requesting me to make a submission or tender documentation would have been the appropriate way to go; and I would have willingly tendered all the relevant documents to them. Breaking into my home, invading my privacy, damaging my property and removing property from my premises is inappropriate and illegal.”

Reacting to this crude attack against an innocent woman who has served her state diligently, another illustrious son of Rivers and incumbent Director-general (DG) of NIMASA, Dr. Peterside, said: “What has happened is condemnable and I hope this government of Wike is not going to run an irresponsible government. Rivers people are ordinarily law-abiding, and it will be unfortunate and regrettable if what had been foisted on Rivers people is a government that has no respect for rule and order. The PDP-led government must realise that we are not in a Hobbesian state.”

On his part, former senator representing Rivers South-east Senatorial District, Senator Magnus Abe, said there was need for the Wike-led government to exercise caution, as they need to respect the fundamental human rights of people, especially people that have served Rivers people in the past.

“Every position is temporary and disrespecting those people that had served the state in different capacities should be condemned in strong terms. Breaking into people’s houses is not the right thing to do. This incident is very unfortunate. When I was Secretary to the Rivers State Government (SSG) and we needed to recover vehicles, we made an announcement on television and radio, asking people to return government property in their possessions.”

Truly, Ibim is a thorn in the flesh of Wike and his misguided political associates; there is nothing they did not do to undermine this woman. Her crime is: why should she support a cause of liberating Rivers State from its present state?

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, in 2000, established the Niger Delta Development Commission, to ensure sustainable development of the crude oil and gas-rich region. The NDDC is to improve on the performance and activities of the defunct Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC). The Federal Government’s interventionist agency is also to facilitate the rapid, even and sustainable development of the Niger Delta into a region that is economically prosperous, socially stable, ecologically regenerative and politically peaceful, thereby offering lasting solutions to socio-economic difficulties of the oil-producing area. The nine states that make up the Niger Delta region are: Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Imo and Abia.

Appointment of Ibim Semenitari as NDDC Acting Boss

President Buhari, in his determination to make life better for the people of the crude oil and gas-rich Niger Delta, on December 21, 2015, appointed Mrs Ibim Semenitari, as Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission. As at the time of her appointment on December 21, Semenitari was in Abuja and without wasting time and in order to hit the ground running, she moved to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, on December 22 and was received by a large crowd at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa.

The airport’s tumultuous crowd consisted of beautifully-dressed women in uniform, and other eminent persons from the nine states of the Niger Delta: with many people singing, drumming, dancing and waving at the new NDDC boss in admiration, before joining her car. The hardworking and foremost journalist quickly moved to the corporate headquarters of the commission on the Port Harcourt – Aba Expressway, with the outgoing managing director, Bassey Dan-Abia, a lawyer and an indigene of Akwa Ibom state, who was two years in office on December 18, handing over to her at NDDC’s boardroom on the eighth floor of the office complex.

Semenitari, while addressing the directors and other top officials of the commission, shortly after the handing over at NDDC’s corporate headquarters in Port Harcourt, promised to ensure a better life for Niger Deltans. She noted that she understood what the challenges and issues confronting the crude oil and gas-rich but marginalised region were, stressing that she had in-depth knowledge of what NDDC ought to be doing. It is a new dawn in NDDC, with the appointment of the hardworking and dogged journalist, who has promised to ensure real transformation of the region, thereby writing her name, once again, in gold.

Ibim Semenitari’s Feats as NDDC Acting Boss

  1. Chief Mrs. Semenitari concern for the security and peace of the Niger Delta, which made her to host on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 the forum of Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD) streamed live to about 25 million global viewers is truly commendable and demonstrate that truly and truly she is the Heroine of Niger Delta region. “We share the stand of this Amazon that ‘the importance of this forum in the development of our Niger Delta Region cannot be over-emphasised, especially at this auspicious time when the country is relying on major actors in the Niger Delta to come together and address the development challenges facing the region in view of the Change Agenda of Mr. President”
  2. She reinvigorated work on the abandoned 3.65-kilometre Okrika – Borokiri road by mobilising the contractor back to site to complete the project. This key road had three bridges connecting Kolabi, Abotoru and Okpoka creeks to Port Harcourt and it is expected to ease traffic along the East-West Road and connect several communities. According to Semenitari, “This project is indeed a top priority because it connects several communities to the Rivers capital. It is one of the projects that can take traffic off Aba Road and East-West Road. You will find people living in Okrika, Akpajo, Eleme or even Gokana and Khana commuting to Port Harcourt through the road. When completed, it would reduce traffic congestion on the Refinery Road and travel time from Okrika to Port Harcourt, adding that it would be of immense benefit to those working in the Port Harcourt Refining Company. They just have to cross to Port Harcourt in 10 minutes. The refinery is right here and the workers don’t have to take the long route to Port Harcourt. So, it is a very vital road and it is sad that it has stayed this long.” Mr. Jolien Keneem, the Project Manager of the company handling the project, said that his firm had devised a strategy that would help it expedite work on the project.
  3. Initiated tree planting to mark the 2016 World Environment Day, on June 5, to save Niger Delta Environment. Semenitari said the 2016 celebration was significant as it would coincide with President Buhari’s expected launch of the clean-up of oil spills in Ogoniland, on Thursday. “We all owe future generations a responsibility to preserve biodiversity of the Niger Delta by becoming agents of change, who will make positive impacts on our environment and planet. The theme of 2016 World Environment Day is ‘Illegal Trade in Wildlife’ – which has eroded earth’s precious biodiversity and robbed us of our natural heritage and threatened extinction of species. Tackling the scourge of illegal trade in wildlife requires concerted action because illicit business of wildlife has damaged the environment, livelihoods, communities and security. Semenitari,” adding: “Our ecosystem is our wealth, and protection of our environment should be the collective responsibility of all who live and do business in the region.’’
  4. Ibim ended the 16 years of NDDC operating from a rented office complex The commission took off from rented apartments in the old Government Reservation Area (GRA) in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, before it moved to 167, Aba Road, an eight-storey building that belonged to the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, before it was taken over by the Rivers government and the commission being its tenant Huge sum of money has been wasted upgrading this rented office complex on Aba Road in Port Harcourt, providing modern parking park, pedestal flyover  and other facilities until the appointment of Mrs Semenitari as Acting MD for this interventionist commission by President Buhari.

On the inauguration day (July 12), the Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike; Mrs. Semenitari; the monarch of Port Harcourt City (Eze Epara Rebisi XII), His Majesty, Victor Nnanna Woluchem II and others described the new Rivers office of NDDC as a step in the right direction.

The royal father noted that the area had not been experiencing youth restiveness or cultism, stressing that the only weapon the people had was negotiation, while lauding President Buhari for the right choice of Mrs Semenitari as NDDC’s Acting Managing Director, describing her as very hardworking, courageous, disciplined, fearless and of integrity. Udo-Asubop also lauded Mrs Semenitari for her zeal and commitment to transforming the Niger Delta, in line with the vision of President Buhari and for believing in the abilities of NDDC’s workers at the Rivers State office to ensure service delivery and greater performance.

  1. She arranged and sent the NDDC Management Staff to Akure, Ondo State for Procurement and Due Process Training for the management organised by the BPP officials. This is to assist the management for proper management of the budget and financial transactions involving the Commission.
  2. Rehabilitation of Calabar – Itu Road

For awarding the rehabilitation of the Calabar –Itu Road that has become not only a dead trap but a hell for both the transporters and commuters of this road, Ibim has become a heroine to some people in the Niger Delta region. According to this CNN Award-winner and the Eleru of Ifon Kingdom, Ondo State, “the state of the road was causing economic hardship to the people.” In order to speed work on his road four functional firms were awarded the contracts. She explained that the award of the contract to four contractors would increase the pace of work and encourage the completion of the road without delay. While section one of the road, which covers Ikot-Ekpene to Itu Bridge, is being handled by Atafranc Nigeria Limited, section two; Itu Bridge to Okuruikand junction is being rehabilitated by Darycet International Nigeria Limited. Semenitari also stated that Base Engineer Limited was handling section three of the road from Okuruikang Junction to Odukpani Junction while Zenith Construction Limited was working on section four, which covered Odukpani Junction to Tinapa Junction. “The contractors we are using have capacity and by the time they complete the work, motorists and other road users will be relieved,” she said.

  1. Culture of transparency and accountability. That much is reflected in the release of NDDC’s first quarterly report, which is also online on the NDDC website. “In our first quarterly report, you will find published our finances and budgeting process; a breakdown of all contracts awarded from inception; and several areas of intervention,” she said.
  2. The NDDC under Ibim endowed a Professorial Chair in Malaria Research for the Centre for Malaria Research and Phytomedicine, (CMRAP), at the University of Port Harcourt, for the sum of N25 million per annum, to encourage the global fight against malaria. The NDDC has intervened in the education sector by constructing students’ hostels across the nine mandate states. She said the objective was to build and equip the hostels and award of scholarship to deserving students from the region.
  3. Ibim arranged and mobilised the NDDC Management Team for a two-day training by the Bureau for Public Procurement, BPP, Abuja  on “Understanding the Public Procurement Process and the Public Procurement Act, 2007” in Akure, Ondo State. The Ag. MD/CEO, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, led the team that was trained.

 Ibim and Youths of Niger Delta

Mrs Semenitari, while expressing her stand on the future of youths of Niger Delta during the occasion of the International Youth Day 2016 on Friday, August 12, 2016 stated: “I must say that education remains one of the most sustainable ways of eradicating poverty among the young population. This understanding drives our education and other pro-youth policies as a commission. To achieve that, the NDDC has maintained a scholarship line that has continued to build manpower. In 2016, we upped that stride by striking the gender parity cord through instituting the Girls-in-engineering, Mathematics and Science Competition (GEMS). This competition invites girls of the Niger Delta region to greater involvement in STEM-related courses. So, ahead of time, NDDC is working to position our youths in the competitive edge. We believe that our young people must occupy their slots in labour and economic markets through intense academic engagement. Here our module is that which accommodates healthy competition among the youths and challenges their potential creativity. The NDDC is raising a community of young people sharpened and horned to achieve greatness through education and mentorship. We are building a culture that redefines dignity among the youths through hard work. As we particularly celebrate the youth and draw attention to their place in building a world of sufficiency and growth, I enjoin Niger Delta youths to queue in the re-orientation that abhors rent culture and embrace industry which NDDC is building; to emulate worthy patriots whose commitment to collective good of the region defined the shape and rhythm of the region’s geography and history. I task our youths to use this year’s celebration to engage in self-appraisal, to do a self-audit as to how they have participated in the current negatives pestering our region. We have always been proud stock whose progenitors were familiar with mutual respect and civility.”

Ibim on Niger Delta Environment

According to Ibim, “Covering about 70,000 square kilometres, the Niger Delta region is home to one of the largest wetlands in the world, and Africa’s largest delta. It has at least five distinct ecological zones. These range from the montane and savannah belts in northern Cross River to the mangrove swamp forests near the Atlantic coast, which embody some of the last remaining untouched forest resources and centres of endemism in Africa. These bio-geographical attributes are known to have created the complex and rich environment of habitats that supported the evolution of its fantastically wide range of plant and animal lives. Some say the Niger Delta is home to all of Nigeria’s endemic or near-endemic mammal species. Others say Niger Delta harbours many locally and globally endangered species: approximately 60-80 per cent of all plant and animal species found in Nigeria. However, the globally significant environment and biodiversity of the Niger Delta are in grave danger. Some endemic fish species of the region are in grave danger of extinction due to many reasons, including environmental degradation and over-exploitation among others. Likewise, some animal species such as the endemic African monkey (Guenon species), one of the world’s most beautiful monkeys found mostly in the West African rain forest region (the Niger Delta Region inclusive), are at the risk of extinction.

“This is why we must all rise to the daunting and pressing challenge of preserving our bio-diverse environment for future generations. We all owe future generations a responsibility to preserve the bio-diverse environment of the Niger Delta. As the countdown begins for us to join people from across the globe to celebrate WED on 5 June 2016, we all need to take part in environmental action and become agents of change for positive impacts on the planet. Today’s tree-planting exercise typifies such action. This year’s theme is on the illegal trade in wildlife, which is eroding earth’s precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and driving species to the brink of extinction. The NDDC is statutorily mandated to tackle ecological and environmental problems in the Niger Delta region. Evidently, the killing and smuggling of wildlife constitute ecological and environmental problems. They also undermine economies and ecosystems, fuel organised crime, and feed corruption and insecurity across the globe.”

 Is Ibim Fulfilled?

One would assume, given her progression of success, that Ibim would be fulfilled. But she is not, as she still misses the newsroom even as she lamented that the media is losing focus of the critical role of the watchdog in the society. Her words: “In all honesty, I am not fulfilled because I am missing the newsroom. I left the newsroom at a very difficult time. However, it appears to me that the media is losing it, because we are no longer holding the critical sectors of the society accountable for their actions. This is bearing in mind that I am presently an information manager. This is one of the reasons I set up Business Eye. I believe if we do it the way it ought to be done, properly and sincerely, we could actually become the feedback mechanism between the government and the people.”


 Ibim, the Unsung Heroine of Niger Delta Region and Her Silent Revolution

On Friday, 19th, August, 2016 in recognition of the unique feats of this Amazon, the world stood still for her in far away America when she dazzled a global audience in Washington DC, United States of America at the 8th edition of the African Women in Leadership Organisation. It was a moment the audience that included top political leaders, business moguls, African-American lawmakers, listened to the dynamics of women owning their voices for the greater good.

In conclusion and for avoidance of doubt, Mrs Semenitari stopped the infamous 15 per cent handshake policy that made contractors pay upfront 15 per cent of their contracts’ value to the sitting MD. She has officially moved against official graft and other official lousiness that was the ruin of the commission; she has restored full powers to directors and heads of departments hitherto hijacked and invested in SAs to MDs. SAs had been the de facto management until Semenitari came on board. She has paid NDDC retirees and workers outstanding benefits owed by her immediate predecessor.

Semenitari has equally paid for contracts in the range of N10 million, which her predecessors refused to pay because their 15 per cent handshake would be too little for their pockets. That payment included N200, 000 owed a contractor since 2009. She has donated over 220 laptops to students and teachers in the Niger Delta region. She has donated tractors to integrated farmers; instituted the Girls-in-engineering, Mathematics and Science competition among Senior Secondary Classes 1 & 2 students in the focal states of NDDC.

Chief (Mrs.) Ibim Semenitari, the Eleru of Ifon Kingdom, Ondo State, through Little Drops, a stage drama, took the story of the vulnerable Niger Delta woman and child to the national stage. The story of the region was told through the eye of the vulnerable. Semenitari had approved the purchase of mobility aides for the Association of Persons Living in Disability in Niger Delta and had engaged critical stakeholders in the supervision of projects being undertaken by the NDDC. If these are not revolutionary acts, then I wonder what revolution is all about. Considering the unique feats of Chief Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, I can now understand Abraham Lincoln the foremost world leader properly when he stated, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt. He can be reached via



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Delta Speaker to hold town hall meeting in Sapele

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Delta Speaker to hold town hall meeting in Sapele

The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya will on Wednesday, August 31 and Thursday, September 1, 2016 meet with the good people of Sapele.

Igbuya will start his strings of meeting on Wednesday in Ugboren, Okuovu and Edegbrode. He will also meet with the people at Amukpe and Okpe Hall on Thursday.

The series of town hall meeting, according to the Chief Press Secretary to the Right Honourable Speaker, Mr. Henry Ebireri, will help individuals and organizations to tap into the opportunities in the current Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration in the state.

Ebireri in a statement in Asaba said Igbuya would meet with Non indigenes living in Sapele on Thursday.

“This is an opportunity for the representative of Sapele State Constituency to inform the good people of Sapele about the development plans of the current administration, discuss upcoming legislation and get feedback from voters” the statement said.

The town hall meeting, Ebireri said, would also provide an opportunity for the people to review the past and draw a roadmap for the future.

“This year’s event promises to be unique. Right Honourable Monday Igbuya will talk with constituents about critical issues facing the communities. The meeting will enable the people to rub minds with Igbuya on issues that are relevant to the progress of the constituency. It will also give the people opportunity to ask questions on his activities in the House of Assembly”.

Ebireri implored all stakeholders and good people of Sapele to turn out en masse at the town hall meeting.

“The town hall meeting will allow for divergent opinions and views from various sources. The people are expected to bring their own perspectives and issues to the table. There will be plenty of time for questions and conversation” the statement added.

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Dr. Peterside Condemns the Barbaric, gruesome assassination of Ken Atsuwete

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Dr. Peterside Condemns the Barbaric, gruesome assassination of Ken Atsuwete
Hon. Dakuku 1Dr. Peterside the current DG of NIMASA has condemned in strongest terms the barbaric, nasty and heinous assassination of Barrister KenAtsuwete in Port Harcourt, Rivers State today.

The DG of NIMASA who condemned the killing in a statement today said, “this is perhaps the deadliest of several politically-motivated killings perpetrated in Rivers state in recent times.”

The Statement reads: “Ken Atsuwete was a prominent human rights activist, political commentator, fiery critic of bad governance, citizen activist and most recently lawyer to Hon. Ojukaye Flag-Amachree, the APC leader held for trumped-up charges.

“Without any doubt, the killers of Ken Atsuwete were driven by the insidious objective of instilling fear in the rank of the opposition, silence every voice of reason and stifle opposition in Rivers State. The killing of Ken Atsuwete is perhaps the height of impunity which is now an everyday way of life in my home state of Rivers.

“I call on the Inspector-General of Police, Director-General of State Security Service and other national security authorities to carry out extensive investigation of this awful incident, bring the perpetrators
to book and restore sanity to our dear State.

“The current government in Rivers State owes us a responsibility to protect lives and property no matter the political persuasion of who is involved.

“Indeed, I mourn with the immediate family of Ken Atsuwete, his associates and APC political family on this needless loss of the Voice of Reason.”

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FIDA’s Award Of Honour On Gov Nyesom Wike, Well Deserved – Bro Obuah

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FIDA’s Award Of Honour On Gov Nyesom Wike, Well Deserved –  Bro Obuah

The award of Honour bestowed on Governor Nyesom Wike for his roles in the promotion of women and children’s welfare by the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) is a reaffirmation that the wisest minds have something yet to learn.

The chairman of the Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bro Felix Obuah said this while acknowledging the Governor Wike’s recognition, describing the award as well deserved.

The State PDP boss said if a women group as learned and critical as FIDA can be so impressed with what they have seen of the State under Gov Wike in so short a time, has proved that all the hulla-ba-loo by the opposition in the State was born out of ill-feelings and petty-jealousy.

Congratulating Gov Wike on the Honour, Bro Obuah enjoined His Excellency to forge ahead with his lofty programmes and policies not only for the welfare of women and children but for the entire sectors of the State economy.

Though the women lawyers’ recognition of Gov Wike’s landmark achievements will add impetus to the governor’s efforts, he (Gov Wike) though very appreciative is hardly carried away by such eulogies, Bro Obuah noted, stressing that to promote the social welfare of the entire Rivers people is upper-most in the Gov’s mind and it remains sacrosanct.

The State PDP chairman called for support and prayers for the State governor and his lieutenants to be able to execute government programmes aimed at moving the State forward for the benefit of all Rivers people and those resident in the State.

He described Governor Wike as one of his kind in the leadership history of Rivers State and thanked the International Federal of Women Lawyers for their foresight and boldness to make public their impression without fear or favour.

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‘Wike You Are A Terrible Disappointment’ – Dakuku Peterside

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‘Wike You Are A Terrible Disappointment’ – Dakuku Peterside

Dakuku 3APC Governorship candidate in the 2015 elections in Rivers State and current DG/CEO of NIMASA, Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside, has said that no amount of well-crafted and rehearsed lies and cheap media propaganda can sway Rivers people to believe in the current administration of deceit in Rivers State led by Gov. Nyesom Wike.

Dr. Peterside stated this Saturday in Etche during APC senatorial rally for the rerun National Assembly election.

“The verdict of the people is that Wike is a terrible disappointment and a wasted opportunity,” Peterside opined.

Dr. Peterside said that it has become clear to all that the present government in Rivers state is unfit to lead Rivers people.

“This government has neglected its most fundamental duty of securing lives and property, has earned the unenviable sobriquet of number one state in kidnapping, has borrowed more money under one year than all previous governments put together yet no single project to show for it; has a penchant for inviting personalities to commission projects executed by the Amaechi administration; legalized extortion and multiple taxation and embarked on endless biometric verification as a ploy to owe workers and pensioners six months salaries and allowances.  No government has ever been as deceitful as the present government in Rivers state.

“Wike is a terrible disappointment on all fronts; he brought back abruptly over 400 students who were on state government scholarship abroad during the Amaechi administration; shut down government model primary health centres and primary schools,” Dr. Peterside stated.

The NIMASA DG described Gov. Wike as a man who pathologically hates education and wondered how Wike expects a society to progress without its citizens being educated.

“The panacea for this impending doom and generational catastrophe is for Rivers people to vote for APC legislators who will team up with other men of goodwill and rescue Rivers State from misrule, criminality, rascality and exploitation,” Peterside said.

He said the power to liberate Rivers State is in the vote of the people. He recalled telling Rivers people that Wike has no plan on how to run Rivers State but rather poorly copied his road-map to prosperity.


DAP Media Team


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We will do our best – Delta Speaker

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We will do our best – Delta Speaker

The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Right Honourable Monday Igbuya, on Saturday commended Deltans at home and abroad for projecting the state in positive direction.

He also paid homage to prominent personalities who laid the foundation of the state.

Igbuya who spoke to journalists in Asaba on the journey traversed and the tasks to accomplish in the period ahead said the Sixth Assembly in its first year made tremendous progress.

“We have accomplished great tasks. However, we can never consider what we have achieved to be sufficient. We are determined to accomplish even more and greater tasks. We shall raise Delta State to the level of the most prosperous in the country” he said.

The Speaker who described members of the Delta State House of Assembly as noble characters not only demonstrated his conviction about collective governance but commended Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for his judicious use of resources and meticulous planning to overcome potential challenges.

“Government is a serious business and if we ever hope to set out of the nation’s grim economic predicament, we must of necessity employ the fundamental principles of serious business”

He promised that the current administration would deepen the socio-economic and political development of the state.

“The current administration will put in place extensive infrastructural facilities and services with equitable and fair spatial outreach in order to better the standard and quality of life of all citizens. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government in Delta State will narrow the urban-rural development gap and reduce socio-economic disparities” he said.

Igbuya, a selfless, pragmatic and humble leader, enjoined the people to reach for the highest goals.

“We have the great responsibility to carve out a better future and to make all possible efforts for the peace and prosperity of Delta State”

“Delta State House of Assembly has done the people proud. It has created and developed the institutions that are necessary for the development of the state” he added.


In another development, the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Henry Ebireri on Saturday described Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya as a great man worthy of emulation.

‘Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya is a selfless, pragmatic and humble leader” he said.

He also applauded the speaker for touching the lives of individuals and groups within and outside Delta State.

In a congratulatory message to the speaker, Ebireri described the h birthday of the Right Honourable Speaker as a celebration of hard work, integrity, patience, trust, commitment, discipline and success.

Ebireri who congratulated Igbuya on the occasion of his birthday, praised the presiding officer of the Delta State House of Assembly for his purposeful and responsible leadership and his immense contribution to the development of Delta State, particularly Sapele.

He also praised him for upholding the principles of democracy and rule of law.

He said the exemplary leadership qualities of Igbuya before and even as speaker would remain indelible in the hearts of the good people of Delta State.

Ebireri, who recalled the quality of motions and bills passed in the first year of the sixth assembly, said “Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya is moving with great zeal and vigour to make the difference”.

The CPS while appealing to Deltans to continue to pray for Igbuya, urged politicians in the state to tap from his wealth of experience and knowledge,

“To show appreciation for his track records so far, I enjoin the good people of Delta State to sustain the speaker’s birthday celebration with prayers”

Ending the message, he said “I wish the Right Honourable Speaker good health, success and wisdom”



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Dr Peterside, DG of NIMASA asks Gov. Wike Ten Important Questions

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Hon. Dakuku PetersideDr Peterside, DG of NIMASA asks Gov. Wike Ten Important Questions

Dr Dakuku Peterside, DG of NIMASA and APC Governorship Candidate in the 2015 elections during a rally in Etche LGA today asked Governor Wike 10 important questions as follows:

1. Which Govt has officially promoted & supported kidnapping and under its watch 1200 persons have been kidnapped in one year?

2. Which government has superintended over the killing of over 1000 rivers people by cultist in just one year?

3. Which government has borrowed more money under one year than all our previous governments from 1967 borrowed put together??

4. Which government withdrew nearly 400 under graduates sent on scholarship abroad by Gov Amaechi to different countries???

5. Which government deceitfully wants to take credit for projects conceived and delivered by the Amaechi government??

6. Under the watch of which government has more policemen and security men been killed by criminals armed by government agents than have been killed ever in our history from the creation of Rivers State to date??

7. Under whose government is multiple taxation legalized?  Touting legalized? Extortion made legal??

8. Under which government, have our schools and primary health centers closed down and our people are dying in their numbers?

9. Which government has deceived itself by embarking on endless circle of BIOMETRICS as excuse to owe workers and Pensioners six months salaries, popularly called government of deceit?

10. Which government will a governor be contractor, supervisor and awarding authority???

I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU ALL – the end has come. Rivers people cannot be deceived by lies and propaganda no matter how well crafted.

Dr Dakuku Peterside at a speech in Okehi Etche LGA

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Ijaw National Congress & Current State of the Nation

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Ijaw National Congress & Current State of the Nation

The Ijaw National Congress INC, after due consultations hereby put forward the following interventions on burning National issues. As the umbrella body of all Ijaw people at Home and the Diaspora, Congress has a duty to speak on National issues, based on the potential of such issues to help Nigeria to hold together or to completely unravel. We are quick to say that we are for holding Nigeria together but only according to the tenets of fairness, justice and equity.

Offer of Ceasefire by Niger Delta Avengers
Congress receives with cautions optimism the recent bold offer of ceasefire made to the Federal Government of Nigeria by the Niger Delta Avengers; a move geared to afford all sides a direly needed chance to dialogue. It should be noted that Ijaw National Congress had hitherto made several calls for dialogue after a ceasefire has been agreed. This call by the Avengers is commended. Congress strongly calls on the Federal Government to buy into another chance for dialogue. We also call on the Military and the Agitators to show good faith at this point.

In taking this position, Congress affirms that the recent renewed upsurge of attacks on the oil facilities in Niger Delta cannot be resolved by force of arms. Our long traumatized people should not be subjected to more destruction of innocent lives, further destruction of the already devastated environment and desolate ecology; not to talk of the perennial tensions hanging over Nigeria. Government and the armed groups must adopt that ceasefire now! There is too much at stake in terms of lives and fortunes hanging in the balance for this chance to be frittered away.

That Rebuke of Chief E.K Clarke by Mend
The attention of Congress has been drawn to the verbal attack on Chief Senator Edwin Clarke by the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta MEND in which he was berated in unflattering terms, for the meeting of Niger Delta Leaders he called in Warri which according to MEND did not meet the expectations of the group.

While MEND cannot be denied any right to be heard, we in Congress and the generality of our people take a dim view of such open and needless attack on the person of Chief Clarke. By the venerable age and accomplishments of Chief Clarke, he is deserving of respect.

Leave Dr Goodluck Jonathan Alone
Since he left office in May 2015, having traded his ambition to buy Nigeria respite from acrimony, violence and bloodshed, INC, Ijaw people, all Nigerians and indeed the World has viewed with unspeakable shock, the various attempts by officials of the succeeding Government under President Muhammadu Buhari, to tarnish the image of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR. There is a constant and well-programmed diatribe and instigation of animosity against the civilized personage of former President Jonathan and his comparatively successful tenure under a barrage of attacks and vilifications.

We view with consternation the government’s unethical refusal to afford him any credit or plaudits for his honest, patriotic and pan-Nigerian approach to governance. Regardless of that however Dr. Jonathan remains a core democrat and an International Statesman who currently enjoys a sterling image on the world stage.

Ijaw National Congress, frowns at the cheap, disingenuous and petulant attempt by officials to finger him as a sponsor of any armed group anywhere in the world. We hereby warn the Minister of Information Mr Lai Mohammed, who has issued a mish-mash of pointless conjecture and innuendo such as: “belief in certain quarters that the former President is a sponsor of the Avengers has refused to go away.”

How crass can one get in Goebellsian double-speak! The studied silence of former President Jonathan and the equanimity of Nigerians in the face of such irresponsible provocation cannot be allowed to continue. Let the word go forth from now: the continued vilification of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR and former President of Nigeria is unacceptable to us and must stop. Nigeria has a far greater weight of grim and crucial issues to deal with, rather this petty fixation with rubbishing the image of a former President who saved the Nation from certain calamity. This time enough is simply enough!

Militarization and Heightened Military Activities

While Congress has constantly spoken in favour of dialogue and the cessation of the destruction of oil facilities in the Niger Delta, we view with trepidation, the militarization of the zone and heightened movements of combat troops, Apache attack helicopters and other military hardware in the creeks of the Niger Delta. This cannot be good for the enhancement of a conducive atmosphere for dialogue.
INC therefore urges President Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw the troops, ease the tension and let dialogue be the only item on the table.
As a responsible Congress, we have, in a Press Conference held in Port Harcourt on Wednesday August 17th 2016, asked for 30 Day Moratorium on All Military Actions in the Niger Delta.

Let the Federal Government give a 30-day Moratorium on their action and we will certainly get a ceasefire from the creeks. No government should use attrition, especially violent attrition, as the first way of resolving a problem within its own borders.

The time to act is now!

Alatubo Charles Harry
National President, INC

Victor Burubo (Pst)
INC National Publicity Secretary.



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Again, Buruji Kashamu loses out in Ogun PDP as OGSIEC recognizes Adebutu’s faction

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Again, Buruji Kashamu loses out in Ogun PDP as OGSIEC recognizes Adebutu’s faction

…. Ogun PDP Chairman, Ogundele Assures of Unity, Victory

With the release of the list of candidates to contest the councillorship and chairmanship positions in the forthcoming elections in the 20 Local Governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) by the Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission (OGSIEC), it appeared that Senator Buruji Kashamu faction of the Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP) in the State has again lost out to the Hon Ladi Adebutu
led faction.

Candidates submitted by the Hon. Sikirulai Olawale Ogundele led State Exco of the PDP were listed among those to contest in the election.

While Senator Kashamu faction belongs to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff factional National Working Committee of the PDP, Hon Adebutu faction belongs to the Senator Ahmed Makarfi led Caretaker Committee.

Meanwhile, Hon. Sikirulai Olawale Ogundele has reiterated the need for party members to be united in order to achieve victory at the polls.

Hon. Ogundele who stated this in a press statement in his reaction to the publication of the list by OGSIEC, said that the PDP has a lot of work to do to take over the governance of the state from the All
Progressives Congress (APC), which he said has mismanaged the local councils in the state over the years.

According to the state’s PDP chairman,  “all members and leaders of the party across the length and breadth of the state should rise up now more than ever before, and move out enmasse to campaign for all the candidates of the party and ensure their resounding victory at the local government polls”

Ogundele, in the statement, which was signed on his behalf by the Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Ogun State, Mr. Malik Olamilekan Ibitoye, added that the list finally put paid to the controversy
surrounding the exercise and rested anxieties about the internal rancour among members of the party in the state.

He maintained that the people of Ogun State were already tired of the APC government, which he said is masquerading as “change agents” and have been clamoring for alternatives, while calling on all stakeholders in the party to join hands with him to steer the ship of the party to victory in future elections.

He also called on Senator Buruji Kasamu, Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu, Hon. (Aremo) Adesegun Adekoya; all elected past and current members of the Houses of Assembly, Representatives and the Senate; former Speaker, Rt. Hon. Dimeji Bankole and former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel to rally round the present party executives in the state in order to deliver electoral victory for the party now and in 2019, while asuring all party members of a level playing field to exercise their mandate and express their full political aspirations and potentials.

Ogundele used the opportunity to commend OGSIEC ‘for being on the side of justice and peace,’ while calling on all former state executives of the party, especially the immediate past State chairman, Engineer BayoDayo and members of his State Working Committee to join hands with him to rescue the state from what he called directionless and visionless leadership now and in the nearest future.

“Following the recent pronouncement of OGSIEC approving the list of the candidates we submitted for the October 8 LG elections, I wish to congratulate all our candidates in the state and encourage all to be
steadfast so that we can have victory in the election.

“The journey has just begun as we must as a matter of urgency embrace all our brothers and sisters on all sides of the divide. The desired victory cannot come with divisions and envy but by unity of purpose
and steadfastness.

“We must see the PDP as one indivisible party so that we can achieve victory in all our elections. Ogun State is ripe for better leadership so that it can catch up with other developed states in the country,”
he added in the statement.

According to Ogundele, the PDP has all it takes to make Ogun State better than it is, adding that the local government election would determine the future of Ogun State, and advised the residents not to
“waste this golden opportunity that would give us developments in the grassroots”and urged them to cast their votes for the PDP.‎


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