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Imaginary division in Rivers APC, Glory Emeh’s lone swan song propaganda

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Imaginary division in Rivers APC, Glory Emeh’s lone swan song propaganda

By Tonye Banigo

When he claimed he had joined the All Progressives Congress, APC, a little over a year ago, not a few members of the APC especially from his Emohua Local Government Area grumbled. Their grouse was that they know the man Chief Emeh Glory Emeh too well.

According to an Emohua indigene (name with-held), Chief Emeh is like a tiger that can never change its spots.

“We told our leaders that those of us from Emohua know this man very well but we were ignored. They welcomed him with open arms but today, like the typical political bird of passage, he has moved back to the PDP where he believes he has the opportunity to scam the governor of huge sums of money in the name of conducting propaganda against the APC,” he revealed.

It does not take much to realise that Chief Glory Emeh has already started work as a self-acclaimed propagandist and lie merchant. He seems to have nothing else in his propaganda scabbard to please and scam Gov. Nyesom Wike and the PDP than to create and project a singular agenda of an imaginary division in Rivers APC.

For the man who prides himself in being a ‘media’ man’ on account of planting gotcha stories in newspapers, started by planting a story of how the APC in Rivers State is divided along different lines. Two weeks after, he has just sent out  another story under a pseudo name (Iheanyi Ezinwo) titled “Crisis of confidence rocks Rivers APC….as members move in drove[sic] to ruling PDP.”

This line of propaganda or narrative serves Chief Emeh two purposes. He uses it to accentuate his imaginary dooms day for the APC in Rivers State, something the right thinking public know is not true. The second reason is to try and justify his ignominious and shameful defection to PDP in search of filthy lucre, a movement even his Personal Assistant (PA) refused to do with his boss. There is no gainsaying that his closest associates rebuffed his persistent attempt of luring them to leave the APC and join the PDP. Tuth is that the man who regales in having made a fortune from former Governor Peter Odili through propaganda went alone to the PDP.

The real battle for Chief Glory Emeh should not be against Rivers APC, the uphill task before him should be how to launder his image as a notorious liar and serial betrayer before his old pals in PDP. He is known to have betrayed everyone else that has crossed his part in life. The list of his victims is too long for the space available here.

Undoubtedly, Chief Glory Emeh has a penchant for big ideas and sees opportunities to make money from propaganda where no one else does. He confesses to anyone that cares how he made so much money selling media-related dummies to former Gov. Peter Odili when he served under the latter. Emeh often narrates how he created some local tabloids, cloned existing ones all for the purpose of propaganda according to the textbooks of Chief Emeh.

While in APC, he attempted to lift from his old scripts but did not find easy victims to sell his dummies to. His motives were carefully studied, uncovered and ignored. Obviously his failure to sell those dummies for big money contributed to his decision to return to his old PDP camp where the Rivers State governor could be made to buy his schemes while Chief Emeh smiles to the bank.

However, he may face a huge stumbling block as there are already several handlers of the governor’s media activities. Beyond trying to personally bulldoze his way to secure something for himself directly from Gov. Nyesom Wike, Chief Emeh is likely to find out that like the good old saying goes, ‘all that glitters is not gold.’

By far, the most daunting challenge for Chief Emeh Glory Emeh is having to extract the confidence of most of the PDP members and Gov. Nyesom Wike who know Chief Emeh so well and perhaps more than they know the back of their palms.

Given the opportunity, I would advise members of Rivers APC not be worried with the planted articles and other lies under all types of pseudo names emanating from Chief Emeh as he has only one objective: to paint Rivers APC as balkanised and diminishing. When the public fail to see that happen, he will naturally run out of ideas as his only objective is to eke out big money from his new victims. Nothing more.

Tonye Banigo is a Port Harcourt based social commentator and political analyst

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Delta Speaker has deep faith in God – Sapele Youths

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Slam Orhomonokpaye

Youth of Sapele on Monday warned the Publisher of Delta Guide, Prince Oromonokpaye, against provocative statements, reminding the people to be careful of those working against the interest of the constituency.

The youths described as irresponsible the campaign of calumny by Orhomonokpaye

At a meeting aimed at charting a new course for Sapele Youths through intellectual debate, the youths said they were forced to react to the allegations before they assume the toga of truth.

“Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya is an astute politician and a strong voice for the development of Sapele. He has not disappointed the wonderful people of Sapele” they said.

They also described the allegations levelled against the speaker by Prince Orhomonokpaye as “wicked, fictitious and mischievous.

“Igbuya turned around the fortunes of Sapele Local Government Area through people-oriented, socio-economic development schemes”.

The youths, under the aegis of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Sapele Local Government Area in a statement said they were perplexed over the allegations which were meant to tarnish the image of the speaker.

They called Igbuya “a caring leader, a believer in opportunity for all and true defender of Sapele people”.

The statement signed by the chairman, Comrade Benjamin Umukoro, condemned the actions of some mendacious and depraved individuals in the area such as Orhomonokpaye and his sponsors, saying such acts were capable of sending wrong signals to the outside world about the speaker and the good people of Sapele.

“The Right Honourable Speaker is not a bad person. He has deep faith in God. Orhomonokpaye and his sponsors are jealous of the achievements of the speaker”.

Doubting Orhomonokpaye’s mental state, the youths urged the publisher and his sponsors to seek God’s forgiveness and desist from such acts.

“We value Igbuya’s leadership, wisdom, judgement and technical acumen. He is making the right decision for those who elected him” the statement added

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DUNAETA President Applauds Umahi’s Emergence as Chairman South-East Governors’ Forum

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…Pledges greater services to Ebonyi

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The Founder and President of David Umahi Nweze Akubaraoha Ebonyi Transformation Agenda (DUNAETA), Monica Ada Chidinma Eze, has described the emergence of Governor David Nweze Umahi as the new Chairman of the South East Governors’ Forum as the best new year gift the forum could give to the people of Ebonyi State. Miss Eze, who is also the Technical Assistant on Media to Governor Umahi, stated this in a statement issued on Tuesday in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital.

She congratulated Governor Umahi for emerging as the unanimous choice of South East Governors who met on Sunday in Enugu. “The unanimous selection of Governor Umahi to lead the South East Governors’ Forum did not come as a surprise considering the organisational acumen of His Excellency, his reputation as peacemaker and the wisdom with which he has governed Ebonyi since his assumption of office on may 29, 2015,” Miss Eze said.

The DUNAETA President described Umahi’s election as a good omen for the people of Ebonyi State. “It is a recognition of the sagacity, prowess of Umahi and acceptable of Ebonyi State into the mainstream of the politics of South East,” she stated.

Miss Eze, who recently underwent a major surgery in a private hospital in Enugu, thanked Governor Umahi for his invaluable support and assistance that enabled her to come out of it alive. “God,” she said, “has a way of rewarding good-hearted people like Governor Umahi. The news of his election is no doubt the greatest tonic that I need to fully and swiftly recover, as I am very eager to return to work and continue to contribute my quota towards the advancement of our dear State, Ebonyi. In this regard, I urge all Ebonyians to join hands with His Excellency to take our dear State to greater heights.”

Finally, my special thanks also go to Chief Austin Umahi the PDP South East National Vice Chairman, my auntie, Her Excellency, Chief Rachael Umahi the Founder of Family Succour & Upliftment Foundation Programme and wife to Governor Umahi, my special friend and brother, Onyeabor Ngene, SA on Special Duties to Governor Umahi for proving that under Governor Umahi we all are one united and virile family. I thank my Pastor, Rev. Mrs. Miriam Ukeni, my colleagues, brother and sisters for all their supports, prayers during my surgery. My immediate boss, Emmanuel  Anya, CPS to Governor Umahi whose calls almost on daily basis was a motivating force and my mother, Evangelist Henrietta Eze who stood by me throughout my stay in the hospital. God will surely bless you all as I have dedicated my life to assist Governor Umahi towards making the difference in governance in Ebonyi State.


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We reject results you declared for Etche/Omuma inconclusive elections – APC tells INEC

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We reject results you declared for Etche/Omuma inconclusive elections – APC tells INEC

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The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has rejected purported results for Etche State Constituency and Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency Etche/Omuma rerun elections reportedly declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Sunday, saying that the “purported results are for the rerun elections that were earlier declared inconclusive by the Returning Officers, Prof. Olatunbosun Odusanya and Prof. Omotola respectively at the Okehi, Saturday. They had subsequently announced that the conclusion of the process would take place today (Sunday) or on Monday.”

The statement which was signed by Rivers State APC Chairman, Chief (Dr.) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya JP said, “we were taken aback when it was reported that the National Electoral Commissioner in charge, Mrs. May Agbamuche-Mbu had ordered that the incomplete results be declared despite the earlier declaration by the two Returning Officers on Saturday at Okehi that the elections were inconclusive.”

The statement reads: “The APC vehemently rejects the results as declared today (Sunday) at the State INEC Office in Port Harcourt. This action by INEC runs counter and contradictory to earlier announcement on Saturday by the aforementioned Returning Officers who are the duly empowered persons to make such declarations. What INEC did today is a rape on democracy and the APC will surely resist it with every legal window available to it. INEC can only do what it did today because Gov. Nyesom Wike has, as usual, generously compromised key officials of INEC in Rivers State.”

“The APC notes that despite the general outcry concerning Gov. Nyesom Wike’s interference in the electoral process, the governor physically held hostage a Returning Officer to force him announce results in a manner unbecoming of a governor. We condemn this and call on INEC leadership and security agencies to investigate this unfortunate incidence.”

“We recall that this same compromised INEC in Rivers State embarked on the now infamous 2015 elections which is unarguably the worst election in the annals of Nigeria. During the December 10, 2016 rerun that followed, INEC continued to exhibit unwarranted contradictions and unwholesome mishandling of the process which resulted in the further rescheduling of the rerun elections for Etche State Constituency and Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency. Sadly, INEC has, once again, bungled it.”

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Interview (full version): My focus has shifted from 76 to politics – Princewill

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My focus has shifted from 76 to politics  – Princewill

In this deep and revealing interview that takes you into the mind of Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill, he finally speaks with a select team of journalists on the national politics, his current relationship with his “good friend” Rotimi Amaechi, his political mentor, Atiku Abubakar & his Governor, Nyesom Wike. He also airs his view on President Buhari’s administration, the road so far,  the way forward and why Nigerians are seen as, to put it in his words, “fantastically foolish”.

PRINCEWILL 5You have been quiet. No press interviews except for occasional press releases and even then, they were more about your new blockbuster film 76, instead of your usual insightful comments. Why? Are you no longer a member of the Labour Party?

I still am. For now. The Labour Party is not without sin. But their own sin can still be managed. Besides in Rivers state I take pride in not being part of the problem. I am glad you acknowledge that I have been talking. Life is not only about politics. But even then I have still talked about it. You see the biggest problem in Nigeria today is politics and the lack of internal party democracy. Moreso in the bigger parties. Good candidates hardly get party tickets. Rather confirmed thugs, touts, thieves and looters get to carry party tickets, leaving the poor voters with no real choice. Why? Because the party leaders and electoral bodies prefer their own personal interests to the interest of the people. So we await the day, when the people will fight back. That day will soon come. Let me be where I am until I have a compelling reason to find a new home. I am not desperate for power. I am desperate for results.

Those who lead the fight may not benefit from it. The truth is bitter. If it is my portion to fight, then it may not be my portion to also benefit from the successes of that very same fight. That is why I’ve removed myself from any future electoral contest. I’ll simply rededicate myself to helping good people hold public office. It does not have to be me. I find even intelligent people still struggle to understand that being in politics does not automatically equate to contesting in an election. I no longer want to be Governor, I am not looking for an appointment, but I still want to improve my state, my region and my country. So let ambition not get in my way.

So how is your relationship with Amaechi? Are you still communicating?

Yes. We parted ways before the election because of how my team were treated and his decision not to support Jonathan, but we have since gone past that. Amaechi is not a vindictive person and neither am I. He goes with his conviction and so do I. His message to me was PDP had no love for either me or my people and he was right. My message to him was that there is a consequence for fighting Jonathan. And I was right too. When we parted ways, he and his team said some very unsavory things about me and I about them, but that is fair in war. The war is long over. I extended my hand of friendship to both APC and PDP after the elections. Only Amaechi as Minister took my offer. He visited me in my house and we ended up flying that same day to Kano together. I went on instinct. He came to me in peace. I consider him a “good friend” and a fighter. Politics is not do or die for me. That was over a year ago. We still talk from time to time and when I needed the high military authorities to see my film 76, he did not hesitate to make some calls for me. Very helpful. Everything is not about money.

So what about your Governor, Nyesom Wike?

Like I said, in spite of the rigged election, I extended my hand of friendship to him too. I did not go to court. I left him to proceed as ordained by INEC. When the Supreme Court judgement was dropped on us, just like it was in 2007, we accepted it again. No fuss. I offered my congratulations and help to Wike in any way he wanted, but not a word, no response, no invitation. Except during a radio interview when I advised him to resist the need to respond to every APC comment and instead focus on developing the state. It was then he responded, pointing out that I had no idea what I was talking about because I was not even in the state. My counter advice is if you know so much about my whereabouts, divert some of the state resources used to tracking me to track down the kidnappers and armed robbers in the state. That would qualify as progress. You see Wike is the ruler type, not the consultative leader. He doesn’t need anyone. Let us see where we are by the end of May before we speak further. Even rulers can deliver. Look at Gadaafi and Mubarak. Or even Abacha. As long as they use the power well. I am a fan of allowing people to lead. No distraction. Until they fail. My own is to wish him well and offer advice, even if he refuses to take it. My agenda is not personal. It’s issue based. The problem with politicians with a warrior mentality comes when there is no war. Many Governors are hiding behind Buhari to explain their poor performance. It’s smart. But black soot, insecurity, a lack of investment and no jobs for the youths is not a transferable responsibility. I pray for him.

Hmmm!! What about Atiku? Is he still your political mentor?

Of course. What Turaki can do in his sleep politically, most top politicians cannot do it even if they tried in a lifetime. He knows too many people, is not arrogant and knows too much about how to move this great country forward. Like with Amaechi, he is not at all vindictive, but they are both very stubborn. Like Tinubu. That is what I admire in the 3 of them. Put them on the same page and you have a force of nature. PDP felt it in 2015. Also in 2007 in Rivers state. If not for Atiku and Tinubu, Amaechi’s first tenure would not have been as smooth. Divide the three and the cause is weakened. Seeing them all in APC makes the platform quite tempting if not for the recession mood and their seeming divisions. The two symptoms are indicative of a bigger problem I am yet to understand. That is why I have dusted off all my political robes. I see both the APC and the PDP as presently constituted unable to deliver Nigeria. They are both very similar. The real change has to start within them. No third force is ready to challenge them yet, instead it looks like the smaller parties are merging into even bigger ones. Since I cannot spectate on my children’s future, before May is over, I too will take my stand.

So what’s your take on the Buhari administration?

I didn’t vote for him. Neither did I vote for Wike. But unlike some people who actually  voted for either of them, I’m ready to give both of them their two years before I take a formal position. So far their records speak for themselves. But my position in society requires more from me than just my gut feeling. I am not the man in the street so even though I feel their pain, when I talk, it must be without sentiment and constructive, so even the government cannot deny. Good governance is not an emotional exercise. For now I pray for both of them, especially Mr. President, now that he is not feeling too well. Health is the priority. Running this country requires a lot of wisdom, strength and grace. From what is in play now, it is clear he’s not been operating at full strength. I am sure even he is reflecting on the journey so far. It is not too late to turn things around for either Buhari or Wike. But time is not on their side. Do they have a plan?

What about the Buhari anti-corruption drive?

Some people think it is selective. Maybe. My question is did the people caught steal? If yes then let’s congratulate the EFCC and the ICPC first. They should continue to catch thieves. Even faster. Those enjoying APC immunity today should not be surprised if tomorrow they are victims too. Of even this very same Buhari government. I don’t see Buhari as someone who can not jail his party member or his friend. I suspect the stealing in Nigeria has been significantly reduced, but it has not been stopped. Nobody is fooled. My plea is catch thieves but grow the economy too. It is not one or the other.

So what is the way forward?

Beware of people who pose like they have all the answers. Leadership is teamwork. To solve a problem this big, you really have to understand it. Let me not prescribe for you a prescription to an ailment I’m yet to properly diagnose. However I can say this; based on feelers I’ve received and our recent history, Nigerians are still deceiving themselves. The same politicians they are fighting over call them fantastically foolish and here is why: They worship wealth and corruption more than they worship hard work and sacrifice. That which matters most – their children’s future is easily sacrificed at the altar of that which matters least – their stomach. The bad news is this is the Nigerian way. The good news is that every day, more and more Nigerians are becoming wise to the ways of politicians and are prepared to confront them. One day all this nonsense will stop. Because without electoral reform, a consequence for electoral violence, justice being seen to be done and proper patriots, a new breed of rebels will continue to multiply in Nigeria. When I see die hard APC and PDP apologists I laugh. Neither of them is without sin. Both good people and bad people exist in both or all parties. The answer is not in just one or the other. It’s in good people from all sides of the political spectrum working together, joined by good people from outside of the politics. Period. Politics is too important simply to be left to just the politicians, including me.


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Rivers APC Remains solidly unified, cohesive and intact

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Being a text of Press Conference by Rivers APC Office Holders, Present and Former (Elected/Appointed) Members

Gentlemen of the press,


After a careful appraisal of the political developments in Rivers State in the past two years, we have come to the conclusion that certain issues require special mention and documentation for the purpose of clear understanding, direction and benefit of posterity.


  1. Political parties often operate open-door policy because the game of politics is a game of numbers. In the Nigerian political milieu, change of parties is common especially since the present democratic journey that began in 1998. However, very recently we have seen individuals from the opposition decamp and join our party, the APC. While some of the persons have teamed up with us to add value to the business of our party, a few have turned out to be moles in search of pecuniary benefits. Disappointed that the APC operates on a high moral ground where pecuniary interest has no place, some of these decampees have beaten a retreat back to their original party. Unfortunately, in doing so, they have tried to impress their new masters through planted articles in newspapers and other malfeasance.  We know that these persons have notched up notoriety in lies and propaganda and pride themselves so much in doing so. This time particularly, their exit propaganda was to plant a highly noxious, obnoxious and vexatious story in a national newspaper portraying the APC in Rivers State as having broken into factions. The particular individual behind this heinous contraption knows that we know him. He also knows that all his life he has thrived on lies, brainless propaganda and worthless betrayal of friends and associates including those he has now run back to. We can only wish him and his co-travellers journey mercies to their original company.


  1. We note with shock a statement credited to a group that calls itself Rivers Elders Consultative Council led by a certain Dr. Granville Abiye Georgewill in which the said Dr. Georgewill disparaged the person of our respected leader and mentor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Honourable Minister of Transportation for allegedly facilitating a stakeholder meeting during the visit of Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to Rivers State recently.


While we are averse to joining issues with nebulous and highly compromised individuals based on our highly principled stance in politics, we can attest that the second stakeholders meeting facilitated by the APC provided veritable platform for groups and ethnic nationalities that were technically shut out from the meeting held in Government House, Port Harcourt to make their presentations for the restoration of peace and development of oil and gas bearing communities in Rivers State. We believe that the public can attest to this and indeed know better than the so-called Rivers Elders Consultative Council can ever do. It is not for us to belabour this matter than to leave it for posterity to judge.


It was the second meeting facilitated by the APC that provided platform for the people of Etche, Oceania Communities, Ogoni, Okrika, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni, Civil Society organizations, amongst others, to make their presentations to the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.


However, we thank the Rivers Elders and Leaders Council led by Chief Albert Horsfall for committing to identifying the root cause of disunity and division in the state and pledging to find a lasting solution to it for the benefit of Rivers people.


  1. We are proud that our leader, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is driving the complete modernisation and repositioning of the nation’s transportation system especially the long neglected railways and airports. We note with joy that his effort is already bearing fruit as the transportation sector is being given a total turnaround to meet present day expectations. We salute our leader’s vision, tenacity and drive to secure the support of Mr. President and the National Assembly in the building of Calabar – Port Harcourt – Lagos Coastal Rail Line and the commencement of work at the long-abandoned Port Harcourt International Airport. We believe these projects will bring about life-changing impact on the people of Rivers State, the Niger Delta and indeed Nigeria at large.


  1. We unequivocally state that the APC Family in Rivers State under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi remains solidly unified, cohesive and intact. We wish to warn that any person or persons in the family that may lend themselves to the machinations of the enemy will be doing a great disservice to the party. We urge the party to watch out for such persons and take appropriate disciplinaru actions in established cases. We re-iterate that the loyalty of each and every member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State is to the party, under the able leadership of OUR GREAT LEADER, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi CON.


Long live All Progressives Congress!

Long Live Rivers State!!


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Why Amaechi’s 8 Years as Rivers Governor Was not a Waste

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Why Amaechi’s 8 Years as Rivers Governor Was not a Waste


By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike, Rivers State CAN’s Apostle of Peace and 2016 Sun Newspapers Governor of the Year Award Winner, had on 11th February, 2017 granted an interview to Editors of The Sun Newspapers, titled, ‘How I Parted Ways With Amaechi – Governor Wike…’; with the rider, ‘There won’t be election in 2019’. Wike in his infamous and ignominious interview had stated: “So far I am concerned, Amaechi’s eight years as Governor of Rivers State was a wasted eight years.”


I will not be attending to the issue of if Wike – who supervised the killings in Rivers State before and after he assumed office as the Governor of Rivers State – merits Sun’s award or not. Neither am I ready to expiate if such a character who turned Rivers State to ‘Rivers of blood’ merits the title offered to him by some elements in the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rivers State branch, as an Apostle of Peace. But in few weeks time, I will attempt to explain to the public the lies contained in the interview by The Sun Newspapers, against an innocent man like Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the former governor of Rivers State and incumbent Minister of Transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by x-raying some sectors of the administration of Amaechi and allow you the reader to judge.


Let me reiterate that Wike’s assessment of his mentor, boss and predecessor in office, Amaechi as that of a colossal failure is laughable, as he, Wike, was not only a part of the engine room of Amaechi’s administration but a key actor. Coming back to write off an administration whose impact on the lives of people of Rivers State had been described in some quarters as the golden age of Rivers State – only comparable to the administration of Alfred Diete-Spiff, first military administrator of old Rivers State – is not only an attempt to rewrite a history that is still alive to most of us, but a very callous, malicious, satanic, wicked, sad and unfortunate attempt by a mind that needs an immediate health attention.


Because of the much falsehoods, misrepresentation of facts, and turning facts upside down in order to achieve a devious and sinister agenda, it behoves on some of us that monitored not only the eight years administration of Amaechi, but who also worked very closely with Governor Wike, to straightening the facts and save the general public from the obvious falsehoods contained in this particular interview.

In carrying out this assiduous task, I am challenged by the words of Nobel Laureate and renowned author, Prof Wole Soyinka who, in his famous book, The Man Died, noted: “The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny.” And to avoid falling into the trap of late Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia’s famous words: “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” Others who have benefitted so much in Amaechi’s political sagacity and benevolence may decide to sit on the fence or keep quiet at this critical time, but I have no choice than to defend a misunderstood man by some misguided elements, no matter the cost. And in this my latest attempt to defend and protect the integrity of Amaechi – whose only sin is that he spearheaded the ouster of a clueless president who supervised the looting of our common patrimony with impunity and to such a ridicules level where billions of dollars are housed in the houses of most of his aides, while the entire nation suffers in abject poverty.


Wike’s unfortunate stand is aptly captured in Psalm 41:9: “Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.” And Psalm 55:12-14, which says: “For it is not an enemy who reproaches me, then I could bear it; nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me, then I could hide myself from him. But it is you, a man my equal, my companion and my familiar friend; we who had sweet fellowship together, and walked in the house of God in the throng.” The above biblical quotes cannot find a better person than what Chief Nyesom Wike, is currently doing to rubbish and ridicule the personality of ex-governor Rotimi Amaechi, his predecessor, political mentor and benefactor.


What is happening in Rivers State today could also be captured in the words of Lucien BouchardI have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit. According to Malcolm X, “To me the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.” In line with this fact of life among civilised people and happenings in Rivers State, an illustrious son of the state and one time Minister of Petroleum Resources, Prof Tam David-West, aptly described Amaechi’s “orchestrated travails” as unfortunate, in view of the fact that Amaechi has worked hard enough in restoring the glory of Port-Harcourt, also known as the Garden City of Nigeria.


For the avoidance of doubt, I served as a media aide to Wike, when he acted as the Director General of the Amaechi’s Campaign for his 2011 re-election. It was his position that I should head the Media Team of the campaign Team, instead of serving as a member of the Media Campaign Team. As our Director General, I did an article titled; Anya-Neli, in which I profiled and mentioned his type of politics. And I know that up till now nobody has done a better article on him than that article. I have to state this fact for the first time, just because of some of you that will be reading this article and thinking that I am either judgemental or biased. It is a common fact that most of Governor Wike’s current aides are not closer to him than me, That was why I laughed off those wooing me to Wike, so that I can assist him in his present task of ruining Rivers State, and work against a man who played key role in shaping our political lives, thinking that I have a price tag at my age.


Having stated this fact let me attend to the truism of this article, aimed at straightening the facts about the administration of ex-governor Amaechi. Though it will be foolhardy for anybody to do justice to the tenure of Amaechi as governor of Rivers State in a single piece but forth with, on a weekly basis, I will be presenting series of Amaechi’s administration stories, sector by sector, in order for the reader to understand the type of politics that Wike is now playing in Rivers State.


Before doing this, let me unequivocally state what Wike’s statement that Amaechi’s eight years as a Governor of Rivers State was a waste, entails:

  1. It entails that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria’s statement on Amaechi’s administration was false. During his visit to Rivers State, to commission some projects initiated by the administration of the Governor Amaechi, he said: “I came to see developments and I have seen developments, and I will confess developments. What I have seen is worth declaring. The area of health, education, agriculture, sports and road infrastructure is worth declaring. When I see development, I ear-mark, eye-mark and mouth-mark.” Yet, to Wike, Amaechi’s administration was a wasted years.


  1. Wike’s stand also entails that the conferment on Hon Amaechi, with the prestigious “SERA’s award for his contributions towards the social development of Rivers State, in line with the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), especially in the areas of health and education” was false. Conferring the award on Amaechi, president of the Social Enterprise Report and Awards (SERA) jury, Mr Peter Oguaoro, said the recognition was an indication that there are still good Nigerians who are contributing to social development in the country.


  1. Wike’s stand entails that, The Archbishop, Province of Niger Delta and Bishop of Niger Delta North Diocese, Most Rev Ignatius Kattey, who described Amaechi as a leader with inspiring leadership qualities and benevolence in several areas of human endeavours was false. According to this great cleric, Amaechi has demonstrated vision and courage in the leadership of Rivers State, as well as recognised that government and the church are partners in building the moral, economic and social well-being of the citizenry. He commended Amaechi for his infrastructural development in the state, particularly the quest to restore Port Harcourt to its Garden City state and provision of lasting peace in the state, and thanked him for the support to the Anglican Church.


  1. Wike’s perception entails that the former President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, who described the leadership of Amaechi as a focused one was false. Kaunda, who made the commendation when he paid a courtesy call on the governor at Government House, Port Harcourt, noted that with the focused leadership of former Amaechi, Rivers State would continue to be of service to humanity for many years to come.


  1. It entails that the declaration of Port Harcourt as UNESCO World Book Capital 2014 under Amaechi was false and misplaced. It would be recalled that UNESCO, moved by the revolutionary feats of Amaechi in the education sector, crowned Port Harcourt the 2014 World Book Capital City in April 2014, beating 10 other great cities that include Oxford in England and Moscow in Russia. For this to be achieved, against all odds and challenges, simply demonstrates that Amaechi was a visionary and focused leader who has received accolades in this regard by world leaders, while to a little-minded fellow and a local champion like Wike, Amaechi’s eight years was a wasted years! Port Harcourt’s reign as World Book Capital 2014 began with the handover by Bangkok at an impressive ceremony at Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt. Dignitaries at the event included Amaechi, former head of state, Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar; Prof Wole Soyinka; UNESCO Director-General, Ms Irina Bokova; former World Bank Vice-President, Africa, Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, wife of the former governor, Dame Judith Amaechi, among others. This feat of Port Harcourt in becoming the first African city south of the Sahara to be chosen as World Book Capital, based on public voting, beating 10 other great cities, is commendable.


  1. It entails that Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, playing a historic role when it hosted the US-Nigeria Bilateral Commission on October 16 and 17, 2012, thereby becoming the first city outside the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, to do so. This event is a top bill in international rating and the strategic relevance of the Gulf of Guinea area makes the meeting in Port Harcourt even more important. The United States Deputy Secretary of State and two Assistant Secretaries led the US delegation. On the side of Nigeria, the US-Nigeria Bilateral Commission is viewed with seriousness, especially by the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), led by Amaechi. His administration has, in addition, promoted overall United Nations activities in the South-South geo-political zone, through the provision of an outstanding facility that can house over 15 UN agencies in Port Harcourt. As a result, there are five UN agencies in Rivers State at the moment; and more are expected to follow in due course. To Wike, who have turned Rivers State to ‘Rivers of blood’, Amaechi’s tenure was wasted years.


  1. Wike’s words entail disapproval of the construction – by the Amaechi administration in the educational development of Rivers State – of new 20-classroom-blocks model primary school, to commemorate the status of Port Harcourt as the current World Book Capital. Known as World Capital City Model Primary School, the edifice is located in Port Harcourt metropolis, and was already furnished and operational with commencement of classes for the 2014/2015 school year. In addition to classrooms and teachers’ offices, the model school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as demonstration science laboratory, library, ICT, sick-bays and reception class. The former commissioner of education stated that construction of the 20-classroom blocks was necessitated to address the issue of out-of-school children in the state. The state government embarked on this project to ensure that every child in the state has easy access to the free education policy of the Amaechi-led administration. The project is in line with the Education for All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) vision of providing access to all children of school age by the year 2015. Samples of the 20-classroom blocks are built in all the 23 local government areas of the state, which include demonstration science laboratories aimed at giving children the opportunity to visualise what they are being taught in class. The introduction of laboratories is in line with the new national curriculum, which allows children from four years and above to be exposed to science education early, so as to better understand science courses in the future. The demonstration class is where the teacher demonstrates for the pupils what they are learning. It makes teaching and learning easier for both the teacher and pupils.


  1. Wike’s position also entails that the visit by former President Obasanjo, who embarked on a two-day visit to Rivers State, to commission some landmark projects executed by Amaechi during his six years’ historical and revolutionary administration in the state; described some of the structures of education in Rivers as mind-boggling. The former president was so elated and astonished by the type of world-class projects he was asked to commission, particularly the Ambassador Nne Kurubo Model Secondary School at Ebube, Eleme – one of the 24 model secondary schools scattered all over the 23 local government areas of the state – which tops most of the universities in Nigeria in areas of facilities, structures and landmass. The former president shouted while addressing the Rivers State people in the assembly edifice of the school, saying that the k-leg of then Governor Amaechi has been straightened. Recall that President Obasanjo denied Amaechi the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship ticket in 2007, after winning the primaries of the party, until the Supreme Court reinstated Amaechi ‘as the duly elected governor of Rivers State.’ Obasanjo went further to hail Amaechi for his administration’s developmental strides. He stated: “I came to see developments and I have seen developments and I will confess developments. What I have seen is worth declaring! The area of health, education, agriculture, sports and road infrastructure is worth declaring. When I see development, I ear-mark, eye-mark and mouth-mark.”


  1. President Muhammadu Buhari in a statement during his visit to Rivers State on November 5, 2013, described Amaechi as a hero and a great leader: “PDP decided to target some governors that are progressives and we feel will make a difference. We seek your support through Amaechi. I lived in Port Harcourt during my military career. I was a Staff Officer to Gen (Theophilus) Danjuma in 1973. Rivers State has produced great men such as Prof Tam David West. 2015 will be another watershed in Nigeria. Amaechi is a great leader. We decided to come together to save Nigeria from mis-governance. We must come together and make Nigeria move forward. Amaechi has given Rivers people responsible leadership. The schools he has built will give Rivers children a better tomorrow, while women and children stand to benefit from the standard health centres he has built. He has also carried out physical rehabilitation of infrastructures in the state. People like Amaechi should join the All Progressives Congress (APC) to move Nigeria forward.” This was the major sin of Amaechi against Wike and his misguided supporters.


  1. Wike’s stand cancels the commendation by the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) of Amaechi, for the strides recorded by his administration in the health and education sectors. Country Representative of UNICEF, Ibrahima Fall, who described as tremendous the progress made in these sectors, noted: “This is the most exciting news for every mother, for every child and for every family in Rivers State.”


  1. Wike’s stand entails that the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert was wrong when he made the following statement: “The impression that I always get when I come to Africa is that these countries have enormous potential, and your country and your state (Rivers) have enormous potential and I think that you happen to have at this time in history also, a dynamic, energetic and capable leadership that can make the dreams of building up the state into a reality of life for the 5.1 million residents in Rivers State that want their lives to be of much higher and greater quality.”


  1. In extolling this great revolutionist, the United States’ Consul-General in Lagos, Mr Jeffrey Hawkins, told journalists: “I must commend Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State for embarking on numerous people-oriented projects and showing enthusiasm on Niger Delta issues. We are very appreciative of all that Amaechi has done. We are quite clear that addressing the issues of the Niger Delta, the challenges require focusing on things like education development, agriculture, health, all sorts of issues. And the governor was kind enough to show us, on the ground, some of the projects the government of Rivers State is working on, so we are very deeply appreciative of his support.”


  1. Wike’s interview entails that his new revelation in a recent ceremony contradicts himself about Amaechi’s; feats when he stated: “How can Amaechi build polytechnics and call them Model Secondary Schools? I will convert that of Saakpenwa to a polytechnic.”


  1. Wike’s satanic stand entails that The Sun Newspaper’s Man of the Year Award in 2007 and the Compass Newspaper Award for Security in 2008; Governor of the year 2009, “Award for Leadership, Award for Excellence – 2009” chaired by former Head of State, Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd), in Abuja were all flukes.


  1. It entails that the remarks by former President Jonathan while on inspection tour of the Port Harcourt –Owerri Road, constructed by the administration of Amaechi that, “the several road networks embarked upon by the Rivers State Government and the monorail transport system planned by the government has significantly shown that the state is moving ahead. Besides the road network, I want to commend Governor Amaechi on the three major projects, the quality of primary and secondary schools that we saw, as well as the power project that would aid small business enterprises.”


  1. It entails as false, the remarks by the former Governor Shekarau of Kano State: “I feel highly fulfilled by coming here today to hear and see the dividends of democracy, as I urge Governor Amaechi to build more of such schools which he described as vehicle for change. But for time, I would have borrowed a leaf from Amaechi by replicating the quality of schools I have seen here in his State.”


  1. It entails as untrue, the statement credited to the former Governor of the old Rivers State, from 1967 and currently, the Amayanabo of Toun Brass, Bayelsa State: “Yes, I am attributed to be the father of the old Rivers State but, without sounding immodest, let me reiterate that Governor Amaechi can be described as the builder of the modern Rivers State, if all the infrastructure he has put in are anything to go by. I am so proud of his feats and if he continues like this, Rivers State will be a pride to all Nigerians.”


  1. That the invitation to Amaechi – as one of the three high profile speakers at the Commonwealth Observance Day held at the Westminster Abbey, London, because of what was described as his “incredible achievements at the national level, personal commitment to policies that encourage enterprise and create opportunity and not least his personal engagement” – was a fluke.


Wike’s major feats

  1. The 13,000 teachers employed by the administration of Amaechi were not only denied their salaries for months but were later sacked by Wike. The Rivers State indigenes offered foreign scholarship by Amaechi’s administration to study various courses to boost the future of Rivers State were not only recalled but Wike threatened to deal with them.
  2. He turned most of the schools built by Amaechi into hideouts for criminals, and reverted pupils and students to schools already discarded.
  3. Amaechi’s free scholarship scheme to the people of Rivers State from primary to university level was maliciously uprooted and stopped by the Wike’s administration.

Amaechi’s ‘Rivers of peace’ vs Wike’s ‘Rivers of blood’ where human life no longer count

  1. The result of the peaceful state of Rivers State under the watch of Governor Amaechi resulted not only in attracting foreign investments that Port Harcourt became the haven of both international and national championships. Apart from hosting one of the best-organised National Sports Festivals ever in Nigeria, the School Sports and the Police Games by March 2013. Port Harcourt, apart from Abuja and probably Lagos was the only state to have hosted US-Nigeria biennial National Conference, Pan African Parliamentary, Garden City Literary Festival, hosted CARNRIV involving several foreign countries to showcase the rich culture, potentials and beauty of her people; the second Dr Claude Ake Memorial Lecture, Rivers State Investment Forum and Governor’s Interactive Session with Rivers State Youths.
  2. Apart from the above, other major events hosted by Rivers State under Amaechi’s watch include the ION Film Festival where the world’s best film producers were feted with the hospitality of Rivers State; Miss ECOWAS Pageant, Garden City Literary Festival, Guild of Editors, Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP); a trade delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on an enlightenment mission for private companies within the South-south zone, on how to access business opportunities available within the ECOWAS sub region, among many other major events hosted by the Rivers State Government.
  3. While under Wike’s watch, International organizations, corporations and Intuitions in Rivers State are relocating to Lagos because of insecurity in the State.


Finally, I laughed when Wike and his funny companions presented the following issues – in which he worked assiduously against during the sad regime of Dr Goodluck Jonathan – before the Federal Government, during the visit of the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof Osinbajo:

  1. Soku Oil Wells must be restored back to Rivers State
  2. East-West Road needs to be attended to
  3. Development of the Niger Delta
  4. Clean-up of the Ogoni oil spill
  5. Legalisation of bunkering and refining
  6. Synergy between Rivers PDP and APC national
  7. Peace and unity in Rivers State.

Thanks to the Acting President, Prof Osibanjo who assured that these issues that Wike collaborated with former President Jonathan to deny the Niger Delta region will be tackled by the President Buhari’s administration


I hope that I have succeeded to expose the lies in Wike’s wicked interview and can comfortably state that Amaechi’s eight years was not wasted but can be described as the golden age of governance in Rivers State

As I stated earlier, I can’t in one piece state who Amaechi is or what he achieved for Rivers State during his eight years rule, but will kick-start the series of Amaechi’s feats in the area of education by next week, pick up the health sector, agriculture, security and other sectors in that order. I will also assist the public by throwing light on the ‘Rivers of blood and Apostle of Peace’, as well as Wike and his betrayal mission against Amaechi.

Let me conclude this treatise by quoting Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo: “Ameachi is also a man of big ideas and very insightful; he understands how to live long in the hearts of men. His education policies in Rivers State, and all of those children he gave real hope and opportunity ensures that he will always be remembered long after he left this earth.”


Eze Chukwuemeka Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and can be reached through,, 08038199163



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Ebonyi 2019: Opposition’s Grouses against Umahi Exposed

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Ebonyi 2019: Opposition’s Grouses against Umahi Exposed

Written By Monica Ada C. Eze


gov-dave-umahiFew weeks back, we monitored nocturnal meetings in Abuja, Abakaliki and Enugu of major political heavy weights that lost out in the 2015 general elections in Ebonyi State, with those who felt that they are not carried along by the present administration of Governor Dave Umahi and the group that have some political scores to settle with the governor, as well as those who felt that he is going too far in his transformational agenda and must be stopped by any means before he rubbishes their political leanings that Ebonyi is beyond any form of redemption. In all these meetings, the single agenda was strategies to uproot the Umahi from the Government House come 2019.

The argument that Ebonyi South, through Umahi, is entitled to a second term as was the case with Senator Sam Egwu from Ebonyi North zone and Chief Martins Elechi from North-Central zone who all spent eight years in office failed on deaf ears, not considering Umahi’s commitment, based on physical and people-oriented projects scattered all over the state towards the development and emancipation of Ebonyi State and her people. This does not make any meaning to this clique that feels that without them Ebonyi State can’t be governed by any other person, except those anointed and who are ready to bring the state treasury to them, before embarking on any project.

We are not against any group of persons gathering or strategising on their political future, as doing that will be going against the main tenets of democracy, which centres on groups and people gathering to scramble for political powers and positions, but one’s concern is that such gatherings should be centred on the greatness and better future of Ebonyi State, as noting less than that will and will not have my blessing or that of any focussed youth of this state. Theodore Roosevelt, one-time president of the United States of America captured my mind when he stated: “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.” And I pray that the opposition in Ebonyi State will listen to Roosevelt and let us play this politics with decency and Ebonyi greatness as our main hallmark.

It is in consideration of this fact, as a concerned daughter of Ebonyi State whose future and that of my fellow youths are at stake by this type of unholy machination to jeopardise and scurry the ongoing systematic strategies by Umahi’s administration to wrestle our state from the doldrums and woods that informed my decision to embark on this treatise, aimed at finding out and exposing the grouses of these misguided elements who feel that they have the power to scuttle the obvious current efforts to revamp both the economy of Ebonyi and make the state an Eldorado for the benefit of all and sundry.

I am not afraid of all these nocturnal meetings, because if God was the one that anointed Umahi to be Governor of Ebonyi State, no amount of gatherings will scuttle God’s will for Ebonyi State. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a lawyer, politician, and the founder of Pakistani State, captured very succinctly the Ebonyi opposition misguided tactics when he stated: “Let those men who still have these misguided ideas, let those men who still have these hallucinations, realise that by anarchism, by dastardly crimes, they cannot bring about good government; let them realise that these methods have not succeeded in any country of the world, and are not likely to succeed in India”; Ebonyi State inclusive.

100 Grouses of the opposition against Umahi

  1. The first major sin against the opposition by Umahi is allowing himself to be appointed as Acting Chairman of PDP, Ebonyi State chapter, by Dr Sam Egwu in 2007. This was the office he used to fight to ensure that the PDP candidate in the 2007 gubernatorial candidate, Chief Martins Elechi, was duly elected and sworn-in as the second civilian governor of Ebonyi State.
  1. The opposition will like to know why Umahi allowed his businesses and personal outfits to be burnt and destroyed in his home town, Uburu, because of PDP politics.
  1. Why did Umahi, as substantive PDP chairman, make the party under his watch a cohesive, vibrant, united family and a political lethal force in the state, ready to pull down any form of opposition, using its grassroots appeal as a strategy and reputed to have built the best State Secretariat of PDP in the country?
  1. Why on earth did he accept the Office of the Deputy Governor during the second term of Chief Martins Elechi, during the 2011 gubernatorial election in which he contributed so much financially, materially and spiritually, to ensure that Chief Elechi was duly re-elected as governor of Ebonyi State.
  1. Why should Umahi take his fate in his hands and resort to God – and with the help of the then Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Chief Pius Anyim, Dr Sam Egwu, and others – to reclaim the mandate as the PDP gubernatorial candidate; after then governor Elechi had formally told him that he is not his candidate?
  1. Why has he decided to expose to the entire world that Abakaliki can look like a state capital, instead of leaving it as a glorified local government headquarters it was used to?
  1. Who told Umahi that Abakaliki is due for a fly-over, talk less of three at the same time?
  1. Why did he increase the salaries of civil servants in the state and be paying them regularly, while other states are not paying their civil servants for months: what is he trying to prove?
  1. For making Ebonyi State the number one Agriculture State in Nigeria, he must be dealt with.
  1. Who is Umahi to recognise traditional rulers and even give them jeeps as official cars, thereby trying to elevate them to the status of monarchs in other states?


  1. Why must he always dedicate the state to God, even refusing to enter the Government House immediately he was sworn in, until he embarked on a five-day fasting and prayer, against the norm?
  1. Why must Umahi restore peace to the land of the Ezza-Ezillo crisis that has claimed more than 200 lives, and property worth millions of naira destroyed when the state needs blood for sacrifices?
  1. In whose authority did he send buses to convey our people from Kano, Ibadan, Lagos, Jos, Port Harcourt, Onistha and other major towns in Nigeria, to convey our people to and fro to spend their Christmas and New Year festivities in Ebonyi? (Something that was never done by past administrations.)
  1. Today, Ebonyi State is termed as one huge construction site: why must he embark on too many people-oriented projects at the same time?
  1. Why must Ebonyi State be rated as number one in the revolution of agriculture and was declared as the best state in the elimination of malaria and healthcare delivery under Umahi?

16.Not minding the current recession ravaging the country which made most states unable to pay their staff salaries for many months, yet the administration of Umahi in Ebonyi State has not only increased the salaries of its workers by 5 per cent, but pays regularly on 15th of every month?

  1. Who taught Umahi that there is something like 13-month salary, since the departure of the British from Nigeria, when Ebonyi workers were paid extra one month after their December, 2016 salary? This is a fallacy and must be stopped henceforth.

18 On what premises is Umahi’s administration ensuring that there is no family or community in Ebonyi State that is not feeling the impact of governance in Ebonyi?

  1. Governor Umahi had the audacity to have invited Engr Babachir Lawal, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), to the state and permitted him to state: Well, I cannot in all honesty understand how these works have been achieved within this short time and, indeed, in the climate of dire economic shortages of government. I am impressed that you (Dave Umahi) were able to do these works within the cost you mentioned. I can, in all honesty, tell you that the work is far beyond the cost. Now, this is a standard for other states and the Federal Government to emulate. To me, Governor Umahi is one of the few persons who believe that meagre resources could be used to achieve much, if we remove greed, which breeds corruption. Without mincing words, Umahi, is better than some governors in my own party, the APC.” Why and why should this happen?
  1. Why should Ebonyi State be rated as one of the most outstanding growing states in Nigeria, as Umahi embarks on total rehabilitation of the dilapidated roads in Abakaliki, and construction of roads in all the senatorial zones of the state? This is not fair and, therefore, unacceptable to us in the opposition.
  1. On what premises should the Chairman, Senate committee on Sports, Senator Obinna Ogba said that, the developmental strides of Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State are unprecedented in the annals of governance in Ebonyi State.Umahi has returned the twenty years old state to the path of progress. His aggressive infrastructural pursuit and actualizing the dream of the founding fathers of Ebonyi state is commendable. With the rate the governor is tackling rural and urban development; the state has entered into the record books as one of the fastest developing states in Africa”. To the opposition this assertion is not acceptable to us and must be withdrawn
  1. The statement credited to Chief Austin Umahi, the National Vice Chairman of PDP, South East Zone about the administration of Gov. Umahi that, “You ain’t see something yet until Ebonyi become the second Dubai. The fact remains that the current developments ongoing in Ebonyi is just a starting point as Ebonyi will soon be competing with high profiled cities like Dubai” is not acceptable to us and must be withdrawn
  1. For the Governor to be addressed as Akubaraoha which he uses to touch the lives of many Ebonyians is not acceptable and must change such a title if he wants us in the opposition to give him any respite.
  1. The plot to develop and build a model of school in each of the 13 local government areas of the state to serve as a benchmark for what all public schools should be in a no distant future is not acceptable to the opposition as the current state of schools in the State is okay by them.
  1. The Governor must bury the thought of engaging the German Environmental Sanitation Development Company on establishment of a new city to be known as Salt Lake City and the development of a land belonging to the state government in Abuja. Those in the opposition are contented with lack of ideas and initiatives to develop the State in any form.
  1. The idea to use expatriates to train our farmers on the use of the mechanized agricultural equipment procured by the government thereby revolutionizing agriculture in the State by the use of modern mechanized agricultural equipment is a top dream so far we concerned and should be discarded.
  1. For Umahi’s administration to approve N100m to enable the State Ministry of Power to continue with the ongoing urban street light project coupled to be systematically handled with the ongoing rehabilitation of 200 kilometres of urban street roads by the state Ministry of Works to ensure that each road reconstructed will be accompanied with street light, water and environmental sanitation facilities must be discountenanced.
  1. The Ebonyi State Governor, Chief David Umahi, is not fair to the opposition by expressing the readiness of his administration to key into the programmes of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to enhance the well-being of women and children in the state and stressing his resolve “to ensure that no woman dies during child birth under his watch.
  1. For Umahi to spend a whopping of N8.1 million to defray medical bills of some indigent patients in the hospital thus demonstrating the fact that politics in Nigeria, could possibly be harnessed to wipe the tears off the eyes of suffering masses and assuage the pains of sufferer to the opposition is a taboo.
  1. The Governor was taken too much by hosting the Octogenarians who had spent their years serving the society in various public and private capabilities during their hay days to a banquet organized in their honour. These elderly men drawn from the thirteen local Government Areas of the State were visibly exhilarated as they danced old school tunes with the governor at the glorious Banquet hall of the Governor’s lodge reminiscent of their youthful years. They were showered with Executive gifts of materials and cash and advised on tips to safeguarding their health by the Commissioner for Health, Daniel Umezurike. Why should these abandoned individuals be brought to a place like the Government House of the State
  1. Why on earth should Barrister Anselem Enigwe, the Caretaker Chairman of Ebonyi Local Government state that: “I thank God for the choice of His Excellency, the workaholic Governor of Ebonyi State…He is simply too much. He has done more than good to the people of the State. He has demonstrated the fulfillment of the Biblical injunction to celebrate the elders alive…” He described Governor Umahi as a selfless an altruistic leader who put other first.
  1. Governor Umahi should as a matter of urgency call for a stakeholders meeting to disannul the various communities in Ebonyi State resolution to endorse him as the sole candidate for the 2019 general elections as a demonstration of appreciation of gratitude to his unprecedented feats.
  1. it is not acceptable that a barely a year after assuming office, Umahi should exhibit and impact his vision so visibly that Nigerians now boast and celebrate that truly a new visionary, focused, determined, patriotic, revolutionary, egalitarian leader. Indeed that makes everyone to agree that Umahi is one leader cast in the mould of Dr Akanu Ibiam, the first Governor of the defunct Eastern Nigeria, who happens to come from the same section of the state like Umahi.
  1. Umahi must change his mission statement which seems to centre on the welfare of the Ebonyi State people in order to accommodate the unprogressive position of the opposition,  “Our mission in Ebonyi State is to enhance the welfare of our people, and empower all Ebonyians to be self-reliant, through the compassionate delivery of transparent and God-fearing governance, based on integrity and dignity.”
  1. To the opposition Hon Linus Okorie, representing Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives must be recalled for observing after due consultation with various communities that came in thousands during the Christmas and New Year homage to the Governor, moved the motion that Umahi must not only stand for the second term in the 2019 general elections, but must be the sole candidate of PDP and other progressives parties desirous of the greatness and future of Ebonyi State.
  1. Hon Odefa Obasi Odefa the Deputy Speaker of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly must be a joker for seconding the motion, stating that if the feats of Governor Umahi less than two years in office are anything to go by he should stand as the sole candidate of all the functional political parties in Ebonyi State during the 2019 gubernatorial elections. ‘The fact remains that we in Ebonyi State are not only blessed through Umahi who has exposed our state to unprecedented revolution and transformation of our dear state, but we can proudly stand before any state in the federation in terms of having a visionary leader whose impact is very visible, even to the blind.’
  1. Why must the Senior Technical Advisers and Technical Advisers to the Governor through their leader, Mark Onu state that: “We are happy with you. Your second tenure is assured. We can only disagree with you if you refuse to present yourself. But I know the good Lord will guide you in all your dealings.”
  1. The people of Ezza North according to the opposition erred by pleading with Governor Umahi not to go to Abuja until he completes the “good works” he is doing in the state, by contesting the 2019 polls. Through their spokesman, Mr. Hygienus Nwokwu,: Your Excellency, we are highly pleased with the good works you are doing in this our state. We are particularly pleased that our LGA has been well favoured in the area of infrastructural development. You have ensured equity in the spread of projects and appointments. We are happy with you, sir. But, your Excellency, we want to plead with you not to go to Abuja yet. We say this because very soon, people in Abuja will soon ask you to come to the centre. But we say don’t go yet, until you have completed the good works you have started. That they did not want a situation where the governor’s “massive projects would not be completed.”
  1. For Umahi to state that, “As a government, we are thankful to God that Ebonyi is among the few states of the federation where civil servants went home with their salaries from January to December, and are paid by 15th of every month. We have even done more than that by paying 13thmonth salary to all civil servants. This we have done for two years running. That Ebonyi is counted among the few states that do not owe salaries is not only remarkable, it is a testimony of rare ingenuity on the part of my administration”, to the opposition this is suffocating to them.
  1. Umahi is suffocating the opposition by maintaining thatAs we begin 2017, the story will not change. It is equally worthy to note our achievements in the area of agriculture, the health sector, and road construction in the year just ended. The opening up of our rural villages through massive road construction and street light projects across the three senatorial districts is eloquent testimonial of our successes within our 18 months in office. In the capital city Abakaliki, urban renewal and beautification were given priority through streetlights and road rehabilitation/construction.”
  1. Umahi the enigma compounding the position of the opposition the more stated, “Agriculture is one area we have regained national prominence and accolades, even from President, Muhammadu Buhari. It is a thing of joy that Ebonyi is now a reference point in terms of agriculture. I am highly glad that Ebonyians keyed into our vision to make agriculture our principal income earner. We will not lose our focus and vision in this area in 2017. We cannot be talking about achieving self-sufficiency in agriculture without opening up our local roads, for effective and efficient evacuation of farm produce to our urban markets. Thus, this year 2017, we shall strive assiduously to ensure commencement of work on the Abakaliki Ring Road, which cuts across most of the local government areas in the state.
  1. “In 2017, we shall take our rural electrification project to all the three senatorial districts. Health and Education sectors will not be left out. They will witness quantum leap in terms of improvement in facilities, manpower and, of course, performance. Our intention is to make life in our villages comfortable. By this, we will be able to keep the youths at home where they can engage in noble ventures, especially agriculture.
  1. “To fight poverty in 2017 and effectively too, we shall continue with our empowerment programmes. More of our youths must be engaged through deliberate empowerment policies of my government. Women will not be left out. We shall empower the women in several ways, to ensure they are engaged in productive ventures. Tell me with these innovations, what are the opposition in Ebonyi State talking about
  1. “In the area of security, my government is awake to the challenges of securing lives and property in the state, and will remain so ever. Ebonyi is no longer a safe haven for kidnappers and armed robbers. I am glad to tell Ebonyians that throughout the Yuletide, there was no news of kidnapping or armed robbery in any part of the state.
  1. the opposition will like to know why Umahi must embark upon all these roads considered unworthy of government attention by the previous administration- These are: Water Works Road, Ogoja–Onuebonyi–Rice Mill Road, Gunning Road, New Market Road, Nkaliki–EBBC–EBHA–Abakaliki LGA Road, Hosanna Park, Hosanna Street, Ezika Street (Yam market), Old Park, Jos Street, Obiri Street, Nwodo Street, Mberi Street, Awolowo Street, Nsugbe Street, Uga Street, Ezza Road, Udensi Roundabout–Mile 50, Adiq Suite Road, Gulf Roundabout–Quarry–Fide Mbam Road, Hausa Quarters, Onwe Road, Vanco Junction to Government House, Convent Road, Meat Market, New Market Road, Udemezue Street, Arondizuogu Street, Nkwogu Street and Zik Avenue.
  2. Why must Umahi embark upon the following projects in the Ebonyi North District – Ezzamgbo–Effium road, Hill Top–Nwofe road, Ishieke–Odomoke road (Nwiboko Obodo road), Amike–Abegu-Ozibo bridge, Amachara–Oferekpe–Ovuduechi road.
  1. What is Umahi trying to prove by remembering the Ebonyi Central through Enyibichiri Ikwo Road, Ndufu–Alike–FUNAI Road, Nkalagu–Ehamufu Road.
  2. For Umahi to remember the forgotten  Ebonyi South Sentorial Zone through the following projects – Amasiri–Okposi–Uburu road, Ezzama–Oshiri-Onicha-Isu-Uburu Road, Amasiri–Nguzu–Owutu Edda Road, Amangwu–Owutu Edda Bridge, Ihenu channelisation/culverts, Ntezi–Agba–Isu Road is an abomination to the opposition
  1. In which other State in Nigeria are Ex-lawmakers, Chairmen to Earn Monthly Pay except in Ebonyi State therefore the Governor must discard such an idea if for nothing for the interest of the opposition in Ebonyi State. According to the Governor. “My aim is to carry everybody along, especially the political class. That’s why I will be approaching the House of Assembly to ask them for approval so that those legislators that are not on seat now, we start paying them some stipends. Former local government chairmen will also be included. I believe this is how we can get them to help in developing and creating wealth in our state, and will assist to douse tension and allow me some concentration with them so that we can complete the work we have started.”
  1. it is totally unacceptable to the opposition that Umahi should within one month construct and equip a multi-million naira modern virology centre in FETHA II, Abakaliki where suspected cases of Lassa Fever and other acute hemorrhagic fevers will be diagnosed and managed This is the first of its kind in the South-east. This project started because of the governor’s love for his people, who before this period has lost so many lives due delays in sending and receiving sample results from Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State.


I have about 100 grouses of the opposition against Umahi but space can’t allow me to mention them all in this piece but don’t be dismayed as I have put all in a booklet once I have a sponsor for its printing, the public will be privileged to know more of what this enigma call Engr Dave Nwaze Umahi has done for his State less than two years in office.

This notwithstanding, if all these feats by Umahi in less than two years in office are the sins he has committed to warrant being persecuted and kicked out by 2019, we, Ebonyians, will urge him to commit more of these sins in order to reposition our state to a better and greater height.

Watching the opposition politics in Ebonyi State, I can now understand why Donald Trump, a world political leader and current President of the United States, in showing his repugnance for most of the political actors expressly stated: “One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace; good people don’t go into government.” But, fortunately for us in Ebonyi State, we have one good man spearheading the affairs of governance and delivering dividends of democracy to our people. His name is Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi, the Akuaboraha, he whose wealth touches all and sundry.

Umahi has not only redefined governance but has achieved within less than two years, what past administrations of the state could not achieve in the 20 years of the creation of the state.

To my friends and leaders in the opposition, I think we can listen to the following counsel of Bayard RustinIf we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence. If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end”

In conclusion, let me counsel my principal and my leader that he should not have any fear, as all the good people of Ebonyi State are behind him but most importantly, God has the final say in his case. And he has already ruled in the book of Isaiah Chapter 54 verse 15: “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. (King James Version).

Monica Ada C. Eze is the President and Founder, DUNATA & TA on Media to Governor Dave Nweze Umahi and can be reached via &


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The movie, “Light Will Come” takes Nigeria cinemas by storm soon

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…as Popular Yoruba Actress Eniola Badmus Beats Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka) Silly!

“Don’t mess with me” was the clear warning Eniola Badmus sent to her male colleagues in the Industry when she forced Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka) to drink from the cup of her fury. It had started as a matter of difference in opinion as to whether a female could call the shots in the home when Saka who had been put off by the argument she canvassed, set his tongue to overdrive ridiculing her and as she later stated “he crossed the line”.

Bam! came the blow that rattled the King of sitcom. He instantly fell on the ground dazed and amazed by the turn of events. Eniola was furious and charged at him like a raging bull raining blows and slaps on him. Trust Saka, his mouth did all the shouting as he raised his hands to defend himself from the heavy shelling. The alarm caught the attention of those around who rushed to the scene and it took three men to pull her away. Saka was injured and thankfully he was treated by a good neighbour.

During the battery, there were lights…cameras… and action! Of course all that happened on the movie set of “Light Will Come”, a romantic comedy produced and directed by the ingenuity laden Tchidi Chikere. Saka really did get hurt but it was an accident…the price to pay for being an actor.

In the movie, Lukas (Hafiz Oyetoro) has to contend with his domineering and abusive wife Aisha (Eniola Badmus) who takes delight in engaging him in a boxing bout at home. At work, he is a bumbling and comical personal assistant to his chronic bachelor boss Raymond (Majid Michel) whose parents have mandated him to get married. Together they must find the ideal wife his elite parents would approve of but it repeatedly goes wrong.

The movie also stars Mercy Johnson – Okojie, Majid Michel, Shaffy Bello, Ada Ameh, Rahama Sadau and Nuella Njubigbo.

“Light Will Come” will be released in cinemas across Nigeria from February 17th 2017.

Watch Trailer below:

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IGP Panel report has vindicated our position on elections in Rivers – Says APC

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IGP Panel report has vindicated our position on elections in Rivers – Says APC

The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has welcomed the Inspector-General of Police panel investigation report which uncovered the bribing of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, officials by the governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike to the tune of N360m of which the sum of N110m has been physically recovered from the INEC officials by the Police.

In a statement signed by APC Spokesman, Chris Finebone said, “We feel a sense of vindication over repeated alarm we sounded before, during after the general and rerun elections of 2015 and 2016 that Gov. Nyesom Wike bribes electoral officials before and during every election in Rivers State. Indeed, the IGP Panel report goes further to confirm that the audio bribery clips published by Saharareproters in which the voice of Gov. Wike was directing the deployment of bribe money to INEC officials is real and authentic despite the barefaced denials by the governor.”

The APC believed that the spins and reverse spins the PDP is trying to put to a clear case of criminal act they committed with overwhelming evidence is the usual antics of roadside pickpockets when they are caught in the act.

“Even more laughable is the attempt to disown the exhibit claiming that it belongs to the APC. Where on earth could the APC in Rivers State have found that kind of money if not the governor who withdrew N2bn belonging to River’s taxpayers just before the rerun election from which N260m was paid out to electoral officials as bribe money?”

The APC stressed that it is obvious that the old-fashioned antics of the governor and the PDP are simply not flying; noting that a thousand press conferences cannot help because lies are known to have expiry date, adding that Gov Wike and the PDP must show uncommon bravery by accepting the fate which awaits anyone who dares in the wrong direction of the law.

The APC enjoined Governor Nyesom Wike and the PDP to tell the world whether they did not bribe INEC officials as alleged and discovered by the IGP Panel. They should also tell the people whether INEC officials who are alleged to have collected the bribe money did not actually confess to the crime.

“Does the proof of bribery provided by the police as evidence that Gov. Wike gave bribe to electoral officials not authenticate the act to the extent that those who made the refunds are alive?” the APC asked.

“Whereas the APC is wary of wasting ample time in meaningless exchanges with a morally deficient PDP on the matter, we call on the Inspector-General of Police to effect immediate action on the report by prosecuting those found culpable. We know that Gov. Wike’s immunity protects him from prosecution for now but it does not protect him from investigation as have been done. Let others that have been indicted be prosecuted according to law without any delay. When Gov. Wike’s immunity expires in 2019, he must be made to face the full consequences of his action in line with the laws of the land” the statement finally declared.

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