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Delta Speaker pledges to protect rights of workers

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Delta Speaker pledges to protect rights of workers

Congratulates Egbemode, President, Nigeria Guild of Editors

Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya, on Sunday reflected on the important role that workers play in the economy and society, the gains made over the years and what remains to be done, pledging to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers in the state.

In his message to mark International Labour Day, Igbuya praised Delta State workers for aligning themselves with the government on the SMART Agenda.

He urged the workers to stick to the path of development by working hard for the progress and prosperity of the state.

“Delta State is on the path of sustainable development. The government is paying attention to the needs of the workers” Igbuya said.

He called on workers to adopt positive attitudes that promote unity, tolerance, respect and determination.

Igbuya who described workers as source of strength thanked members of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, Delta Chapter for keeping the legislative arm working.

“We have a lot to be proud of. We have achieved very commendable results, which we must consolidate and improve upon” he said.

He applauded Deltans, home and abroad, for taking the path of sanity, urging them to support the government.

Ending the message, he said “I wish all workers in Nigeria a happy Labour Day”

Meanwhile, the presiding officer of the Delta State House of Assembly has described the President of the Nigeria Guild of Editors (NGE), Mrs. Funke Egbemode as a brilliant and capable leader.

In his congratulatory letter, Igbuya urged Egbemode to use her leadership qualities to achieve more for journalists in the country.

“This is a clear sign of the trust and confidence that your colleagues have in you,” Igbuya said.

The representative of Sapele State Constituency highlighted the problems facing the profession in Nigeria, which include ethics and quackery.

He urged her to chart a dynamic course for media practitioners in Nigeria.

“I would like to express, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Delta State House of Assembly, my warmest congratulations and sincerest wishes for success in the accomplishment of the high responsibilities that fall upon you.”


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Youths, Invest Your Time in Profitable Ventures, Says Ngene Cheta

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Youths, Invest Your Time in Profitable Ventures, Says Ngene Cheta

Miss Chetachi NgeneChristian youths have been urged to invest their precious time in profitable ventures rather than less important things in their lives, as it would be crucial to their advancement, be it socially, politically, academically, financially or otherwise, so that they will not regret their early life activities in old age.

The above advice was handed down to the youths by Sister Ngene Chetachi during the Annual Youth Day Celebration at Devine Miracle Galore Ministry, A.K.A – Restoration Church Enugu on April 30, 2017 with the Theme: “The Youth and Yoke.”

Mister & Miss GaloreMiss Chetachi  defined youth as a state of being young or time of life when a person is young and yoke as a piece of wood that is fastened across the necks  of two animals.

Reading from the book of Lamentation 3:27, which say s “It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth,” Miss Chetachi noted that “yoke is a limitation, challenge or hindrances that a youth pass through during his or her youthful age.”Cultural Dance Youth Group

She reeled out such things as pressure of materialism, negative stereotyping, foundation problems, 24hrs social media chats and the likes as some of the limitation or yoke that youth experience and counseled the youth to give their life to God, to pray, to study the Bible, to belong to any department or group in the church,   arrange their words or ideas before they speak, live an exemplary life and to be wise in all they do.

Elder Chukwuemeka NnejiIn an interview with Mr. Chukwuemeka Nneji an elder of the church, expressed happiness concerning the youth day celebration, saying that the theme was vital.

He urged the youths to embrace Jesus Christ with everything in them, to be good ambassadors of the Church and to strive to contribute meaningfully to the overall well-being of the Church and to  propagate  the Word of God.

In like manner, the President of the youth, Mister Ignatius Orji Okoro advised the youths to work out their salvation.The Youth President Mister Ignatius Orji

High point of the event according to a statement made available to NF-Reports include health tips presentation by Miss Okechukwu Precious, Drama Presentation, Dancing Competition, Beauty Pageant (Mister and Miss Galore), Cultural Dance, Quiz Competition, wrestling and conferment gifts to A cross section of the youthdeserving contestants in the events above amongst others.

The Youth Day ended with youth thanksgiving and a closing remark from the President who thanked everyone that attended the occasion and prayed for God’s blessing on their lives.

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Delta Speaker Tasks BEDC on Regular Power Supply

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Delta Speaker Tasks BEDC on Regular Power Supply

Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya has expressed concern over the epileptic power supply in Sapele.

Answering questions on a radio programme in Oghara today, Igbuya decried the excesses of officials of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC).

He also lashed out at some people who constituted themselves into cogs in the wheel of progress in Sapele.

“I have done my best to leave worthwhile achievements behind in all my public endeavours. As council chairman, I observed then that Sapele was and is still known for its timber business. Of course you know the famous Africa Timber and Plywood and a cluster of Saw Mills, which was the economic main stay of the town. Electricity was a major problem to the saw millers and they were losing patronage. I am not a saw miller but I took it as a challenge, knowing the adverse economic effect of the perennial power outage.

Driven by an abiding concern for the well-being of the good people of Sapele, Igbuya said he marched in the streets.

“Sapele then was using 6.6 Transformer while other areas were already on 11.5. I led the protest and that was what led to the changing of the 6.6 to 11.5 transformers. I also led the protest which gave rise to the step down in Amukpe. I did all of that and I was arrested by the Federal Government for leading a protest and kept in Abuja. It was Chief James Ibori who secured my release from the Directorate of State Security Service. He supported us and we got the contract awarded. That is what is in Amukpe today.

Using the opportunity to point out certain aspects of electricity agreements in Sapele, Igbuya said those who signed the Ogorode Power Station agreement didn’t take into cognizance the need to step down the power for everybody.

“NEPA Estate, Sapele is enjoying electricity from the Ogorode Power Station” he said.

The lawmaker who looked at the realities in the country’s power sector said electricity supply was no longer a social responsibility but a commercial venture.

“Where there is no competition in commercial services, there is bound to be a monopoly and where there is a monopoly, efficient service is at the mercy of the monopolist. This is simple economics.

Igbuya stressed that the problem of inadequate power supply to residents of Sapele has continued to be a source of worry to him.

“For Sapele to have steady electricity, the emphasis should not be on individuals who are not key players in the power sector, who did or did nothing but asking the service provider to sit up and calling on the federal government to further liberalize the sector to bring in new competitors, as it is in the telecommunication industry. Once that is done, consumers will then be at liberty to choose their service providers. Energies should be channeled in this direction”,

Apparently angry, Igbuya said that he suspected ulterior motives in the recent protest.

“I am representing Sapele State Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly and I can say that I operate a 33 line. There is no doubt about that. I am not the only person on 33 KVA in Sapele and I am not the first to use it. It is an industrial line. My people should not suffer because I am on 33 line. Being on 33 is an enormous cost to my finances. The tariff is higher. I would have loved to be on 11.5 and payless like every electricity consumer in Sapele. Electricity is now a private concern and Investors want returns on their investment” he said.

The presiding officer of the Delta State House of Assembly pointed out the short comings of the Benin Distribution Company (BEDC).

“Reverend Father Christopher Ekibo, a priest of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Sapele, said there was going to be a protest. I was in London when he called and I expressed excitement about the protest. Sapele used to get only 2 hrs electricity supply from BEDC daily. I held meetings with the managing director of BEDC in Benin. And she told me that my people can get more power if they so desire but they have to pay their electricity bills. When I met Father Ekibo in Sapele, I appealed to him to encourage our people to pay bills. If they pay bills, we will get more hours of electricity supply”

He charged BEDC to leave no stone unturned to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Sapele.

“BEDC is a private concern. This is the issue. BEDC is not giving metres to houses. What it brings majorly is estimated bills” he said.

Igbuya, a man who has provided more ladders to success for young men and women in Sapele, said the economic fortunes of many business men and women in Sapele appear to be dwindling because of the poor electricity supply.

“When I came back from London, a meeting of the major stakeholders was called. I am a stakeholder. I was born in Sapele, I live there. My property is there. I have no other home, Sapele is my home. My businesses are all there. I am not an Asaba man. A meeting was held in my office. The stake holders were there. Chief Felix Anirah, Father Ekibo, community leaders, market men and women were there. BEDC officials were there. The power station operators were there, National Electricity Regulation Commission officials were in attendance. We agreed on eight- hour supply daily as a start. Some of them refused to participate in the meeting saying that the meeting was holding in my office. You can see the political angle. Father Ekibo was in attendance. He asked BEDC to tender an apology for a statement credited to it that Sapele people were not pay electricity bills. That is insulting to him. He brought out his 18 months bills to the meeting” he said.

He expressed appreciation on the role the people played to bring about increase in the hours of electricity supply.

“We expect the best from BEDC. It must improve the quantum of electricity available to consumers in Sapele. BEDC must ensure stable power supply in Sapele. I will continue to contribute to the development of my people” he added

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Delta Speaker gets another honour, praises Ughelli monarch

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Delta Speaker gets another honour, praises Ughelli monarch

The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya on Sunday praised the Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oharisi 111 for his unassailable character, visionary leadership and selfless service to humanity.

He also praised the monarch for seeking higher values such as sacrificial love, truth, justice, discipline and patriotism.

In his message of congratulation on Oharisi’s birthday anniversary, Igbuya commended the monarch for his perfect understanding of his surrounding, his often submissive disposition to the wishes of the people, his dedicated service, wise counsel and guidance.

“Oharisi 111 is an epitome of love, justice, peace, unity and progress. His zest for improving the lots of humanity is distinct” he said.

Igbuya who was full of praises for Oharisi 111 for stimulating harmony and development in Delta State, Keeping Urhobo firmly on the road to development, uplifting the fortunes of Ughelli Kingdom, providing a soothing balm to the wounded in the kingdom, a ray of hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak described the monarch as an intelligent, straightforward, courageous, selfless, amiable and committed patriot.

Specifically, he eulogized His Royal Majesty for utilizing his boundless energy, robust intellect, uncommon courage and tenacity of purpose to motivate members of the traditional council and prominent leaders for the highest ideals of governance, unity and development in Ughelli land.

“Oharisi 111 is a man of impeccable character, a man of dignity, wisdom and compassion” he said.

“May the Good Lord, who has so blessed Delta State, grant you, members of the traditional council and all the people of Ughelli kingdom wisdom, strength and compassion in the coming years” Igbuya said.

“Please accept, Your Royal Majesty, the assurances of my highest consideration as well as my best wishes for continued prosperity for the good people of Ughelli North.”

Meanwhile, Igbuya will add another feather to his cap as His Royal Majesty confers on him a chieftaincy title.

The ceremony, planned for 10am on Thursday, April 27, 2017, will take place at the Palace of His Royal Majesty

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Delta Speaker tasks NUJ chair on credible election, development, quackery, others

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Delta Speaker tasks NUJ chair on credible election, development, quackery, others

The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya on Friday praised the chairmen and secretaries of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ),  Delta State Council for setting up a five man caretaker committee to run the affairs of the union and conduct fresh elections within three months as stipulated in the NUJ Constitution,

In a statement in Asaba, Igbuya praised the distinguished members of the Fourth Estate for exhibiting responsibility and constituting a caretaker committee as provided by law to take over the administration and management of the council pending the election of new officers.

He urged the caretaker committee to conduct free, fair, credible and transparent election.

Igbuya, a lawmaker well known for his steadfast adherence to principles, deep sympathy for the downtrodden and great moral rectitude, urged members of the caretaker committee to identify factors responsible for the botched exercise and proffer solutions towards attaining a credible election based on international standards.

He expressed hope that the chairman will use his wealth of experience and leadership qualities to bear in the union’s quest to move to a new dawn of possibilities and greater heights.

The presiding officer of the Delta State House of Assembly urged journalists to devote their energies in creative reporting and analyses.

‘Our people must be informed, properly informed, so that they are not tossed to and fro by a few, who are actually chasing after their selfish interests. The times call for accuracy, objectivity and circumspection in reporting’

He also appealed to them to adhere to professional ethics that are in conformity with international standards.

“Erase quackery from journalism profession”

Noted for his open and honest style of governance, the representative of Sapele State Constituency in the House of Assembly called for cordial relations between government and the media.

He urged media practitioners to help the civil society to remain in a state of law and order.

“Governance and development are essentially processes of information, education and communication. Good governance cannot take place when there is ineffectual or insufficient communication. Lawmakers require information to identify, analyze and prioritize the needs of the constituencies they serve. The activities of the Sixth Assembly and programmes of Honourable Members have to be communicated in a manner which the people understand” he added.

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Osun Set To Recoup N30bn Tax Debt; Appoints New Acting Chairman For OIRS

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Osun Set To Recoup N30bn Tax Debt; Appoints New Acting Chairman For OIRS
The government of the state of Osun in a bold move to increase its internally generated revenue and recoup over N30bn tax owed by several organisation, has streamlined the Osun Internal Revenue Service, OIRS, with the reformation of the organizational structure for optimum performance.
OIRS had in the past few months deployed innovative solutions in its tax collection process through the leadership of seasoned tax administrator, Mr. Oludayo Oyebamiji.
However, following the recent resignation of Mr. Oyebamiji from the service, the state government has appointed a tax consultant, Mr. Bicci Alli, as acting head of OIRS.
Alli, who holds qualifications in Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation is a fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. ICAN and Chartered institute of Taxation of Nigeria, CITN.
Mr. Alli formerly of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, LIRS; successfully managed assigned revenue generating units and directorates within the service, contributing enormously to the monumental growth in Lagos State tax payers’ base, with the service netting an average of N20bn monthly IGR for the state.
In October 2015, Mr. Bicci Alli was invited by the Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi to head a management team with the mandate to run OYBIR on day to day basis, and at the same time draw up and implement reform programmes for OYBIR aimed at making the Board fully autonomous.
Within a short period of 14months, Bicci Alli led management team, block revenue leakages, brought thousands in the informal sector to the tax net, stopped reversal window in revenue collecting banks and increased Oyo’s IGR by over 1000%.
Bicci Alli has presented over 50 papers on various aspects of Tax Policies, Laws and Administration at different fora, locally and internationally. He’s tasked with the assignment of  radically increasing the state IGR.
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Sahara Reporters Lied: There Was No Gun Duel during the Arrest of Mister Sunday Okoro

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Sahara Reporters Lied: There Was No Gun Duel during the Arrest of Mister Sunday Okoro

The attention of the 4 Brigade Nigerian Army, has been drawn to a inaccurate news report on Sahara Reporters website over the arrest of one Mr. Sunday Okoro, aka “GI”, a suspected kidnapper, and two other persons, Mr. Ifaenyi Aghanenu and Mr. Dafw Akporisi at Sapele, Delta State by troops of 19 Battalion with the headline “Delta Speaker’s Hatchet Man, Four Others Arrested During Gun Duel In Sapele.”

Ordinarily one could have dismissed it as one of those stories by the medium noted for inaccuracies but for the obvious intended mischief and misinformation by the online medium, we wish to state that there was no any shoot out or “gun  duel” during the arrest of Mr. Okoro as erroneously reported by the medium.

It is a common knowledge that Sahara Reporters does not have any known correspondent let alone such person have contact with any of our officers or soldiers to the point of granting interview as stated.

We wish to inform the public that suspects were never handed to 4 Brigade, therefore the allegations that the  Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Honourable Monday Igbuya or anyone to mount pressure on the 4  Brigade Commander for their release does not arise and was the figment of the imagination of the faceless Sahara Reporters’ writer.

The Nigerian Army is replete with highly professional, loyal and dedicated officers that perform their duties diligently with great sense of responsibility and pride.

It is therefore preposterous for anyone to allege anything untoward in the handling of the accused or the recovered abandoned vehicle and weapons. All were properly handed over to the Delta State Police Command through appropriate channels for further investigation and prosecution.

It should be noted that it is the statutory responsibility of the Nigeria Police to investigate and prosecute criminals.

We call on well meaning Nigerians not to believe the exaggerated version of the facts as reported by Sahara Reporters and call the medium   to always check their facts before rushing online and also reflect the true account of what transpired.


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Unclaimed $45m: We Need to Examine Wike’s Mental Status – Peterside

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Unclaimed $45m: We Need to Examine Wike’s Mental Status –  Peterside

An All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart in Rivers State, Dr Dakuku Peterside has questioned the mental status of Governor Nyesom Wike after claiming that the $45m found at a residence in Ikoyi, Lagos State belong to Rivers State Government.

Dr Peterside, who stated this in a chat with newsmen at the Port Harcourt International Airport, rubbished insinuations by Governor Wike that the money found in Lagos were part of proceeds Rivers State Government realised from sale of gas turbines by the Amaechi administration.

Wike was also quoted to have claimed that the house in question belongs to Amaechi, who has since issued a statement denying ownership of the said building.

He accused the Rivers State governor of turning governance to a circus show and lacking in sense of dignity by constantly being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

“Not too long ago, Wike apparently suffering from overdose of self delusion said he had awarded road projects in far away Benue State and had mobilised contractors to site.

“The same Wike has also accused the Inspector General of Police of plotting to assassinate him through the new CP in Rivers State.

“We thought these were jokes taken too far. But the clownish governor has surprised himself with another tales by moonlight in trying to link his former boss and benefactor to the unclaimed money.

“I think we need to check the sanity  and mental status of Governor Wike. Time and time again, he is bringing ridicule to the office he occupies and embarrassing the people of Rivers State who are known to be intelligent, responsible and decent in upbringing,” he stressed.

He explained that Amaechi had since denied owning the said house in Lagos and challenged the Rivers State Government to provide evidence to the contrary.

Peterside, who was commissioner for works under Amaechi, noted that the money realised from sale of gas turbines were paid into the account of Rivers state and the money used for projects.

“While Wike can never come near the record of Amaechi, the current governor is doing everything to reverse the unmatchable records of his predecessor.

“As at today, no one has seen copies of 2016 and 2017 budgets of Rivers State. Schools and health centres are shutting down with thousands of school age children out of school. Rivers children on scholarship abroad have been withdrawn. The same governor has wasted Rivers money to host two failed conventions of a sinking PDP. His party chairman has accused him of using $6m to influence judicial officers.

“Wike has the unenviable record of governing a state having the most state-linked killings in Rivers history. He rose to become the governor of Rivers State on the bloods of innocent people.

“It is people like Wike who have made Nigerians to call to question the issue of immunity in the Constitution. He is taking immunity as shield to abuse the dignity of the office of Governor.

“The governor can still retrace his steps and follow the path of dignity, decorum and respect the office he occupies for he holds it in trust on behalf of Rivers people,” he summed up.


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Ignore Wike, Emeh fake decamping circus shows – Rivers APC

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Ignore Wike, Emeh fake decamping circus shows – Rivers APC

Project Glory Emeh is a scam to corner Rivers money

The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, said it can confirm that as part of Project Glory Emeh scam in which all manner of persons are hired and assembled to pose as APC decampees in return for huge pay outs by Gov. Nyesom Wike to Chief Glory Emeh, several buses were earlier today sent to various LGAs in Rivers State including neighbouring states of Abia and Imo to ferry down hirelings who will claim to defect from APC to PDP at an event to be lavishly covered by local and national media.

The APC in a statement signed by Mr. Chris Finebone and made available to journalists in Port Harcourt today revealed that “As early as 7am, over 20 buses left Akuku Toru and Asari Toru LGAs (among others) for Port Harcourt. Those conveyed were reported to be PDP members who are expected to pose as APC decampees. The executors of the scheme are taking advantage of the present hard times by paying between N3,000 and N5,000 to each person depending on the LGA or location.”

The statement reads in part: “Ordinarily, the APC would have shrugged off the self-delusionary and pedestrian propaganda woven around the drama. However, the APC takes very serious the criminal aspect of the exercise which includes the unlawful printing of APC membership cards and other paraphernalia which are being distributed to the hirelings with a view to acting out their pre-meditated Nollywood-type scenes to convince the media and the general public that bearers of such items are truly APC members defecting to the PDP.

“The APC warns the PDP and all those behind the ongoing bizarre circus show that we will not hesitate to take advantage of the law to seek redress and criminal prosecution for anyone found to be in unlawful possession of APC materials by non-APC members and those who illegally provided them such materials.

“In fullness of time, APC will present to Rivers people and Nigerians sound, decent and prominent politicians of Rivers State who have and are still abandoning Gov. Wike and the PDP and joining the APC. The present pedestrian drama will soon pale into insignificance. When the big masquerades enter the arena, small ones that either stole or borrowed their wrappers quickly disappear into the crowd and hide their faces.

“Concerning the ignoble Project Glory Emeh scam, we can only urge Rivers people to protest Gov. Nyesom Wike playing Robin Hood with the commonwealth of Rivers people at a time the governor has stifled education, healthcare delivery and effective governance in the State.

“The APC will continue to demand accountability from Gov. Nyesom Wike in the interest of all Rivers people. We will continue to demand that the governor make public the State’s budgets which for the past two years remain secret document. We will continue to demand for transparency and good governance. We have no other concern other than the wellbeing of the present and future generation of Rivers people and residents of Rivers State.”




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PDP Merely Presenting APC Rejects As Defectors – Rivers APC

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PDP Merely Presenting APC Rejects As Defectors – Rivers APC

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Rivers State Chapter said they will resist adding value to dishonest MMM-like money-making schemes by some PDP leaders to feather their nest over inconsequential and worthless defections especially when it has become the easiest means to pocket Wike’s money. Such PDP leaders know themselves and need not be named here. Today’s show of shame called defection by the PDP is a classical example.

The above is contained in a statement signed by APC’s Spokesman, Chris Finebone today in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The statement reads: “Let it be on record that important APC stakeholders in Asari-Toru LGA have a dossier on the romance between Orolosama Amachree and the PDP in ASALGA over time. This culminated in a meeting they all held with Gov. Nyesom Wike on December 8, 2016 in Government House, Port Harcourt. Subsequently, the APC placed surveillance on Orolosama while APC members in ASALGA distanced themselves from him especially in view of his treacherous behaviour during the December 10 rerun elections.

“It is laughable to hear Chief Glory Emeh refer to APC as party of lies and propaganda. In due time, a public presentation of the series of his lies and propaganda against his present master will be made to help the public judge who between APC and Chief Emeh revels more in propaganda.

“Therefore, Orolosama Amachree formally pitching camp with the PDP is long expected and he is not likely to refrain from his penchant for easy money which has become very dire of late. On that account we believe it is good riddance to bad rubbish especially to the APC stakeholders in ASALGA who have endured and tolerated Orolosama’s antics for too long.

“The so-called high numbers who defected with him is mere story for the gods. We wish the spin doctors of the scheme better and bigger pay from Gov Nyesom Wike. Unfortunately, the gang is milking Rivers money from the governor in the name of organising defections.

“The APC will encourage the PDP to look for all manner of persons and parade as APC defectors as long as the essence of the exercise is for the schemers to put food on their table and smile to the bank. True members of APC will continue to remain true to the party and its ideals while persons who place pecuniary interests above anything else are free to go scrounge for crumbs under Caesar’s table.”

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