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Ignore Wike, Niger Delta leaders tell DSS, police, others

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Ignore Wike, Niger Delta leaders tell DSS, police, others

Urge Rivers Governor to apologize

Niger Delta Leaders on Wednesday showered praise on the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, describing his contributions in the transformation of the Nigerian state, particularly Rivers State as outstanding.

“Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi is not just a man of ideas but a man of action. He has clear goals to see Nigeria, particularly Rivers State move to greater heights. He has a true passion for leading” the leaders said.

Rising from a meeting in Abuja, the leaders commended Amaechi for his hard work over the years.

“Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi is extremely hardworking and leads by example.”

In a statement by the Director of Communication, Niger Delta People’s Movement, Mr. Rowland Orlu, the leaders applauded Amaechi, saying “Rivers State would not be where it is today, without his effort.”

The leaders, apart from condemning the pull-him- down campaign of Rivers State Governor, Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike against Amaechi, described some actions and statements credited to the governor as an embarrassment to the government and people of Rivers State.

They urged intelligence officials in the country to ignore the Rivers State governor.

Specifically, the leaders said Governor Nyesom Wike’s recent pronouncements on Amaechi, cultism and money found in a Lagos apartment were disconcerting to the good people of the region.

“These are irresponsible and outrageous statements.”

The leaders described Wike as a masquerade dancing in the market square.

“There are better and cultured ways of resolving disputes other than media war.”

Described as a hardworking man and a champion of development, the leaders praised the former Rivers State governor for executing a tremendous process of transformation in the Ministry of Transportation.

“The Ministry of Transportation is now a hive of activity and all its officials and other stakeholders are being spurred to action by its energetic Minister, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi.”

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Delta leaders predict bright future for Igbuya

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Delta leaders predict bright future for Igbuya

Delta leaders on Thursday described Rt. Hon Monday Ovwigho Igbuya as an attentive and steadfast leader.

They also commended him for the growth of democracy and good governance in the state.

“Rt. Hon Igbuya is an outstanding man. As a presiding officer, the Delta State House of Assembly gave priority to the welfare of the people, rapid industrialization of the state, resource generation, financial management, accountability and transparency in government.”

The Delta State House of Assembly also gave education face lift , made impact in such areas like chieftaincy matters, community development and justice, demonstrated commitment to securing the people, recognised that health care is a fundamental obligation of any responsible government,  took  positive steps to place sufficient emphasis on rural development, agitated for independence, addressed the sharp drop in the revenue accruable to the Federation Account and its effect on the funds available to the State especially for the development of infrastructure” they said.

The leaders who met in Agbor, described Igbuya as a gem, a curative balm and a uniting factor.

A statement issued by the Chairman of Delta State Political Leaders Forum, Dr. Maxwell Nwokolo commended Igbuya for giving purposeful leadership to the Delta State House of Assembly and using the power of the office of the speaker to promote the interests of the state.

“It might be necessary to put on record some specific legislative achievements which the Delta State House of Assembly recorded under the leadership of Igbuya. The Sixth Assembly in its first year recorded modest achievements. It received a total of twenty-three bills (23), out of which, ten (10) were passed into law. A total of fifty-three (53) motions were received, fifty two (52) approved while eighteen (18) reports were received and adopted. In the second year, the House received a total of 28 bills, out of this number, 8 were Executive Bills. The members’ bills in the House were 20. The House passed a total of 12 Bills which were transmitted to the executive for assent.”

“If there is anybody to be credited with the growing stability and unity of the state, it is Igbuya. He is a man of wisdom and dedication. He is a passionate advocate for his constituents, a voice for the underdog, a respected politician and a sincere confidant to those closest to him’ the leaders said.

They also heaped praises on Igbuya for promoting democracy, rule of law and raising his voice for the down- trodden segments of the society.

“Rt. Hon Igbuya is a study in consummate humanism, stoicism, integrity, generosity and selflessness. He stands for justice and peace. He is a great democrat, a committed federalist and a genuine political worker. He is respected in the state for his leadership and honesty.” they said.

“Rt. Hon. Igbuya has been listening to the grassroots. He brought prestige to the Okpe nation and developed a close affinity with political leaders within and outside the state.”

The leaders lauded Igbuya for his integrity and empowerment of the youths, women and elders in the state.

“Igbuya is an honest and highly effective speaker. He is humble and friendly to the core. He is honest, kind and has strong moral principles.  He has built a reputation anchored on integrity over the years. We are satisfied with Igbuya” the leaders said.

“This world, as we know, is a type of stage where actors go and come. All of us are mortals and once we, by luck or accident, get into any position of authority, we should remember that, one day, we are leaving that position, whether we like it or not. For that reason, therefore those of us in various positions of power and authority should act our part well. Let us continue to see our presence here as a unique opportunity for service and not an opportunity for privilege. Let us continue to serve Delta State with all our hearts, all our heads and all our hands” the statement added.

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The Ogoni Cleanup and a Sense of Decency

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The Ogoni Cleanup and a Sense of Decency

Ogoni has become Nigeria’s latest image laundering parameter. At every opportunity, the country will announce it has launched the cleanup of Ogoniland – a project that is gradually degenerating to become another victim of Nigeria’s well acknowledged state corruption.

The progress made on the Ogoni cleanup is known only to the government. To many, a presidential approval of governing structures amount to progress though the people of Ogoni still cannot have access to safe drinking water, not to talk of electricity, basic schools and roads.

When the government cannot find an excuse for delaying the restoration of the Ogoni environment, it inaugurates boards to mark years of delays, disappointments and failures.

We have just passed one year mark after the very costly, elaborate and seemingly deceptive launch of the cleanup in Bodo and just two months away to mark one year after the inauguration of the governing structures.

What has been achieved within the period? Not even the construction of the laboratory (Integrated Soil Management Center) which should support the geological investigations has commenced. Not a single water project has been fixed by HYPREP to provide water for the people. What we rather see are desperate attempts by government agencies like HYPREP to give a false impression about the real situation. But the fact is that Ogoni still drinks poisoned water and remains polluted and these cannot be changed by internal processes and media promotions.

So it makes no sense that billions of public funds are being spent on internal processes when the people whose lives are in danger are not attended to.

I see what Ogoni is passing through in Nigeria as the worst degenerative experience of humanity. In less than one year, these same people will return to Ogoniland seeking votes from people whose humanity and dignity have been violated by their own government, people who are not sure of their tomorrow, people who certainly will die of terminal diseases like cancer, people whose lives have become nightmares, whose resources have been ruthlessly exploited to build Abuja, Lagos and make corrupt public administrators super rich.

In the midst of all these, one Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) is busy canvassing to resume oil production in Ogoniland. What a shame!

We are tired of these gimmicks and we want action on the cleanup, We want Nigeria to respect us as Ogoni people and treat us as humans with rights. We also want the NPDC to stay away from Ogoniland.

Nigeria and Shell should as a matter of urgency, clean up their mess in Ogoniland and respect our rights to live a dignified life.

The author, Fegalo Nsuke is the Publicity Secretary of The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) He wrote from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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Princewill Names 10-Member Transition Committee, plus Chairman

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Princewill Names 10-Member Transition Committee, plus Chairman
…….Reels out terms of reference

PRINCEWILL 5A former governorship candidate of the Labour Party in the 2015 polls
in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill who recently moved to APC has
named his 10-Member Transition Committee, plus Chairman.

In a statement issued today, Mr. Princewill listed the names of the
following as the Chairman and members of the Transition Committee.

Barr. Ken Saronwiyo – Chair



1. Dagogo Emmanuel – Sec.

2. Dr. Mrs. Edith Nwele –
(Obio Akpor)

3. Tubobanimi Cotterel –

4. Tamunotonye Lily –

5. Gift Chinedu Awor –

6. Benson Keanya –

7. Godspower Omeranma –

8. Lambert Amapakabo –

9. Paul Ogodo –

10. Humphrey Waka –
(Obio Akpor)

Terms of Reference:

1) Ensure the smooth and orderly transition of all PPA members and
sympathizers into the APC

2) Liaise with APC party leadership to ensure all members have cards
and are registered.

3) Maximise the transition through agreed awareness schemes ensuring
nobody is left behind.

4) Prepare a monthly update / summary report of progress at unit,
ward, LGA and state levels.

5) Reinforce the ideals that guide and direct our politics. Rivers
first, forward and youth empowerment. Personal interest last.

6) Any other pre approved actions as deemed fit by the committee incl.
making. recommendations

7) Appoint similar committees at LGA, ward and unit levels.


The initial tenure of the committee is 3 months with the option of an

Mr. Princewill in his Good luck message to the members of the
transition Committee said, “You are charged with a very important
responsibility. By selecting you, we are not saying you are the best
of the rest, just that you are best placed to do the work. I am sure
our trust in you will not be misplaced.”

“Remember how far you have come and note that each and every one of
you represents me. Consider this in your conduct. APC has a leadership
already. Respect it and show them how hard you can work.

“Beware of those who do not wish you well. We have been known to speak
truth. The bitterness it brings will be translated in several ways.
Expect it. But avoid fights. Your acceptance is their rejection.
Understand it.

“As I speak to you now, they are calling around to recruit all those
who are close to me to denounce our move. Not sure what they hope to
achieve. It is done, but that is just how desperate they are. Do not
be distracted. Let’s get to work.”

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Obuah Warns Against Indiscriminate Disposal of Waste after Stipulated Period

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Obuah Warns Against Indiscriminate Disposal of Waste after Stipulated Period

Irked by the sudden appearance of waste at certain areas in Port Harcourt, the State capital, the Sole Administrator, Rivers State Waste Management Agency, RIWAMA, Bro Felix Obuah, has again warned both residents and business operators in the State to desist from dumping their wastes after the approved period.

The RIWAMA Sole Administrator reiterated that the stipulated time for disposing waste remains from 7pm to 12 mid-night daily, noting that this order has been violated, as people particularly, Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor residents and environs, now dispose their wastes indiscriminately and without adherence to the approved time, thereby altering operational hours of dumping and charting away of refuse.

He cautioned all those involved in the act and appealed to them to take this order seriously, as the relevant laws will spare no one caught dumping waste indiscriminately and outside stipulated time of 7pm – 12midnight.

He further appealed that all generated wastes should be disposed of appropriately at government approved receptacles or other recommended areas, calling on all Service Providers to also ensure they collect waste from the receptacles within the period allowed by the law.

While frowning at the attitude of traders, motorists and some commuters throwing waste around indiscriminately, Bro Obuah again warned that the Agency will intensify checks on their activities and would deal decisively with defaulters, reiterating the zero tolerance by the Rivers State government on reckless dumping of waste, even as efforts are stepped up to ensure the State fully regains its status with regard to cleanliness and healthiness of the people and the environment.


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