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Commentary: Leave Obuah Alone

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By Jerry Needam

Bro. Felix ObuahAscribing the quality of a political enigma to the person of the Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, Bro. Felix Obuah, not only in his native Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA) but in Rivers State as a whole, may seem contrived to some, but it is unquestionably true when viewed in the context of his fame and popularity. 

As a matter of fact, his emergence as the Executive Chairman of ONELGA in 2004 signaled the beginning of an era as he took the political scene by storm and left a bold statement that the much-sought after ‘man of the people’ had at last materialized in that LGA. 

Mba Anabara Agu, as he is popularly called, Bro. Felix Obuah’s nature typifies the sobriquet which translates to the futility of raising a voice against the lion.  Bro. Obuah, politically, is a lion in ONELGA hence his opponents who are the weaker ‘animals’ quake and dread at his fame and popularity.

In line with the truism that success not only attracts friends and admirers, but also brings with it, foes whose primary preoccupation, regrettably would be to ‘Pull Him Down’ (PHD), Obuah who is presently the Sole Administrator of Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA) has not only been enjoying wide support from his army of friends, relations, supporters, political associates and aides; he has also on many fronts become the subject of unsubstantiated abuse, castigation and slander carried out by self-seeking, jobless desperados and faceless political jobbers acting on the prompting of paymasters and political opponents.

That quickly brings to mind one of these faceless hirelings who recently launched another smudging campaign against the person of the State PDP Chairman through a purported World Press Conference in which the group masqueraded as ‘Civil Society Groups in Orashi Region of Rivers State’.

Without playing the soothsayer, I am fully aware that in his characteristic manner, Bro. Felix Obuah would have chosen to ignore the ranting of a faceless group and wave off their babblings as nothing but another distractive gimmick coming from the same familiar source.  But he had to respond for want of clarity and to set the records straight so that the gullible public would not be misled.

And so, while dismissing their misleading and fabricated allegations, Obuah said: “the accusation against him by a section of the so called Civil Society Groups and some members of the Orashi National Congress (ONC) after their kangaroo meeting at Omoku Civil Centre, Wednesday, January 17, 2018 of sponsoring the killed notorious cultist, Don Wanny is shocking, false, unfounded and malicious”.

The State PDP boss described the accusation as yet another plot by the All Progressives Congress, APC, and his political detractors to drag his name to the mud to make way for their sinister plans ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Bro Obuah chided the teleguided so called Orashi National Congress members, all of them, APC card carrying members, for turning their gathering at the Omoku Civic Centre to a jungle court for delivering unsolicited judgment against him perceived as an enemy of their paymasters, describing them as a liability to humanity.

It’s also regrettable, Bro Obuah noted, that rather than join hands with the State Governor, Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike to fight insecurity in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (Onelga) and elsewhere in the State, the so called ONC members and their cohorts prefer taking sides with desperate power seekers to run down those who mean well for the people and those that have committed their time, energy and hard earned resources to build and develop Onelga while the real enemies of the people are being provided cover and glorified just for a pot of yam porridge.

Reassuring that he will not be deterred by the false malicious accusation, but will continue to ensure that Onelga people are liberated from the shackles of poverty and ignorance, Bro Obuah said he has invested more than any other person(s) in Onelga and cannot possibly turn around to promote insecurity or support any effort that will destroy his investments or his people for whom he has invested.

The State PDP chairman also noted that he too, has been a victim of insecurity and other acts of lawlessness, with several attempts on his life during which he lost his police orderly and driver in one of such attacks.

In the recent new year mayhem, Bro Obuah said he lost six of his relations in the senseless killing including his in-laws.

“I cannot but conclude that by this false accusation against me, my accusers are rather jubilating and celebrating over my predicament. Their actions are very understandable as none of them has any investment whatsoever in Onelga nor have invested in the welfare of the people.

“Otherwise, they should be sober and thankful to the security agencies for helping to bring life back to normalcy in Onelga by killing Don Wanny and some of his gang members”, Bro Obuah observed.

Bro Obuah wondered the wisdom for his accusers to have kept quiet while Don Wanny and his gang ravaged all the nooks and crannies of Onelga while he lived only to speak out now he is gone, saying their only fear was not to be exposed by the notorious cultist who was their hatch man.

Warning his accusers and detractors against treading the path of unreasonableness and danger, the State PDP boss said all that is needed now is not pointing accusing fingers and looking for scapegoat to satisfy the cravings of overzealous and power drunk politicians but to join hands with the Wike administration and complementing the efforts of the security agencies in sustaining the peace and security in Onelga and the State generally.

Bro Obuah insisted he never knew who Don Wanny was until he saw his pictures after the amnesty was granted to the repentant militants and cultists by the State government and had never related nor supported him in any way.

“During the previous administration under Rotimi Amaechi, Don Wanny and his group had a field day, operated unchallenged and were readily used by that government and not until this present administration came up with the amnesty programme, Don Wanny would have remained uncovered and committed APC member.

“These enemies of the people are at it again. They never supported the amnesty programme that exposed their hatchet men who are being trailed by security agencies and this is their sole reason for wanting to incite another round of crisis in Onelga through these unfounded accusations against me”, he said.

Bro. Obuah had repeatedly alerted the world of grand plots by the APC to malign him.

He would not be deterred in his quest to serve humanity and be the good neighbour as entreated by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  A wise posture though, given the fact that 2019 is around the corner and the sycophants are up again working out their heads in mudslinging just to please their paymasters.

But some of us who are in touch with reality and having followed the antecedents of this noble personage, a philanthropist par excellence and selfless servant of God would not be silent in the face of flagrant misinformation and falsehood orchestrated by a group of people whose angst would not be quelled on account that they lost the 2015 General Elections to a more credible and popular political party, hence the heavens must fall!

They adopted different tricks to pull down and rubbish the laudable paths which Governor Nyesom Wike is treading, but they have failed in all their attempts to run Governor Wike down.  They declared that the inroads being recorded in infrastructure and other sectors of the economy were mere completion of projects initiated by their leader, and former Governor Rotimi Amaechi, now Minister of Transportation.

Again, their propaganda failed as Wike rather than being discouraged, swung into an infrastructural blitz that has won him many national and international accolades.

They tried unsuccessfully to promote the narrative of insecurity in Rivers State which would persuade the federal government to declare a state of emergency in the State, and they failed.

Having run out of lies and falsehood, they have turned to this infamous ‘Civil Society Groups in Orashi Region’ as a willing wanton using the Don Wanny saga as their latest stunt.

Those who unmasked themselves during the show of shame called ‘World Press Conference’ were one Chief Emeni Ibe, the CMD of UPTH, Prof. Henry Ugboma and Chief Henry Odili among others.

Have they been told that contrary to their insinuations about President Mohammed Buhari and the APC-led federal government being the one that allegedly ‘funded and ordered’ the killing of Don Wanny in Enugu on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

“Why is it that it is just this last one (Don Wanny) that the President would order to be killed?” retorted Governor Wike during a recent interview he had with a popular radio presenter in Port Harcourt, explaining that it was the Rivers State Government and not the federal government which funded the logistics and operation that led to the death of the notorious cultist kingpin.

They blabbered about the enormity of losses suffered by the Orashi region as a result of unwarranted killings which has been known to have predated the administration of Governor Wike. 

At the same radio programme mentioned above, Wike revealed among others the harrowing killings under the administration of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

“32 persons were murdered in cold blood in Omoku by Don Wanny and his group with their heads cut off on December 14, 2014”, Wike revealed even as he reeled out other killings carried out under Amaechi.

That is why it is very expedient for these commentators to make their identities known so that the public would know the extent of investments they had in ONELGA so as to juxtapose same with the losses recorded during the mayhem.

Have these hirelings been reminded that aside from losses suffered by residents, multinational oil companies as well as shop owners particularly in Omoku, Bro. Felix Amechi Obuah was the worst hit individual.  The casualties suffered following the loss of close family relatives and in addition to unparalleled destruction of his investments.

Lies, no matter the efforts dissipated to fortify it, can never stand. But truth, like a rock, would always stand any test.  These masquerades should be asked why their principals would not borrow the example set by Bro. Felix Obuah by investing their wealth in ONELGA. 

Bro. Felix Obuah has invested his wealth not in foreign lands like your principals do but in his native land which in the process, has gone a long way in providing gainful employment to thousands of his kith and kin.

Some of his investments located in Omoku include multi-million Naira Krisdera Hotels and Resort Limited and Annexes; multi-million Naira Krisdera International Stadium; Agwubata Commercial College (ACC), Ogba Comprehensive High School (OCHS) and Go-Round Football Club of Omoku, a Nigerian Premier League club side which has provided gainful employment to thousands of youths across the State and beyond.  These investments epitomize love for the people and fatherland!

It is inconceivable that someone would make these investments in a place and for a people he never meant well for.  It follows logically too that anyone who kicks against any individual or group that has demonstrated such commitment to his land and people is what my pastor referred to as ‘witch’ and deserved to be caged.

Bro. Felix Obuah’s philanthropic gestures for ONELGA people and those in other parts of Rivers State and Nigeria transcend politics.  The right thing for any sane person to do is to commend rather than vilify him, or better still, shut up for lack of what to say.  I therefore urge these armchair critics to leave Obuah alone.

God bless ONELGA, Rivers State and Nigeria.

Jerry Needam is a Port Harcourt based journalist

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Oyegun has done a good job – South-South leaders

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Oyegun has done a good job – South-South leaders

South-South leaders on Friday said National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun is concerned about the unity of the ruling party and the  country’s needs as well.

They insisted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was not divided

“There is unity of purpose among members of the ruling party. Members are not feeling defeated or excluded. The party makes them feel hopeful, enthusiastic and proud. There is no disconnection between the state and national executive of the party.”

In a statement in Yenagoa, the leaders praised Odigie-Oyegun for making the ruling party not only the strongest but the biggest political party in Africa.

“We applaud what Oyegun has done since 2014.”

Signed by the chairman, South-South Front (SSF), Chief John Harry, the leaders praised Oyegun for his dynamic leadership, quality of his thought and purification of the country’s politics.

Specifically, the leaders praised Oyegun for his inclusive strategy, placement of the power of the party in the hands of the people, respect for different opinions and incorporation of international standards into the running of the ruling party.

“Odigie-Oyegun is in agreement with the political climate and in accord with the country’s needs, as well as those of the party.”

They commended the former governor of Edo State for promoting the culture of democracy, good governance and respect among members.

“A member sees and feels in his or her daily encounters that there is a level playing field. APC is internally democratic.  There is transparency in decision making and input from members in determining the party’s choice of candidates. Chief John Odigie-Oyegun is a promoter of democratic values. He is integrating groups and individuals into the political process, thereby strengthening the unity of the ruling party.”

The leaders described as careless and provocative statements by politicians such as Chief Richard Perekeme Kpodo, Okon Etim, Omolayo Akintola and Timi Frank.

They urged Kpodo , Okon Etim and Timi Frank to stop bringing the South-South geo-political zone into disrepute and ridicule.

“The spirit of fraternity is very strong in APC. Chief Richard Perekeme Kpodo, Okon Etim, Omolayo Akintola and Timi Frank do not mean well for the ruling party.”

They advised APC members nationwide to renew their commitment to ensure that the party retains power in 2019.

“Chief Odigie-Oyegun is restoring morality back into politics. He is leading the ruling party in tune with popular sentiment” the leaders said.

“APC is consolidating democracy in Nigeria” the leaders added.

Source: Ebireri Henry Ovie


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Olorogun-Etti canvasses second term for Ambode

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Olorogun-Etti canvasses second term for Ambode 

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Babatunde Olorogun-Etti on Sunday said Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode would not only contest the 2019 governorship election but will also win convincingly.

“Performance and delivery on the ground will matter in 2019 elections” he said on Sunday.

Olorogun-Etti spoke at some length in Lagos Island on Governor Ambode’s role in the economic development and social progress of Lagos State.

He also hit at the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Lagos chapter, declaring the party dead in the state.

“The Lagos PDP is a hot-bed for charlatans” he said.

The former PDP chieftain praised the Lagos State governor for providing the needs of the people, modernizing governance and transforming the state.

“Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has created the “Lagos miracle.”

Olorogun-Etti also praised the former governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu for piloting the All Progressives Congress (APC) along the path of greatness in Nigeria.

Olorogun-Etti, leader of Eko United, a major political group in the state attributed the poor performance of PDP in Lagos State to the selfish ambition of some individuals.

“There is no internal democracy in Lagos PDP. There is a feeling of alienation and exclusion.”

Olorogun-Etti cited in-fighting, irreconcilable differences with the leadership of the PDP in Lagos State, the stronghold of a former Deputy National Chairman of the party, Chief Bode George, the party’s poor performance at the 2015 polls and the inspirational leadership of Senator Bola Tinubu as reasons for quitting the party.

“We are still a year away from the next general elections in 2019. PDP can no longer compete in Lagos State.”

Olorogun-Etti said the result of the last local government election in the state was a “great demonstration of the strength of the governor and the ruling party.”

“Governor Ambode’s marvelous performance in office contributed greatly to the party’s performance in the last local government election in the state” he said.

“Lagosians have recognized the good work going on in the name of development” he added.

Source: Chief Babatunde Olorogun-Etti

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2019 Rivers Poll: Hausa community distance themselves from Wike’s endorsement

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Hausa community in Rivers State said yesterday in Port Harcourt that they are not part of the group that endorsed Governor Nyesom Wike for a second tenure in office.

A group of Hausa community led by one Alhaji Mesundu was among the hundreds of non indigenes resident in Rivers State that endorsed Governor Wike for second tenure on Wednesday in Government House Port Harcourt.

During the visit, Alhaji Mesundu said the entire Hausa community in Rivers is in support of Wike’s second tenure and promised to mobilize Hausa community in the State to actualize the Governor’s 2015 bid.

But the Rivers State liaison officer of Hausa community, Alhaji Musa Saidu said the Hausa community in the State has not endorsed anybody for 2019 governorship election.

Alhaji Saidu who spoke in Port Harcourt said that Hausa community in Rivers State has political and administrative structures headed by both traditional institutions and other leaders of thought saying that non of the bodies were consulted before the endorsement was made.

He said that Alhaji Mensudu endorsement of Governor Wike is his personal opinion and does not represent the interest of the entire northern community in Rivers State.

“I read in the media that a certain group of people led by one Alhaji Mensudu went to Government House on Thursday and endorsed Governor Wike for the- second tenure in office.”

“I want to state here that Alhaji Mensudu does not have the mandate to speak on behalf of Hausa community in Rivers State. What transpired in Government House on Wednesday where Mensudu claimed that the entire Hausa community is in support of Wike is his personal opinion and does not in any way represent the interest of the entire northern community.”

“Mesundu does not understand the political and administrative structure of Hausa community in Rivers State. We have an organised leadership structure headed by Sariki Hausawa who is our spiritual leader.”

“I am the Chief liaison officer of Hausa community in Rivers State. If we want to endorse anybody we will meet and take decision on that. We have not discuss any issue concerning the endorsement of anybody.”

“So we have not endorsed Governor Wike for 2019. If there is any need for that the entire leadership of Hausa community will meet and take decision on that.”

He called on the public to disregard such endorsement saying that Hausa community in Rivers State is yet to take decision on who to support in 2019.


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Call Your NSA to Order – Groups Tell President Buhari

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IMG_5319Niger Delta Amnesty Vendors’ Forum in collaboration with Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-agitators/Justice for the Abandoned Youths of Nigeria, today marched through major streets in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to call the National Security Adviser, Gen. Mongonu to stop interfering with the day to day administration of the Presidential Amnesty Office in the interest of peace in the Niger Delta region.

Briefing newsmen at the end of the massive rally which started from the beginning of Ada-George road to terminate at Agip round about by Ikwerri road, President of the Niger Delta Amnesty Vendors’ Forum, Tari Okosi and Coordinator of the Coalition for Niger Delta Ex-agitators/Justice for the Abandoned Youths of Nigeria, Comrade Okpakariari Eferebo lamented how the National Security Adviser has shut down the Amnesty Office, warning that the interference of the NSA could trigger fresh simultaneous violent protests across the region.

They called on the President to use his good offices to intervene before the issue gets out of hands. Meanwhile, the groups have expressed fears that the National Security Adviser may be playing out a prepared script from politicians who are bent on derailing the President’s new vision for the Niger Delta region.

In a swift reaction to the unfolding developments at the Presidential Amnesty Office, Coordinator of the Patriotic Niger Deltans for Good Governance, Comrade Adonba Amgbare, pointed out that the ongoing undue interference from the National Security Adviser to the President has come to the people of the Niger Delta region not as a surprise, judging from the recent provocative statements from some persons in the north.

According to him, the current reported actions of the National Security AdvisIMG_20180124_121853er against the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme may invalidate all the milestones of the present administration in achieving sustainable peace in the Niger Delta region, saying that the people of the area are satisfied with what the Presidential Amnesty Office under Gen. Paul Boroh (Rtd) is doing in the region.


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Ekiti 2018: Now That the Cloud is Gathering

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Ekiti 2018: Now That the Cloud is Gathering

Not too long ago, a few members of the PDP in Ekiti led by Prince Adedayo Adeyeye held a press conference, calling on Governor Ayodele Fayose to in their words, “disqualify himself” from the process leading to the emergence of his successor as in their reckoning, having pitched and openly endorsed his deputy governor, Prof. Kolapo Olusola.

Amongst several puerile claims, they equally inferred that the imitable Fayose, only came to reap in the PDP, from their several years of toiling and hard work as though the governor was plucked from dreamland and foisted on them. Honestly, the ways of the average politician in this part of the world is past finding out. How infantile and nauseating this claim can easily fall flat in the face of a reality check. It is only imaginable how the claimant(s) kept a straight face, beats my imagination. Such claims, however, if left unchecked with irrefutable facts will certainly find respectability in the minds of some undiscerning people since the arrow head of this toxic claim is a party stalwart in his own right, whose visibility like that of some of his co-travellers is traceable to the magnanimity and good grace of Fayose. It is indeed traumatic that these fellows can act in this dishonourable manner all in the name of politics and here I specifically have Senator Abiodun Olujimi and Prince Adedayo Adeyeye in mind.

I wonder why hitherto respected members of the party would take to brazen revisionism because they cannot reconcile themselves to the obvious fact that their legitimate aspiration is running out of steam before take-off. I wouldn’t have bordered to take to this public medium but for the fact that the record must be set straight before the public. We live in a part of the world where mischief is a cardinal principle amongst those who ought to act honourable, but appear seemingly becoming an acceptable tradition. There is no scintilla of doubt as to the fact that Fayose is the dominant factor in Ekiti politics today- it is either you are with him or against him-you cannot simply ignore him.

At no time has Foyose, called Prince Adeyeye, Senator Olujimi and others to halt their race-never. He only openly endorsed (HE) Prof. Kolapo Olusola and the process leading to that choice is in the open. It was after a painstaking consultation with party faithful and stalwarts. At no time did the governor foist his deputy on the party, rather the reverse could be said to be the case. I will come to that later!

Till date, no indigene of the southern senatorial district has governed the state since creation. The first executive governor, Otunba Niyi Adebayo (1999-2003), Ayodele Fayose (2003-2007, 2014-2018), are both from central senatorial district, Segun Oni (2007-2010) and Kayode Fayemi (2010-2014) are both from the northern senatorial district. It is this seemingly discrimination that ought to be correct for fairness and balance sake.

In the said press conference, the conveners created several false impressions such as though the governor has the powers to close up the political space to other aspirants-that’s not possible and the governor has not acted as such. Another impression is the erroneous belief that; there is a seeming crisis of confidence following the choice of Prof. Kolapo Olusola. All of these claims been bandied about from the crooked imaginations of the peddlers; as nothing can be further from such. The truth of the matter is that Fayose being a democrat who rose to power or rather was returned to power by the people, did so on the wave of vast support in Ekiti in a broad coalition that defied party affiliation and religious creed, cannot in all good conscience trump the popular will of the people. The unprecedented political tsunami that characterized the return of Governor Fayose to the state house is still the talk of town and several academic interrogations after close to four years. He as a democrat would not rubbish the right of choice of the people which is a cardinal aspect of its tradition.

Kolapo Olusola became the toast of the people and several groups in deference to the loud cries for power shift to the Southern Senatorial District, a part of the state that has been politically marginalized on account of this fact, it is the only part of the state that has not produced governor since the creation of the state. Fayose had made allusions in the past that political office can only be zoned within a political party if it is control of power and it was after series of representations had been made to him as the leader of the party in the state that he yielded most respectfully to the wishes of advocates under the weight of irrefutable logic and good judgement as long as merit and excellence are not sacrificed in arriving at such a choice. All this while, the name of the deputy had not featured.

It was in a bid for the people to owe the process leading the choice of his successor that he now threw an open challenge to the stakeholders across the party/state that the lot now fell on his deputy. Here, we are talking about a most dutiful, loyal, visionary and articulate deputy who doubles as commissioner for education and has returned the state back to its foremost frontline position in education. This is the man that Adeyeye and cohorts paints in very negative light to score an undeserving point in the run-up to the primaries: how petty!

Fayose bought into the agenda to sustain the revolutionary and giant strides in the physical infrastructure of the state; which remains unsurpassed and for the sake of continuity of his unmatched record in the annals of Ekiti. It can be said and rightly so, that Fayose started the revolution in physical infrastructure and was stalled when he was uprooted in 2006 and continued afterwards in his second coming. It is heart warming that even the main opposition, APC, in the state have grudgingly attested to the fact that Fayose administration has sterling performance in its kitty. It is little wonder that they have not been able to hoodwink the people of Ekiti in their desperation to recruit people via propaganda, hence, their attempt to sponsor disgruntled elements within the PDP in a tepid attempt to capture power.

It is trite for Adeyeye and cohorts to search their consciences why all critical stakeholders from their zone didn’t deem it worthy to push their candidature; rather the deputy governor. That is worth pondering over in the solitude of their houses. It is indeed surprising that rather than reconcile themselves to their deficiency and stock in influence in their zone, they are hands in gloves with some elements within the APC with the intention to precipitate a needless crisis against the governor. This is rather unfortunate as such a futile orchestration to contrive a crisis where none exist to frustrate the resolve of the good people of Ekiti to elect a candidate with impeccable credentials of their choice through cheap, subtle and naked blackmails by individuals and groups whose ascendancy to political relevance bear the imprimatur of fayose’s influence would be contained by the popular will of the people.

Turning around in the looming sunset period of their career to say; things that cannot stand the test of time or logic is mind-blogging. For them, rather than join hands in the people’s resolve to enthrone preferred candidate, they would want the house to cave in because of base emotions of greed and self centeredness. It is condescending for anybody to suggest that the deputy governor was forced into the race. Kolapo Olusola-prefaced with his demonstrable performance as deputy governor for three years remains a silent achiever.

The deputy governor; a professor from the renowned Obafemi Awolowo University, a scholar par excellence, a man of impeccable integrity, a consummate team player, a superb leader and goal getter who doubles as the state commissioner for education, who has been able to within a record period of just a year in office, restored Ekiti back to the Olympian height of academic glory, deserves our support. A silent achiever, whose aversion for brinkmanship, loose talk and cheap publicity is been taken undeserving of what they hitherto considered theirs for the taking. How mistaken they are!

By every stretch of imagination and divine blessings and the support of the good peoples of Ekiti, Olusola’s ambition has gained traction with the people and is like a moving train-that’s why the traditional politician with infantile ego are scared. His ability, track record, commitment to good governance and willingness to meet the people yearnings and aspirations is unswerving and well known to all and sundry. His extant contribution to recent huge successes under the fayose administration is priceless. He remains tireless, detailed, sacrificial, determined, focused and humble. All of his attributes has positioned him as the heir apparent for no fault of his and some agitated people are trying to no avail to cry wolf where none exist.

While commending the determination of the governor in his resolve to do the needful, he should with steadfastness and continued sagacity which he is well noted for; continue to pilot the affairs of the state till the expiration of his well deserving mandate. He cannot afford to fail in this regard. He has stirred the people to the possibility of their power of choice-he shouldn’t let us down now to despair as this is a most critical time.

Finally, election is a march of history. The aggregate support of the people for the deputy governor must be sustained. This support is essential and the people as purveyors of his ascendancy should not be allowed to pander or derail to the machinations, dubious tactics of expiring politicians whose stock in trade is to peddle falsehood, half-truth and perpetuate principles which are antithesis of peace and stability. On no account, must the Olusola project be frittered away.

Olajide Taylor, a public affairs commentator writes from Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State


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Fed High Court Vacates Restriction Order on Osun LG Election

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MOSOP Uncovers Plot By the Oil Industry to Kill its President

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The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has uncovered a plot by key oil industry operators in Nigeria to kill its president, Legborsi Saro Pyagbara.

This plot is being hatched through the sponsorship of local actors to engage in a campaign of calumny against the leadership of MOSOP, cause crises in Ogoni and provide an environment to kill the MOSOP by replicating the Ken Saro-Wiwa treatment.

We want to alert the world of the activities of Belema Oil Producing Limited and Robo Micheal Limited, all Nigerian companies, who has engaged local actors, sponsoring groups and individuals solely to cause crises in Ogoni to justify a crackdown on activists and treat the present leadership of MOSOP in the same way it dealt with a generation of Ogoni leaders in the 90s which eventually led to the 1995 hangings.


MOSOP unequivocally “say no” to any plan to resume oil production in Ogoniland until it is properly negotiated. We further denounce the activities of Belema Oil and Robo Micheal in Ogoniland.


We emphasize that the Ogoni problem is not just about oil but an unjust system that has marginalized our people, discriminated against us and is driving us into extinction. These, we must note are far beyond the capacity of any oil local industry operator to resolve.


MOSOP therefore restate its position on the Ogoni conflict, insisting that the three parties to the conflict including Shell, the Nigerian government and the Ogoni people must dialogue to resolve these issues.

We call on the Ogoni people to be mindful of these devilish plots by the Nigerian oil industry being orchestrated by Belema Oil Producing Limited and Robo Micheal Limited and urge them not to be lured and used by the oil industry against our people.




Fegalo Nsuke
Publicity Secretary
Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP)



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On the Cattle Colony: Governor Bello, bewares of sycophants

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By Shaibu Stephen Ojate

Sycophants are group of people in any society who unnecessarily rain praises on a leader in any society in any planned actions or decisions. Sycophants therefore come inform of two different dimensions. Sycophants could involve those in government or those outside the government.

Those in government comprise of the political appointees, elected government officials or political nominees while those outside government comprise of professional politicians eyeing political appointments’, financial favour, government contract or government patronage in their business. Those in government indulged in sycophancy just to please their paymaster. They remain supportive in any planned actions in a bid to retain their seat.  Even where their pay Master in taking a wrong step, they will never voice out or call on him to correct his doing.

The common attributes of this group of people are: They are self-seeking and selfish in their doing. They are not truly sincere in their resolves and actions as their decisions are cosmetic. The general interest of the society is not usually their primary focus but how to fill their pockets to the brim is usually their objective. The sycophants are known to always ill- advise Leaders in any unpopular decision, anti-peoples’ or anti-mass policies. They are fond of asking the Leader to carry on even when it is glaring to the least man on the street that the Leader has lost the confidence of the people and therefore cannot garner handful votes at the election contest.

The history of sycophants in Nigeria can be traced to the era of military regime in Nigeria. Former Military President, General Ibrahim Babandgida was one of such Leaders who had played into the hands of the sycophants. The activities of sycophants led to the annulments of June 12 1996 general election in Nigeria, one which was adjudged to be free and fairest in the history of Nigeria.

Late General Sani Abacha was another notable Nigerians Leader who had felt into the hands of sycophants. The activities of sycophants were taking to high heaven in 1998 when the 26 political parties in Nigeria unanimously adopted General Sani Abacha as their sole presidential Candidate for the election. They organized one million peoples’ match for him urging him to transform from military ruler to civilian President of Nigeria. They regarded General Sani Abacha as the Moses of our time who could take Nigeria to the promise land not until the cruel hands of death snatched him away.

Same goes to the immediate past President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan who also felt into the hands of sycophants under the organization called “Transformation”. The transformation of Nigeria (TAN) had traversed all the sections of Nigeria and declaring to people that Goodluck Jonathan remains as the only viable option for Nigerians. They assured him of winning election even when it was glaring to all that he could not win the 2015 general election.

One of such sycophants making a show of themselves on the propose Cattle Colony idea in Kogi State are Local Government Administrators. The Local Government administrators have placed advertorial in Nigeria newspaper declaring to all that having Cattle Colony is a popular and acceptable idea in Kogi State. One pertinent question to ask is that are these local government administrators truly doing this for the general interest of the society or just to please the Governor?

If their action is primarily for the society, I must ask again, have they summon stakeholders meeting to ascertain the mind of the people on the issue of planned Cattle Colony in our respective local government areas? When I talk of Stakeholders, I mean the Clans, who are the owners of the respective Lands in our State? I mean opinion Leaders of Kogi State. Also, did these local government administrators crafted a radio programme for our villagers to phone-in and share their thought in order to know the position of people for having a Cattle Colony in our State?

If they have not done these and unilaterally took decision and went  ahead to declare in the newspaper advertorial that Cattle colony proposal is a popular idea in Kogi State, let me alert Governor Bello that these Local Government Administrators are dangerous individuals in his government and he needs to be careful with them. They are digging Governor Bello’s grave and ready to bury him while he is still alive for the sake of retaining their seat.

I make this proclamation because they ought to have done the needful before going on the newspaper advertorial in order to avoid an instance where the Governor would be standing alone on the Cattle Colony proposal.

I know many people out of political and tribal interest would erroneously consider my stance as ant- Bello’s government.  That is a wrong assumption as I am not.  I am after Governor Bello success and I frown at him trending on the wrong path. I frown at him taking a decision which would spell doom for him in future. I am after his progress and wish him not only to spend two terms in office as Kogi Governor but also to represent us at higher offices in the years ahead.

I am passionate about my society as Alhaji Yahaya Bello is the first Kogi Governor from Kogi Central, a senatorial district where I hail from too. His success and downfall is ours. Governor Bello should as a matter of concern learn from experiences of past Nigerian Leaders on the activities of sycophants. The sycophants who ill-advised former President Jonathan on the issue of Boko Haram insurgency and other sundry national issues during his administration where are they now? They have deserted him and have even jumped to All Progressive Congress declaring to Nigerians that the last administrator was a colossal failure as it was not proactive on National issues.

Recall that many of these sycophants abandoned and deserted Jonathan immediately after the election when it done on them that there are no more milk and honey anymore. Is Governor Bello aware that if these similar praise singers can do this to our past Nigerian Leaders, they can as well do the same to him?

Let me remind Governor Bello that Kogi Gubernatorial election comes late in 2019 when the main general election must have been conducted. If Kogi gubernatorial election is to take place the same period with that of presidential election, I would say President Buhari election winning favour would come to play too for the easy victory of Governor Bello at the election day.

Kogi gubernatorial election comes later in the year 2019 and that is why Governor Bello should be careful and watch his steps in all his actions and decisions.  He should ensure that the society forms his backbone and not the deceitful sycophants. The performance of his administration, policy direction and programme would form the bulk of campaign of the opposition against his government. The issue of ethnicity will be another factor at the election. He should not allow sycophants to ill-advised him in taking a step which would slip his votes within his domain. Now that the Igallas are poised to take power back, he should not insist on unpopular idea which would make majority of Kogi central and Kogi west axis to frown at his re-election.


Shaibu Stephen Ojate is a Journalist and public affairs commentator write from Abuja. He is on facebook with the same name and reachable


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President Buhari is not under pressure to declare State of Emergency in Rivers State

Posted on January 23, 2018. Filed under: Press Release |

.…Describes Gov. Wike’s allegation as that emanating from a confused mind

.… Outline how Wike intends to influenced state of emergency

Rivers State All Progressives Congress (APC) said the party has read the disgusting tissue of lies contained in Governor Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike recent unguided outburst that President Muhammadu Buhari told him during his recent visit to Aso Rock that he (Buhari) was under intense pressure from Rivers APC leaders to declare a state of emergency in Rivers State.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, said she wish to unequivocally state that President Muhammadu Buhari never complained to Wike of any pressure to declare State of Emergency in Rivers State.

Rivers State APC in a  press statement circulated on Monday by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze the Media Consultant to the Rivers State APC Chairman,  Dr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya further expressed shock that Governor Wike could bring the exalted office of the Governor to odium in such a reckless manner to ascribe to President Buhari something he never said.

The party stated that, “to the best of our knowledge the three issues that Wike discussed with Mr. President were the issues of the Ogoni Clean Up, the Nkpogu Junction incident with Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi where attempt was made on the life of the Minister. The other
issue discussed was the detention of Wike’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) for one week”.

The party therefore urged Governor Wike not only to call himself to order but formally apologise to President Buhari for ascribing words he never uttered to him to score cheap publicity always associated with him.

The party pointed out that Governor Wike’s hatred for both President Buhari and Amaechi is legendary since the two masterminded the ouster from office his ATM machine, (Dr Goodluck Jonathan) under whose watch our common patrimony was looted with impunity. Because of this, Wike is ever ready to use any forum to castigate, insult and malign the persons and personalities of these two great leaders not minding the dire consequences.

The party stated that Wike exhibited his trade mark when he granted audience to the outgoing Anglican Bishop of Niger Delta Province last Friday where he falsely ascribed to Mr. President words he never uttered and further abused and incited Nigerians against the President stating that he Buhari considers the lives of cows more precious to that of the lives of Nigerians.

Wike’s words as captured by Simeon Nwakaudu his Special Assistant on
Electronic Media, “in other climes if ten persons are killed, the President visits to personally assess the situation but here in Nigeria our country has become a security nightmare with 73 persons killed in Benue and mass burial organised for them, with the Presidency acting as if nothing happened. Human lives are not respected. In fact, the lives of cows and chicken appear to be more important than human lives. This has nothing to do with politics. Let us not trivialize the catastrophy that has befallen Nigeria.”

With these inciting words, one can easily state that it is Wike that is courting for state of emergency in Rivers State. This notwithstanding, let us reiterate that nobody is interested to declare state of emergency in Rivers State not minding the abysmal failure of Wike to ensure protection of the lives and properties of Rivers State people.

The party reassures Nigerians particularly the good people of Rivers State that not minding the abysmal failure of Wike in governance in Rivers State that, “we will ensure that he Wike no longer constitute himself as a security challenge to Rivers State and her people as we have no other State to call our own than Rivers State.”

The party observed that Wike in his last Saturday’s outing with Rhythm 93.7 FM told the bewildered world that he was briefed by someone very close to him in his office that he can talk to Don Wanny and his boys to keep calm just after the killings in Omoku but he said NO that their time was up. If this is not vindication of our stand that Wike’s administration has been hobnobbing and romancing with this deadly gang, let him tell the world who this fellow very close to him that he suggested that he should discuss with Don Wanny is.

Apart from the above, the party stated that, nobody is fueling insecurity in Rivers State but the Governor himself that, if not let Wike tell the world where he kept all the Arms the Rivers State Government claimed to have collected from cultists and militants and explain if these arms are not part of the arms kept to arm his yet to be formed Neighborhood Watch gang which he intends to use to cause more damaging mayhem in Rivers State to boast his chances during the 2019 gubernatorial election knowing very well that he stands no chance in any election without violence.

The party concluded by stating that, “Wike need to be watched if our nascent democracy is not to be truncated by his wicked ambition to once again impose himself on Rivers State to the detriment of the growth and industrialization of Rivers State as envisioned by the APC regime if elected.”


Source: Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

SSA Media and Public Affairs Consultant to the State Chairman, APC Rivers State

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