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Peterside at 48: A Story of Resoluteness, Benevolence, Audacious, Resourcefulness and Creativity

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Written By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze 


H. E. DR DAKUKU PETERSIDE WITH VP OSIBANJO DURING THE BOMU ROAD FLAG OFFAs Nigerians and the entire world gather together and in unison to celebrate an icon, an enigma, a study in resoluteness, benevolence, audacity, resourcefulness, creativity, one of the new faces of Nigerian politics and most importantly an emerging force in the Maritime Industry in Africa, Dr Dakuku Adol Peterside who will by this Monday, 31st December, 2018 celebrates his 48th birthday; it gives me a lot of joy to express myself on this new leader of our time at this auspicious season.


Though a very close associate and a true brother who understands what brotherhood is all about but I must confess that writing on Dr Dakuku Peterside, the energetic Director-General of Nigerian Maritime and Safety Agency (NIMASA), the APC Governorship Candidate in Rivers State in the 2015 elections and currently President, Association of African Maritime Administrations (AAMA) on any issue maybe a herculean task because of his multi-faceted and enigmatic personality but it behoves on me not minding the odds to expose some hidden facts about the remarkable life of this astute administrator to you and others that will have time to read through this.


An Astute and charismatic politician, a seasoned administrator with an amiable personality, a phenomenal reformist whose cult-followership stature among the youth and god-fearing people puts him as a leader to be admired, watched and associated with. A terror to undemocratic principles particularly to Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and his untoward manner of governance; he dreads Peterside like a plague and mere mention of his name alone sends shivers down his spine.


The leadership quality of this resolute revolutionary and visionary democrat is reflected in the words of many outstanding great leaders, such as: Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian General and military theorist, who stated: “If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them, in spite of all obstacles.” One-time President of the USA, George W. Bush: “Leadership, to me, means duty, honour and country. It means character, and it means listening from time to time.” To his father, King (Prof) TJT Princewill, Amayanabo of Kalabari Kingdom of Rivers State, “a leader is not worth anything if he or she does not represent the values of love, unity, peace and justice for his people.” But in the words of Dr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, former Rivers State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), “Dr Peterside is a well-brought-up youthful manager of men and resources, who has been prepared for leadership by the invaluable lessons he received from elders across the State.” 


Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside whom I have closely monitored for the past thirteen years is a true reflection of what audacity, resoluteness, resourcefulness and creativity are all about no matter the field he decides to work upon or the odds. I wish to say without fear of contradiction that Peterside is a symbol of unity, a visionary, egalitarian and, most importantly, a great patriot whose love for Nigeria and Nigerians is infectious. Here is a man who is reputed as a charming, charismatic and disciplined leader; creative and hard-working, a broad-minded fellow with strategic insight. He brings integrity, creativity, compassion, and intellectual dimension to bear in tackling tough political and administrative issues. He is truly a bridge-builder and loyal to friendship. He boasts credible credentials as a renowned resource person on petroleum matters, leadership/management expert, motivational speaker and a respected authority on corporate political strategy and private-public interaction in Nigeria.”


This pride of Rivers State and one of the most articulated and educated political leaders from the State is an extraordinary and innovative administrator which absence from the governance of the State have resulted to the present catastrophic and sorrow state of Rivers State where people now sleep with only one eye closed with the pensioners not receiving their pension and workers not paid their salaries and the education sector in a limbo with our youths without any meaningful future. The Rivers State loss of this ingenious man is the gain of Nigeria and Africa as he has proved that he has the Midas-touch that can change the fortunes of any Organisation or assignment he gets himself involved. He is the pride of Nigeria and embodiment of the resoluteness spirit of Rivers State.                                                                                 


He started his public political life principally when he was appointed Commissioner of Works under the administration of erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and incumbent Federal Minister of Transportation, Dr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, from 2007 to 2011, where he (Peterside) excelled, redefined and created most of the major roads, flyovers and bridges in Rivers State. Since he left office in 2011, Rivers State is yet to get a reputable replacement for that office till date. This was a man who used midnight for the supervision of most of the key projects under his watch.


A former House of Representatives member and past governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State, Peterside has demonstrated a sterling leadership quality that is by today acknowledged by the world and African leaders to warrant his elevation as Africa’s No. 1 Maritime Administrator. He has proved that his appointment by President Buhari, based on the recommendation of Amaechi, was in order. He has by this feat proved that the Rivers State spirit is in him, by positioning himself as one of the new revelations in the leadership circle in Nigeria. I can now agree with our amiable President Buhari, who spoke through Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo – during the unveiling of the new symbol of NIMASA – that Peterside has made Nigeria proud, by regenerating NIMASA and making it a centre of excellence for other countries to emulate.


Dr. Peterside from his early years in politics to date has remained focused and unwavering in his determination to provide service to ordinary Nigerians as a politician whether in the Nigerian lower legislative chamber where he earned a reputation as a progressive and broad minded legislator whose views were always respected or in his present position as DG, NIMASA where he brings in words and actions, integrity, panache, compassion and intellectual dimension to bear in tackling tough issues of the agency..


Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside has pursued his vision with audacity and strength of will to somersault all obstacles to become Africa’s number one Maritime Administrator.


President Muhammadu Buhari captured the mood and minds of most Nigerians in his remarks about this enigma of a leader when he stated: “Peterside’s unanimous election is not only a personal honour and affirmation of confidence in his ability to lead AAMA, but also places Nigeria in a pivotal position to rally other maritime administrations in collaboration with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) towards safer global maritime activities.”


As a tested and trusted reformist-minded administrator, who has all it takes to reform and transform NIMASA into the pride of Nigeria and Africa, Peterside has proven that his appointment was not misplaced.


Peterside has been a most sought-after resource person in international conference: he was a major speaker at the 2013 Middle East Downstream Week held in Abu Dhabi in May, 2013 and the 2013 World Refining and Petrochemical Technology Summit in Doha, Qatar, among many other speaking engagements around the globe. I have no doubt in my mind that he will excel on his new assignment as the NIMASA Director General,”


His Politics

A non-violent-par excellence politician, Peterside knows the worth of human blood and life. That is why he continued to preach peaceful conduct of elections in Rivers State, to all and sundry, in order to perpetuate and sustain the democratic experiment. His words: “Electoral victories, like mine, could only make meaning when it is won without violence. I abhor violence; no victory in any election and, indeed, in any human endeavour in life, is worth the blood of anyone; no victory is worth the life of any person.


He has one of the few Nigerians to have served at all levels of Government from Local Government to federal and two out of three arms of government and served at all three levels of party office from LGA officer of NRC/ ANC/ DPN  from 1993 to  date.


Academic and professional laurels

As earlier stated, Dakuku is an alumnus of Okrika Grammer School (OGS), University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, University of Port Harcourt, Georgia State University Atlanta, and Harvard-Kennedy School, University of Harvard. He earned degrees in Medical Laboratory Sciences (Haematology), Business Administration (Management) and certificates in Leadership and Project Management respectively. He has attended several oil and gas courses globally. He is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), fellow of Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria (IMCN) and member, Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences of Nigeria.


In summary, Dr Dakuku Peterside holds two masters degrees and a Doctorate from University of Port Harcourt. His doctorate research work is on corporate political strategy in Nigeria.


Dakuku Peterside: His Mission and Vision for Rivers State

According to Peterside when he was preparing for the 2015 gubernatorial election of Rivers State, “My mission and vision for the emancipation and growth of Rivers State is contained in my road-map, Wealth for Rivers State, anchored on a legacy and foundation of prosperity laid by Governor Chibuike Amaechi. We all know Amaechi’s legacies in education, health, agriculture and other areas. He has built world-class schools and hospitals in every nook and cranny of the state. His health centres can match any standard hospital found anywhere in the world. We have unveiled our campaign plans and programme and we can be judged by our vision and contract with Rivers State and our people contained in the ‘Road-map to Prosperity’ at the end of our tenure, if elected. This is Rivers project. It is not about APC. We invite everybody to come on board, join us to move Rivers State to the next level. Rivers people’s support for me is overwhelming. I really appreciate the outpouring of love. I thank all Rivers people. I will not disappoint you. APC members rely on God. And I will continue to rely on God. I do not depend on my strength or ability. I will ensure unity in Rivers State. All Rivers people will have roles to play in my administration, when elected as governor by God’s grace. Our doors will be wide open.”


In the first lecture just few weeks ago, Dr Dakuku Adol Peterside as the Keynote speaker in an event, spoke on a topic titled (Rivers State Master Plan) said that there is a slight change in what was presented to Rivers people during the period under review (2015) but used Greater Port Harcourt City Development Authority an agency of the Rivers state government, the second largest economy in Nigeria. That was formed under Law No.2 of 2009.


Peterside said the current administration lack purpose, plan and clarity.  He said the best urban outcomes start with a clear idea about purpose, a personality for the place. Knowing what it is you are seeking to become brings order and clarity to design thinking and creates a clear framework around which investment can be prioritized and staged.


More so that strong urban design offers significant community benefits, better quality of life, safer and more secure cities and a greater ability to function as a society. It also provides each city with a required sense of identity and establishes the framework for it to be more responsive to differing climatic, economic or social variables.


The Forces and Factors That Denied Rivers State the Ingenuity of the Enigmatic Dakuku Peterside

In an article widely circulated and published which I titled, “Amaechi, Wike, Abe, Dakuku And The Struggle For The 2019 Rivers APC Guber Ticket: Critical Examination Of The Forces And Factors At Play” and the press statement I titled.”Peterside didn’t lose 2015 governorship election in Rivers State to Wike but to sabotage by APC chieftains.” I highlighted all the forces and factors that denied Rivers State the ingenuity of Dr. Dakuku Peterside.

Eze, in a statement he personally signed and circulated to media organisations, maintained that not minding that Wike used security agencies and militants during the 2015 general elections to intimidate the electorates and the opposition political parties as well as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to influence the outcome of the election to his favour argued that had Senator Magnus Abe, Senator Wilson Ake, Chief Allwell Onyesoh, Elder Chidi Wihioka, Hon. Barry Mpigi, Chief Tony Okocha, whom he described as “great party stalwarts and Commanders at their various political enclaves”,  and others not named, had played their parts to support the party and march Wike with all his tricks, Governor Wike would have by now be “singing a different song in the politics of Rivers State”. Eze reiterated that if not for the internal sabotage against Dr. Dakuku Peterside, who was the gubernatorial candidate of APC during the 2015 general elections, there was “no way a candidate like Wike would have defeated a shining star of Rivers State politics like Peterside in a free and fair election as the difference between the two great sons of Rivers State is very glaring and outstanding.”


Eze continued, ” Not minding that Wike is a deadly political strategist and tactician,  but to defeat one of the most educated and highly performing politicians like Peterside who have distinguished himself during his days as the most audacious Commissioner of Works Rivers State ever had and a member of the seventh National Assembly where he made the difference as the Chairman of the Committee on Petroleum Resources, Downstream of the Federal House of Representatives is unthinkable and unimaginable. It is simply unimaginable for Wike to defeat a person like Dr Peterside who has within less than three years made the Maritime Industry in Nigeria the most outstanding in Africa and becoming the first Nigerian to head the Maritime Industry in Africa”  Chief Eze emphasised.


In case, you are in doubt of the assertions, you can google any of these titles mentioned above to read in full the forces and factors that made Rivers State a laughing stock under Governor Nyesom Wike.


Dakuku Peterside The True Party Man And His State Man Like Gesture:

Dakuku Peterside’s contributions stand him in good stead to still fly the flag of APC for the 2019 general elections but when the leadership decides otherwise and as a true party man in a press statement titled, “Unity to triumph” he proved that the future belongs to him. Read and pass your judgement.


“Dear Compatriots, Yesterday our leader, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, whom we all subscribe to his leadership made a decision of whom we should back for the office of the Governor of Rivers State in 2019.


The lot fell on my friend and brother in Christ, Tonye Dele Cole.

  1. I made a commitment to the group earlier to stand by whatever decision the leader makes in the overall interest of the party and rivers state. I reiterated my position yesterday in the leadership meeting. I thus stand by the decision on TDC.
  2. We have toiled from 2013 to date ( a period of five years ) and have made sacrifices and lost lives in course of enthroning the kind of government we want in Rivers State; a government that will guarantee peace , unity and prosperity. In course of the struggle we bonded as one indivisible family under God.
  3. The decision by the Leader has been meet with mixed reactions, which is expected. My appeal is that we allow the greater interest of APC and River State to prevail.
  4. To those who believe in the vision I shared in the past 5 years , the leadership I gave at various times & the path of loyalty to the cause I have chosen over time , I urge you all to stand by the Leader, the party and the ordinary people of rivers state in support of TDC . I personally pledge my loyalty to the Leader (who is to me family) and the decision he has made. I enjoin all my supporters to queue behind our leader Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and ensure total victory for our party.
  5. I pray for unity among the members of APC and victory in the 2019 election.”


It can only take a true loyal party man like Dakuku Peterside to take this type of step even when you are fully prepared to fly the flag of the party.



The fact remains that Dakuku Peterside is among few political leaders in Nigeria that hold two masters degrees and a Doctorate from University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State of Nigeria. His doctorate research work is on corporate political strategy in Nigeria. He is also among the few privileged Nigerians to have served at all levels of Government from Local Government to federal and two out of three arms of government and have the singular honour to have served at all three levels of party office from LGA officer of NRC/ ANC/ DPN  from 1993 to  date


With all these facts and no matter the position of his critics, Peterside is a symbol of unity, a visionary, egalitarian and, most importantly, a great patriot whose love for Rivers State and her people is infectious. He is truly an amazing personality, an icon, an enigma, a study in resoluteness, benevolence, audacity, resourcefulness, creativity, one of the new faces of Nigerian politics and most importantly an emerging force in the Maritime Industry in Africa.


As Dr. Dakuku Peterside turns 48, it is a perfect opportunity for him to sense the feeling of being alive in the depths of his heart and promise himself to continue to do great things and aim even higher.


As he celebrates his 48th birthday in few days time, I wish this great, a resolute revolutionary, exceptional visionary and democrat the best in all his future endeavours.


Chief Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and can be reached via

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Rivers governor terminates power plants bought by Tonye Cole, others

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This is not a surprise to me – Princewill

Following the termination of the sale of Rivers power plants bought by Cole’s Sahara Energy, owned by Governor wike’s 2019 contender – Arch. Tonye Cole, a frontline APC chieftain in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill who is also Director of Strategic Communications of Tonye Cole’s Campaign Organization has condemned the act, describing it as “the vindictive nature of the politics we play today and the reason why many who can salvage our analog politics stay away.”

An online report written by Ignatius Chukwu in Bussiness Day said, “The Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, has hit hard at Tonye Cole, his rival for the 2019 governorship contest, terminating the sale of Rivers power plants bought by Cole’s Sahara Energy. He also hit hard at other investments associated with Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi’s allies, but Cole’s camp has reacted, saying it is not a surprise. 

“The terminations were the fallout of the state executive council meeting on Friday, December 21, 2018. A statement from government house said the Rivers State Government has approved the termination of the ‘Share sale contract’ for the sale  of 70 per cent equity of the State Government-owned power generation assets held by First Independent Power Limited in Omoku, Afam, Trans-Amadi and Eleme Gas Turbines to NG Power-HPS Limited. 

“The Rivers State Government also terminated the concession of the Rivers and Bayelsa State owned Olympia Hotel to Cenpropsaroten Hotel Management Limited.”

Reacting to development, Prince Tonye Prince noted that: “This may be a surprise to some, but not me. This is the vindictive nature of the politics we play today and the reason why many who can salvage our analog politics stay away. We’ve said it before that politics is too important to be left to politicians, so the Tonye Coles of this world should have no fear. The old way is going and the old style politicians know it. My surprise is it took this long. I can only imagine that now Wike knows that Tonye Cole will be confirmed as his opponent, he can no longer hide his frustration. What he fails to appreciate is that no serious business will want to do business with Rivers state. All this from a state with the highest level of unemployment in Nigeria and IGR untapped. Yet we wonder why insecurity remains.”

Continuing, Ignatius Chukwu wrote: “The State Government had further terminated the concession agreement between the Government of Rivers State and Kild Concession Limited in respect of the construction of a Toll road and Secondary developments in Abonnema Wharf, Port Harcourt. 

“The three companies that had their contracts/concessions terminated are subsidiaries of Sahara Energy Limited, which the state government said were used by Amaechi to acquire state assets. 

“Briefing journalists after the State Executive Council meeting, Information and Communication Commissioner, Emma Okah, said that the State Government arrived at the resolutions in line with yet to be implemented  recommendations of the White Paper  on the Report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry for the Investigation of the administration of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi on the sale  of Valued Assets of Rivers State and other related matters under the chairmanship of Justice George Omereji. 

“The Rivers State Government directed the Honourable Attorney General of the State to take further steps as contained in the White Paper.”



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Rivers 2019 Guber Poll: Arch. Tonye’s Camp jubilates over Supreme Court adjournment

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The Supreme Court has adjourned hearing in a matter brought before it by H.A Bello counsel for Ibrahim Umar and 22 others seeking to nullify the Congresses in Rivers state.

The apex court said today that it would now hear the matter on January 21, 2019 an outcome that pleased the Tonye Cole campaign. Although efforts were made to delve into the competence of appeal no 198, which was not before their Lordships, it took the intervention of a Justice of the Supreme Court to stop the proceedings.

The Justice had mildly reminded the Court that he was not a member of the panel set to hear appeal No 198.

A statement issued by the Spokesman of the Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke recalled that the appeal which was earlier adjourned to March 8, next year was relisted for hearing today, 20th December, 2018 following an application by H.A. Bello.

All efforts to delve into other issues not connected to the matter on the court’s list were truncated, the statement explained.

According to it, “one of the Justices drew the attention of the Presiding Judge to the fact that he is not a member of the panel. This immediately left the justice with only one option, to adjourn to Jan. 21st to hear the application for abridgement of time.”

“We advise members of the public to remain calm while justice is sought. We need peace, built on equity and justice and we are in the right place to find it. Let us ignore cheap propaganda and falsehood. Irresponsible talk about thugs and our DG invading the Supreme Court is fake news from desperate minds. Tonye Cole and his campaign are a symbol of peace and no amount of provocative behaviour will divert us from this path” the statement added.


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TCCO reacts to the Kidnap of a Priest

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TCCO reacts to the Kidnap of a Priest


The Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation, TCCO, said their attention have been drawn to the reported kidnap of the Bishop of the Ahoada Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Bishop Clement Ekpeye.


TCCO recalled that Bishop Ekpeye was kidnapped Tuesday 18th December, 2018 in the Ahoada East Local Government Area by some unknown persons.


The Campaign Organisation in a statement issued Wednesday 19th December, 2018 by Mr. Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman, Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation  alleged, “We have learnt that the priest was taken from his residence, beaten and forced into his car by the hoodlums who took him to an unknown destination. We recall that the gentle and respectable priest whose whereabouts was yet unknown was the clergyman who received, and prayed with Pastor Tonye Patrick Cole, flag bearer of the APC when he visited the area. We have also learnt that since Pastor Cole visited the area, the Priest has received threats from persons at large, claiming to act for, and on behalf of Governor Wike and the PDP.”


The statement reads:  “While we join all well meaning Christians and others to pray for the safety and immediate return of Bishop Ekpeye to his loved ones and the Church, we urge the Rivers State Police Command and other security agencies to do the best that they can to rescue him.


“We are however, disturbed that under the watch of this government, kidnapping has degenerated so low that a Man of God who has dedicated his life to the service of mankind can be so brutally assaulted by thugs acting on the orders of their godfathers. The present day Rivers state continues to bring untold hardship on the people of Rivers State. Despite efforts by security agencies to keep the State safe, highly unsavoury elements disguised as leaders have persisted in their quest to create fear and insecurity.


“Our people are not game to be hunted down and killed neither are they slaves to be sold or exchanged for ransom. Jobs and prosperity cannot be built on the foundations of insecurity. Accordingly, we are urging all men and women of goodwill to rise up against this terror in Rivers State. Enough of this malaise, enough of this continuity. Bring us men of peace.”



Ogbonna Nwuke

Spokesman, Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation


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Rivers State: Evacuation of wastes will be strictly delayed today – Jerry Needam

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Evacuation of wastes in Port Harcourt the Rivers State Capital, and its environs will be strictly delayed today, due to minor issues at the dumpsites.

The issues are currently being tackled and will be rectified before the end of today.

The Sole Administrator of Rivers State Waste Management Agency, Bro Felix Obuah has therefore, appealed to the general public to bear with the Agency, as the issues at the dumpsites are being rectified to ensure free evacuation of wastes later this evening.

This clarification becomes necessary so that those living and doing business in the State will not be embarrassed, if evacuation of wastes is delayed in their respective areas and zones.

The Sole Administrator of Rivers State Waste Management Agency, RIWAMA,  Bro Felix Obuah also appeals to Service Providers to ensure that their  zones and areas are kept clean this yuletide, and always.


Jerry Needam,

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to

Bro. Felix Obuah, Sole Administrator,

Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA)


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Disorderly conduct of Mrs. Martha, others reflects not the good behaviour of our people – Hon. Iniobong

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The disturbances at Akwa Ibom International Airport during the visit of the Dr. (Mrs) Aisha Buhari, Wife of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, on Friday, December 14, 2018, to Akwa Ibom State.

We wish to begin by expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Her Excellency, Mrs Aisha Buhari, Wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for her visit to Akwa Ibom State last Friday. Her Excellency, Mrs Buhari was the Special Guest of Honour at the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) Empowerment of 11,600 Women and Youths in Akwa Ibom State in collaboration with Future Assured Initiative & Office of Senator Godswill Akpabio, CON.

We wish, however, to offer our apologies, on behalf of our members and indeed the good people of the state, to Her Excellency for the pushing and shoving at the airport when Her Excellency’s plane arrived. We understand that the skirmish was perpetrated by an unruly crowd of PDP supporters led by the governor’s wife and aided by security personnel from the Akwa Ibom State Government House. Their sole aim was to disrupt the airport ceremonies for the wife of our president, create confusion at the airport and force the visitors to return to Abuja.

The disorderly conduct of Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel and her Dakkada women group at the airport does not in any way reflect the good behaviour of our people and their love for the president. We assure the President and Mrs Aisha Buhari that Akwa Ibom people will express their love for him with overwhelming vote on 16th February and 2nd March next year. We hold our President and his dear wife in high esteem. We will like to give a true account of the incident for the benefit of Nigerians who have been deliberately misled by the state government in their syndicated news releases.

First of all, it should be noted that the Wife of the President was not a guest of the Akwa Ibom State Government. Neither was she in the state to participate any activity of the state government. She was invited by the NDE, an agency of the Federal Government, in collaboration with the Office of Senator Godswill Akpabio, as the Special Guest of Honour in an empowerment programme that was funded by Senator Akpabio. A few days to the arrival of Her Excellency, her Protocol staff called Mrs Unoma Ekaette Akpabio, wife of Senator Akpabio, to inform her that Mrs. Udom Emmanuel had requested to join the welcome party at the airport to receive Mrs. Buhari. Mrs. Akpabio had no objection to this; and so our governor’s wife was duly invited by the Villa to be at the airport to receive Her Excellency, Mrs Buhari, together with all other women and dignitaries from the state.

About 10.30am on Friday, the day of the event, Mrs. Akpabio led about 25 women, including Mrs. Ese Ekere, wife of our governorship candidate, Obong Nsima Ekere, to the airport. Other women leaders like Mrs Florence Umana were also at the airport. The usual traditional dancers and brass band were on hand to add colour to the airport ceremony. APC leaders like Senator Godswill Akpabio, Chief Donald Etiebet, Obong Nsima Ekere, Senator Ita Enang, Senator John James Akpan udoedehe, and many others also went to the airport. But Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel was not seen at the airport then; although we later learned that she was seated in her vehicle parked at another part of the airport, away from where the waiting party was.

Soon, two planes carrying the First Lady’s advance party arrived, and they were duly received by Mrs Akpabio and the other APC women. The advance party consisted of Hajia Salamatu Baiwa, APC National Women Leader; Dr (Mrs) Pauline Tallen, a former Minister of the Federal Republic; Dr. Hajo Sanni, SSA to Mrs Buhari, family members of Mrs. Buhari and other dignitaries. Our governor’s wife did not come down from her car to receive them, and so nobody even knew that she was even at the airport. When Her Excellency arrived about 12.30pm or thereabout, the welcome party, led by Mrs Akpabio, moved to the tarmac, still unaware that Mrs Udom Emmanuel was around.

It was after the aircraft door was opened and a few people disembarked, that our governor’s wife was driven down to the tarmac in her car. By the then the APC women were already by the aircraft. What followed then was pushing and shoving of the people from behind by Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel’s security personnel and protocol staff to make way for the governor’s wife to get to the plane. These security personnel wore long overall coat and were well armed. The DSS Director in the State and the Commissioner of Police (CP) were also around at the airport.  Senator Akpabio and other APC leaders were also waiting a few meters away from the plane. They all watched as Mrs Martha Emmanuel’s entourage and security were shoving and pushing people away.

When the pushing and shoving became unruly, Mrs Akpabio called out to the SSG to call his people to order. She then walked away from the plane. The door of the plane was then closed and the engine revved up. It was then that the people who came with our governor’s wife started shouting: ‘Go! Go! You can go back!’ Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel then got to the aircraft, and took the position vacated by Mrs Akpabio moments earlier. Calm then was restored, and the aircraft door reopened. Her Excellency alighted and was received by Mrs Udom Emmanuel, who was then politely advised that her duties were done. It was now the turn of Mrs. Akpabio and other APC women and leaders to give Mrs Buhari a befitting welcome she deserves.


  1. The unruly conduct at the airport was essentially caused by the PDP crowd led by Udom Emmanuel’s wife and her security details from the Akwa Ibom State Government House, who pushed the crowd away to make way for the governor’s wife to get to the tarmac. The security personnel that came as part of the advance party also pushed back to prevent the surging crowd from ramming into the plane.
  1. If Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel had arrived the airport early enough; or if she had come out of her car on time to meet the advance party of the President’s wife, she would have been to the tarmac right on time to meet our august visitor, Her Excellency. Rather, Mrs Udom Emmanuel, in her arrogance, preferred to wait in her car till all other women got to the plane.
  1. In fact we are surprised that the governor’s wife chose not to come down from her car to meet with Mrs Pauline Tallen and Hajia Salamatu and Mrs Akpabio before the First Lady arrived. This is the same Mrs. Akpabio who had campaigned vigorously and contributed immensely to make Mr. Udom Emmanuel governor. In any case, Mrs Udom Emmanuel was only invited to the airport because Mrs Akpabio Okayed it.
  1. The APC in Akwa Ibom State will like to place it on record that Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel has not in the last three and half years invited our President’s wife to the state for any programme or event. Never. Never. Wives of other PDP governors like Mrs Ayade of Cross River and Mrs Ugwuanyi of Enugu have routinely hosted Mrs Buhari in their own states.
  1. The reason Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel had not invited the President’s wife is because her husband had spent his time in office demonizing the President, castigating him and calling him all sorts of derogatory names like anti Christ when he is among the PDP crowd in the state. During the governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun States, our governor spent close to N10 billion funding the PDP in the two states. Our governor is also serving as the Chairman of the PDP Fund raising Committee for the Presidential election. Yet, Udom Emmanuel is also posturing as one of the President’s ‘friendly governors’, and is scheming for the president’s support for his re election bid. In other words, Udom Emmanuel is spending billions funding the PDP and trying to unseat President Buhari, and at the same time, the governor is stealthily seeking the president’s support for his re election.


Again, we wish to thank our Special Guest of Honour, Mrs Aisha Buhari, for her visit to Uyo and the country home of the Akpabios at Ukana in Essien Udim LGA. We are equally grateful to the APC women, our teeming party supporters, members and leaders for turning out in large numbers to welcome the august visitor.


Again, we offer our sincere apologies on behalf of Akwa Ibom people to our dear First Lady for the unruly behaviour of the PDP crowd at the airport.


Hon. Iniobong Okopido

APC State Chairman

Akwa Ibom State


16 December 2018

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Rivers 2019: Rivers will be the easiest State for APC to win in the South-South – Eze

Posted on December 17, 2018. Filed under: Press Release |

…Describes Abe’s plea to be made APC guber candidate a huge joke

Rivers State has been described as the easiest of the States of the South-South region to be taken by the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Governorship in next year’s elections.

Giving this verdict in a statement issued and circulated in Port Harcourt on Monday, a Chieftain of the party, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, said the actions and gimmicks so far employed by the State governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, and Senator Magnus Abe, had made the task easier for the party’s governorship candidate, Pastor Tonye Cole.

Eze, who was reacting to a comment, allegedly attributed to the Chairman of the APC Reconciliation Committee for the South-South, who is the immediate past Governor of Osun state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, said Aregbesola may have been misquoted as he has been listed among dignitaries that would join others on May 29, 2019, to attend the Swearing-in ceremony of Pastor Cole as Rivers state Governor.

Aregbesola had been quoted to have said Rivers state would be the hardest for the APC to win in the region, adducing the influence of Governor Wike as reason for his conclusion.

Eze reiterated that if there is any State to be easily won by APC in the region, it would be Rivers State, as Governor Wike had so far made the task of winning the State by Tonye Cole very easy, as he had demonstrated lack of capacity and  ideas on how to govern a modern and sophisticated state like Rivers State.

“The fact remains that, not minding all the distractions by Wike and Abe, none of them is a match for Pastor Tonye Cole whose international exposure and unusual feats in various fields, including administration and economics, are there to separate him from the lots.

“In short, Governor Wike and Abe are the Chief campaigners for APC for the 2019 general elections by some of their untoward acts in the State.  So I wish to plead with  our dear leader and brother, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, to relax and wait for his formal invitation for the inauguration of Arch Tonye Cole, come May 29, 2019 as the next Executive Governor of Rivers state no matter the odds”, he said.

Meanwhile, in another development, the APC chieftain, Eze, has described a plea by Senator Magnus Abe to the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt to be declared as the candidate of the APC in Rivers state as absurd, laughable and a joke to be discarded.

It would be recalled that Abe had last week approached the court and pleaded to be declared the party’s candidate, but Eze, in the statement wondered where Abe was drawing his inspiration from, noting that the party already has candidates already submitted and published by INEC for all elective offices, including governorship, who were nominated from indirect primaries, supervised and approved by the party’s National Working Committee.

He went further to note that if the senator was basing his reason for the plea to the court on last week Wednesday’s Appeal Court’s ruling, his plea would be in error because the court’s ruling did not invalidate Tonye Cole’s candidacy, neither disqualify him.

“There is no order from the Court of Appeal that APC should not field candidates for the elections, it only said the APC did not obtain leave to appeal against consent judgment, which made the court to strike out the appeal. If an appeal is struck out, you can always come back to do the needful. With this fact it becomes laughable,frivolous and baseless for  Abe to seek to be declared the rightful candidate for next year’s polls as he neither participated or contested for any office during the duly approved primaries of the party”, he explained.

Eze, however, advised Abe to stop his war against the party he claimed to be a part of, adding further that his plot with Wike to destroy APC in the State would end in futility as Cole would without failing be sworn as the Rivers state Governor come May 29th, 2019.

“We are aware of the type of fear Wike is having over the candidature of Tonye Cole, knowing very well that he will send him to the cleaners during the elections and that is why he is doing everything untowardly to frustrate his candidature, but he should stop wasting his time, he should instead start writing his handover note.

“The plot of Abe thinking of clinching the APC ticket and later step down for Governor Wike is a plot that failed even before it was hatched as he will be the last person to fly the flag of APC in any further election. All his untoward plots against the party are exposed”, Eze said.


Source: Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze




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Massive turnout as net summit 2018 train over 10,000 job seekers

Posted on December 17, 2018. Filed under: Press Release |

Massive turnout has been recorded at the just concluded 2018 edition of the National Employment Transformation Summit (NETsummit) as CEOs, Professionals, Human resource companies and other Corporate Institutions assemble to train over 10,000 jobseekers.

NETsummit a by product of National Career Fair recording its 7th successful edition this year, the annual capacity building programme assembled top human resource executives, various captains of industries, top organizations, and entrepreneurs, to coach prospective employees in arrears of career information, business development, leadership & Governance, employment and economic opportunities including scholarships, loans and grants for students in a conscious effort to breach the gap between employers, employees, and jobseekers; while also providing invaluable growth opportunities, mentorship for students, youths, and jobs (white and blue collar) on the spot.

Amongst the facilitators were: Chairman/Group CEO, Sodium Brand Solution- Mr Abisoye Fagade; Head, HR FBN Quest Merchant Bank- Yemi Faseun; Country Director, Andela Nigeria- Omowale David-Ashiru; CEO, Team Building International- Yinka Olugbodi; CEO, BI Solutions- Mrs. Tokunbo Fasoro; CEO, Metamor46 – ICEMAN, Rufai Oseni (Ace OAP),  CEO Hybrid Group – Dapo Omolade; Ajayi Oluwatobi; CEO, ServicePRO – Yinka Olaniyan; Popular OAP, VJ Adams; Shola Animashaun and many more.

Human Resources agencies and companies who were on ground and recruited youths for employment on the spot also include: Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS), Andela, WedBusinessSchool, Univelcity, Drivertise, Gr8jobs, Eventecture, Workforce, GuardianJobs, WaveAcademy, UKEAS, VerifyMe, FBNQUEST, Flobyt, PanAtlanticUniversity, Delicacies Plus, Feminik Logistics and many more

The convener of NETsummit, Engr. Oluwaseun Shogbamu, congratulated the participants for taking a bold step in changing the narratives for a better Nigeria. He further called for more support from partners and corporate institutions in areas of trainings, job creation, personal development and internship opportunities in the quest to add more value to the lives of average Nigerian youths

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Gbajabiamila, Elliot deserve another term – Benson

Posted on December 17, 2018. Filed under: Press Release |

Public Health Adviser, Oluwasegun Benson on Saturday urged the people of Surulere to give another term to the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila and Lagos lawmaker, Hon Desmond Elliot.

“There is no alternative to Femi Gbajabiamila and Desmond Elliot in the 2019 polls” he said.

Speaking at the end of year Anti-Mosquito Fumigation Campaign in Lagos, Benson lauded the lawmakers for curbing the spread of malaria fever and protecting the people from diseases.

Benson spoke on his concern and interest in the uplifting of the people, the performance of the lawmakers, sustainability of the kick out malaria programme , a cleaner environment and how his organisation is reducing mortality rate in the country.

Benson who is also Managing Director, Phosgard Fumigants Nigeria Limited described the lawmakers as men of wisdom, dedication and integrity.

He praised the lawmakers for solving problems facing Surulere, implementing public spirited programmes, donating funds, time and precious publicity in the fight against malaria in Nigeria.

The pest control officer also spoke on mosquito control treatments.

He commended the lawmakers for reaching the common man, protecting the area and contributing immensely towards the development of Surulere.

Benson, the driving force behind the campaign to kick out Malaria in Surulere said the programme started in 2014.

“Mosquitoes don’t select who to bite. Some people say it is a political programme. Politicians are vehicles for the transformation of the communities. The essence of the programme is to reduce mortality rate in the country, especially Surulere.”

He commended the Lagos State Government for donating a vehicle towards the success of the campaign.

“The future is bright for the people of Surulere ” he said.

Benson called on the people to vote massively for Gbajabiamila and Elliot to ensure adequate development in Surulere.

He also urged local government chairmen, community leaders and international organisations to key into the kick Malaria out campaign .

“We want to create a sustainable platform. We held a meeting with the Community Development Committee towards sustaining the programme.”

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Rivers APC Uncovers Plot by Gov. Wike to Blackmail APC, Lloyd and Flag-Amachree

Posted on December 6, 2018. Filed under: Press Release |

The Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has uncovered an ongoing plot by Gov. Nyesom Wike, Chief of Staff, Government House Port Harcourt, Emeka Woke and others to blackmail APC, Chief Chidi Lloyd and Hon. Ojukaye Flag-Amachree.

Rivers’ APC in a statement signed by the Party’s spokesman, Senibo Chris Finebone and made available to journalists today alleged that, “the plot which was hatched and being perfected in the office of the Chief of Staff, Emeka Woke, involves the printing of APC logo on T-shirts and handing same to select Neighbourhood Watch recruits who will go to carry out protests and violence in some predetermined local government areas to give the impression that such protests are being carried out by APC youths over the ongoing persecution of Chief Chidi Lloyd and Hon. Ojukaye Flag-Amachree by the Rivers State Government under Nyesom Wike.”

It noted that “the ultimate objective of the plot is to inundate the local, national and international media with the false information purporting same to be the handiwork of APC. The governor and his people will then draw the attention of the public especially that of the diplomatic and international communities to a purported spate of violence by the APC in order to give the party and the federal government a bad name.”

The statement reads: “The APC has no reason to embark on any exercise that will engender violence in Rivers State. Any matters concerning Chief Chidi Lloyd, Hon. Ojukaye Flag-Amachree and indeed any other member of APC remain matters that will in due time be dispensed with by the court of law and not by any other means irrespective of the obvious sinister intentions of those behind such matters. 

“We wish to draw the attention of Rivers people, Nigerians, the diplomatic and international communities to be wary of such a plot as the printing of fake APC t-shirts are presently ongoing and may be deployed in a matter of days. We also call on the international and diplomatic communities to disregard any such make-believe scheme that may be coming out of Rivers State soon.  

“The APC urges the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State; the Inspector General of Police and other security agencies to take particular notice of what is unravelling at the behest of Gov. Nyesom Wike and act accordingly.”








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