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Rivers APC: The True Victors of Democracy

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Rivers APC: The True Victors of Democracy

Being Text of APC Rivers State Press Briefing on Last Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly Elections in Rivers State

Pic 3 (L-R) APC Rivers Governorship Candidate, Arc. Tonye Cole with the Director General of Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation, Hon. Chidi Lloyd and Hon Victoria Nyeche, at the Rivers APC Press Conference in Port Harcourt, WednesdayGood morning ladies and gentlemen of the press, the people, citizens and friends of Rivers State, Nigerians home and abroad, our expatriate community, electoral observers, party faithful’s, ladies and gentlemen. You are all welcome.

Over the past few days, Rivers State has once again been in the headlines globally for all the wrong reasons. In a nationwide election that sought to elect a President for the Federal Republic of Nigeria and members of the National Assembly, our dear state was characterized with armed conflict which unfortunately led to the death of innocent Nigerians that had simply sought to exercise their civic duty of participating in an electoral process.

At this juncture allow me to express my most profound and sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones last weekend. In particular, we reach out to the family of Miss Ibisaki Amachree who was shot while on duty. One death is one too many and no one has the right to kill in the name of power and politics. May the souls of all those who died this weekend Rest in Peace and the families be rest assured that the Federal Government will seek justice for them, no matter how long it takes.

It has been my personal plea and mantra as well as that of the APC that the violence meted out on our members and citizens of the State in 2015 and immediately thereafter has no place in any modern society, especially one that desperately needs to grow economically and develop for the betterment of her people. We have called for peace and peaceful elections at every stage, but it is unfortunate that there are people hellbent to cling on to power at any cost, even to the taking of human lives.

I have been shocked and saddened by statements and comments attributed to the Rivers State Governor that Prof. Charles Dokubo-Quakers, Prince Tonye Princewill and I are responsible for the carnage and deaths in Abonnema last weekend. These malicious and unfounded allegations are being investigated and our lawyers will advise on possible libel suits to take against those who have peddled these wicked falsehoods.

For anyone willing to expose the truth, the task is relatively easy and the motive particularly clear. Nigerians in their vast numbers were shocked to learn of militant kingpins that were rewarded for their role in the 2015 elections with positions in the State House of Assembly, Local Government Councils and State Government appointments by the Rivers State Government. This is common knowledge and the names of these individuals are known to many.

In Akuku Toru in particular, Hon. Rowland Sekibo, currently at large, is the Chairman of the LGA and under his watch, Abonnema was brazenly under the control of several deadly cult groups. Like in several LGA’s across the state and operating under the cover of the Local Government Authority, militarized cult groups have held Akuku Toru hostage over the past few years and in the run-up to this election, intelligence reaching us was that strict directives had been issued to the Chairman not to permit APC from delivering the Local Government of its gubernatorial candidate and in particular, his polling unit and Ward 12.

We witnessed this playing out in the postponed presidential election on February 16 and again on the 23rd. The amateur videos of what the town looked like on Election Day has gone viral and it is clear that no one who loves life would venture onto the streets under such intense firepower. Of greater importance, I wish to congratulate HE President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for his re-election as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to address the impressive achievements by Rivers APC at the polls in spite of the many forces that have conspired to hamstring the party from the days of wanton killings and beheadings of APC supporters to the internal battles and court cases of recent times.

The result of the just concluded Presidential elections is an indication of a new beginning and trajectory with respect to elections in Rivers State. Gone are the days when political thugs would hijack electoral materials and allocate hundreds of thousands of imaginary votes to their party. The results from the various units, wards and Local Government Areas confirms this and further highlights the depth of rigging and manipulation of the 2015 elections that APC as a party had complained about.

All that is required of anyone desirous of the truth is to compare the 2015 electoral figures where total votes cast was 1,584,768 with APC getting 69,238 while PDP got 1,487,075; to that of 2019 where total votes cast was 666,585 with APC getting 150,710 (even after 72,000 votes in Emohua was unconstitutionally removed) and PDP getting 473,971 and the story would clearly unfold.

APC has withstood a judicial lynching that has long since baffled legal luminaries of how the Justices Nworgu, Yahaya and Omotosho’s judgements came about. That PDP would interfere with another party’s internal process in a court of law and secure a judgement that prevents their major competitor from campaigning in any form or manner, barring any of their candidates from being on the ballot is mind-boggling, especially against clear Supreme Court judgements that prevents one political party from interfering with the affairs of another as in the case of Alhassan v Ishaku, PDP v Sylva, PDP v Angodi etc.

Our party also had to contend with numerous court battles, a brutal internal conflict with Senator Magnus Abe that disenfranchised members of the party, many of whom have now openly decamped to the PDP, multiple attacks on the party at campaign rallies of the opposition and severe attempts to break the spirit of the party faithful. It was indeed a resounding success to see the turnout of APC voters across the state.

This was in spite of an INEC body that was swift to obeying the PDP sponsored judgement but resolute in its decision not to obey an order of Stay of Execution. Our concerns were further affirmed by Rivers State’s INEC’s refusal to include the over 72,000 votes in favour of the APC from Emohua LGA after being duly collated and announced by the LGA collation officer whose duty it is to so do in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Act. It therefore means that the Rivers State office of INEC cannot be said to be truly independent as it had no hesitation in allowing the result of Khana, Andoni and other Local Government Areas in favour of the PDP.

In the wake of INEC not affirming the relisting of our candidates, we had promised the people of Rivers State that APC will closely follow every ballot box, every vote cast and every result declared to its final conclusion. We affirmed not to allow the votes of the citizens to be stolen and to ensure the results will be as close to reality as is humanly possible. That was the mandate we gave to our people and that is the mandate we delivered.

That in the midst of such heavy intimidation and array of forces squarely aimed at destroying the Rivers APC, in an election where we had no candidates, APC faithful still turned out with well over 200,000 votes, while the PDP unencumbered by money, full array of candidates, robust campaigns and incumbency power was strictly restricted to the unpleasant reality of recording just over 450,000 votes, the lowest tally of votes they have ever recorded.

This is the true victory and a loud statement of intent that the people of Rivers State are sick and tired of governments that promote fear and intimidation, extol violence as a virtue and only come around during election times to make promises they have no intention of keeping while spreading falsehoods aimed at hoodwinking an electorate with the hope they can steal another election before the people wake up to the truth.

Unfortunately for them, the people are now awake.

Finally, as we head towards the next set of elections, we urge our party members, supporters and Rivers people to remain calm and peaceful. We are confident that INEC would now do the right and proper thing by restoring all our candidates, including those for the National Assembly, back on the ballot and the people will have the choice to come out without fear of further violence and vote for the change they truly desire but up until now have been afraid to express.

Thank You and God bless you.


Arc. Tonye Cole

Co-ordinator, APC Presidential Campaign Council, Rivers State



APC Rivers State Governorship Candidate

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APC chieftain deplores Abe’s attacks on Amaechi

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….Exposes reasons Abe was not considered for the APC Ticket

The recent outburst of the Senator representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District in the Nigerian Senate, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, against the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, had been described as most unfortunate.

An associate of both men, who is also a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South-South region, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, who reacted to the development in a statement issued and circulated in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, said the face-off between the duo is one of the darkest phases in the history of Rivers state, only second to the alleged imposition of Chief Nyesom Wike over Rivers state as governor and the attendant killing of hundreds of Rivers people to make that happen.

“This is most saddening, not only to Rivers state people, but close watchers of Rivers state politics and for Abe to describe Amaechi as one who doesn’t merit to be respected by anybody, after he had confessed to the world that he is the highest beneficiary and political investment of Amaechi, is, to say the least, as a fellow who out of his desperation is ready to destroy the foundation of the house he lives.

“For Abe to claim that Amaechi was not the person that recommended him to be appointed by Dr Peter Odili as Rivers state Commissioner of Information exposes Abe as the new version of the modern day Judas Iscariot.

“For Amaechi to now mean nothing to Abe, after he (Amaechi) appointed him the Secretary to Rivers State Government and sponsored him twice as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to the disadvantage of better qualified candidates, is to describe how despicable and wicked the human heart can be, just as postulated and captured more aptly  in Jeremiah 17:9, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?’

“It becomes laughable when Abe reduced himself to a mere militant, who can be recommended to bomb an INEC office by the Minister, knowing very well that Amaechi, throughout his eight years of golden rule in Rivers State, eliminated all forms of militancy and insecurity in Rivers State, so under what situation will he recommend a fellow he so respects and loves to go about bombing INEC offices. This is madness taken too far.

“Abe is fully aware, as contained in the Constitution of the APC that if anyone fails to participate in the primaries of the party, he can’t fly the flag of the party in any election. The High Court explicitly made this clear to him that he is not a candidate to the APC after failing to contest in the primaries of the party to elect those that will fly the flags of the party in the 2019 general elections. So if Abe knew that he can’t fly the flag of the party why is he so desperate to ensure that APC doesn’t have candidates for the 2019 elections”, Eze queried.

However, proffering an answer, Eze said “we all know the politics currently going on in Rivers state as it got nothing to do with Abe’s gubernatorial ambition, but how to ensure that Amaechi is destroyed and decimated without any political base to avoid him to be relevant in the politics of 2023, but what is most saddening is for Abe to allow himself to be used as a tool for this wicked plot against a man whose love for him is infectious. It is very unfortunate.”

He, however, expressed delight that his warning in the last two years about how Senator Abe and his cohorts had been working against the unity and future of the Rivers APC, adding that now the Minister of Transportation, Rivers people as well as the national secretariat of the party has started coming to terms with his revelations that Abe had been working all along for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Governor Wike to frustrate the APC so that they can have a free ride at the polls.

“If some of these people had joined me all these while, Abe may have not succeeded to inflict the type of damage and pain he has inflicted on us all. All the signs to the motive and direction of Abe’s plots are very clear even to the blind. ‘If not me, nobody will fly the flag of APC in Rivers state'”, he said.

On why Abe should not fly the flag of APC,  Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze who is very close both to Abe and Amaechi proffered an answer saying “though, I have in some of my past releases explained why Abe couldn’t have flown the APC flag in Rivers State, for avoidance of doubt let me once again highlights some of the factors that worked against Abe’s governorship ambition.

“Abe and most of our great chieftains of APC that were lured to his side didn’t work for the actualisation of the gubernatorial success of Dr Dakuku Adol Petetside in the 2015 general elections and based on the fact, it would have been a mission impossible or rather suicidal to give the party’s flag to Abe as most likely the Peterside block of the party would not have supported him so the party had to look for a neutral person, which turned out to be Pastor Tonye Cole as the best choice, seeing he has no political bag in the State.

“The second factor was the factor of upland/riverine dictonomy in the politics of Rivers state. The upland section of the State through Dr Odili (8Years),  Rt. Hon Dr Amaechi (8years) and Gov Wike (4years) have governed the State for 20years and for another upland man (Abe)  to govern the state probably for another eight years simply demonstrates injustice and wickedness to the riverine section of the State. This is what Amaechi and APC have been fighting to correct, which Abe and his cohorts are kicking against.

“Besides these two factors, Abe aligned himself with those who want to destroy the political base of Amaechi because of envy of the successes that Amaechi has recorded above them. Take stock of all those who attended Abe’s so called  Thanksgiving in Port Harcourt – Governor Aminu Tambuwal,  Speaker Dogara,  Senate President Bukola Saraki,  Governor Nyesom Wike,  the Kano strong man,  Senator Kwankwaso and others. Ask yourself, who are these people and where are they now politically? Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

“Funny enough, after all he did to destroy APC in Rivers state, he wants to be recognized and acknowledged in a rally like the Presidential rally in Port Harcourt. If he had been recognized it would have been the end of APC in Rivers state, but thanks to God that the national leadership of the party have come to know the danger he constitutes to the party.

“I know Abe and his type of politics in and out so he should try and leave Amaechi alone and find how he can rebuild his shattered dreams.

Finally, Eze reassured all and sundry that plots against Amaechi as in other plots will fall like pack of cards at the fullness of time.

“Let us counsel ourselves with Psalm 28:3, “Do not drag me off with the wicked, with the workers of evil, who speak peace with their neighbors while evil is in their hearts”, he said.




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“Unless we ‘re on the ballot, the election won’t hold” – Princewill

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….Says Postponement exposed Wike

…..Foresees disaster on Saturday

Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill has reacted to the postponement of the elections nationwide saying that he stood by the statements from Festus Keyamo and Garba Shehu and that not only did the delay expose Wike and the PDP’s unholy alliance with INEC, it showed the whole world that injustice to one, is a delay for us all, adding that “they have offended God.”

In a detailed press statement, he outlined the steps they had taken to be fairly relisted on the ballot, including the contempt of court proceedings served on INEC and stated in no uncertain terms, that if APC Rivers state continued to be treated with disdain, the said election will still not hold.

“Even though the postponement of the elections did not come to me as a total surprise, I was still expecting the INEC Chairman to stubbornly push on and try to force through the elections regardless. I still see disaster come Saturday. Unless we’re on the ballot, the election won’t be smooth anywhere. The God of Rivers state wants justice and He will get it. We have not even had so much as an explanation from INEC.”

He expressed shock that the INEC Chairman who was once a subordinate to Wike, when the Governor was supervising Minister of Education under Jonathan, saying that as boss of quite a major parastatal, he may have skeletons in his TETFUND closet that Wike can expose.

“I had continued to maintain that Wike had since penetrated the judiciary, our security agencies and civil society with our money. Now it appears that the electoral umpire too is no longer immune to the Wike virus too. All dealing with him, do need to be made aware, your temporary high will eventually be replaced by very permanent lows. I’ve seen people vomiting ill gotten wealth to then return it to the treasury. I’ve seen men and women lose their jobs for Wike. It’s not a very pleasant sight. We have two appeal court orders and one Supreme Court judgment in our favour. But if you listen to the Wike paid media, you will think that we lost. Money talks.” Princewill said

On the weekend events in Rivers state, as it related to the Feb. 16th postponement, he thanked God for exposing Wike’s plans to use violence, technology and bribery to find his way saying that his strategy was predicted, suspected and expected, but now it has been confirmed.

“Wike only has one strategy. Pay for the courts. Pay for the noise. Pay for violence. Pay pay pay. If only he had applied this to staff salaries, pensions and our scholars who are abroad, maybe the race would have been tighter. As it is now, even PDP want to get rid of him, if only Tonye Cole’s name and the names of all our other candidates are on the ballot. Wike knows this. This is why he will do anything to prevent it. It’s an exercise in futility for him. We will overcome.” Princewill finally declared.


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Come out and Vote as Court Reaffirms APC will be on the ballot

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Come out and Vote as Court Reaffirms APC will be on the ballot

Being Text of Press Conference Held By Rivers APC On Thursday, 14th February, 2019 At The State Party Secretariat, Off Garrison, PH-Aba Expressway, Port Harcourt

Gentlemen of the Press,

After a meeting of the State Working Committee of our party in the State today in which we meticulously deliberated on the recent court rulings of various courts especially the decision of the Court of Appeal sitting in Port Harcourt yesterday to further re-affirm two earlier orders that stayed the execution of the judgments of the lower court, our conclusion is that the APC and it’s candidates will now, most certainly, be on the ballot this Saturday. No order or judgement given since, including orders given by the Supreme Court on both jurisdiction and representation have said otherwise.

We opted not to rely on a media circus to convey our right to be included. Unlike the many news reports that were suggesting we were dead and buried, we have since seen the orders and the Supreme Court judgement on the stay of execution which proves beyond reasonable doubt that INEC has an obligation to relist APC or risk being sanctioned for excluding us and disobeying a subsisting court order.

We hail once again both decisions of the stay of execution, taken by the Court of Appeal recently and their reaffirmation of both yesterday. These decisions mean that nothing is stopping INEC from placing APC on the ballot. We welcome the moves by INEC to put us back on the ballot, as the alternative would have confirmed once and for all, the genuine fear that they are working for the PDP.

We wish to state advisedly that obedience to the rule law is the best antidote to anarchy. In the circumstances, we urge INEC to speedily implement the rule of law and return our great party to its rightful place. We are only demanding a right to compete.

I want to once again hail the decision of the Supreme court to refuse moves by Senator Magnus Abe and his lawyers to appeal the stays of execution. Nobody is in any doubt now that The Supreme court’s throwing out of the their appeal against our stays of execution, speaks volumes. In summary, it means that the stays still subsist. That is the clear position of the law. The stay orders, the details of the Supreme Court judgement and our formal letter to INEC are hereby attached for your perusal.

We have passed the stage of worrying if we will be on the ballot. We must now prepare to punish those who have been trying to keep us out of the elections with our votes. With these same votes, we must give Mr. President our full support. He stood by our leader because our leader had always stood by him and if you want to keep getting what you are getting, you have to keep doing what you are doing.” Everybody must come out and vote APC to deny PDP any sight of government and help our President secure his second term in office.

Long live the APC
Long live Rivers state
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Source: Senibo Chris Finebone

APC Publicity Secretary, Rivers state.

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There will be no elections in Rivers state without APC – Princewill

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……calls for postponement

Following on the heels of back to back stays of execution recently granted the APC in Rivers state and the wild jubilations that erupted across the state, the APC Director of Strategic Communications for the Tonye Cole Campaign, Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill has laughed at the possibility of elections holding in Rivers state without the APC and its candidates, saying that it would be an exercise in futility.

He made the assertion in an interactive session with journalists where he was reacting to INEC’s suggestion that APC is not yet on the ballot. “Of course we are not yet on the ballot, it’s a process. INEC by now has received the first order and in another day or so, will receive the second one. Then their lawyers will advise them and at a meeting of the powers that be, a decision will be taken. That decision will be to obey the law. We expect nothing less. If they don’t, then it will be lawful to be lawless in a lawless society. There will be no elections in Rivers state.”

The Prince went on to appeal to Rivers people for calm, saying “We knew Wike had penetrated the judiciary, every day the signs are revealed. We know he has also penetrated some of our security agencies, but we do not want to believe he has penetrated our electoral body at the highest levels. We are soon about to find out. Let us be patient. These things take time. Our money, that he is using, will be traced to its last hiding place when he leaves office. We know a lot about who he is working with. Money leaves a trace. And in this government, corruption will always come with consequences.”

He went on to describe the PDP as an “accident waiting to happen” and advised all those with good conscience still sitting inside it, to jump for safety before the inevitable crash or hold themselves to blame. “Wike is a learner driver. He has no business driving the vehicle of Rivers state and everyone knows it. Even he knows it. He can use money to win awards, ascribe bogus titles to himself, get biased media coverage, even delay justice, but he can’t use our money to bribe God. Judgement is coming for him and it is coming soon.”

Reacting to questions on the schedule of campaigns going forward and the paucity of time available, Prince Tonye noted that while being on the ballot was necessary, allowing the APC candidates time to go about their campaigns, as had been denied them; was only fair because their campaigns were gaining momentum before legal gymnastics stepped in.

“PDP should be very ashamed that after four good years, their candidate could not go from ward to ward to tell them what he has done. Instead he has stumbled from LGA to LGA headquarters with more people in his entourage than indigenes to receive him, only to drop sound bites and share two-two thousand Naira to willing takers.

His mate (even though we are yet to ascertain Nyesom Wike’s actual age), his mate and our candidate Tonye Cole, has gone from ward to ward in every LGA and had done 236 wards out of 319 before a judge, Magnus and Wike stopped him using the law. Magnus is not our focus. He is our lost brother whom we wish well. His room is there, if he returns. Our focus is Wike and nothing will distract us from demystifying his perceived grassroots’ appeal, his supposed strong man status and his recent Mungo Park like discovery of Spirituality.

Tonye Cole and others must be allowed to finish their campaigns. Anything short of that can not be just and we will contest it. INEC should get ready for the Presidential elections, but State House of Assembly, National Assembly and the Governorship elections must be a separate exercise set aside for a special date.”

All eyes are now on INEC as the fate of Rivers state now hangs in their balance. Will Wike be given a free ride back into Government house or will the never say die attitude of Tonye Cole emerge from the ashes of court judgements? Very soon, all will be reveale

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It is Victory for Democracy – Pastor Tonye Cole

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The Cole/Giadom Campaign Organisation has described today’s  order by the Court of Appeal for a stay of execution of the judgment of the Federal High Court as a victory for democracy.

According to a statement made available to journalists in Port Harcourt, Rivers State today by Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman Cole/Giadom Campaign Organisation said, “this is the second order of a stay of execution to be issued by the Port Harcourt Division of the Court of Appeal in favour of Pastor Tonye Cole and the APC.”

Today’s matter which was heard by Judges of the Court of Appeal who began sitting on Monday after a brief adjournment was between the PDP and the APC. The previous stay granted was against the Magnus Abe faction.

Reacting to the latest decision by the Appellate Court in Port Harcourt, the Spokesman for the organisation, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke quoted the APC flag bearer, Pastor Tonye Cole as saying that although the wheels of justice grind slowly, it grants reprieve to all who come to equity with clean hands.

Pastor Cole further attributed the victory in today’s matter by the APC to God and commended the justices of the Court of Appeal for being upright and erudite.

Urging Rivers people to remain calm and focused, Cole said evil could only prevail in the short run, insisting that God has put all those who have continously claimed to have connections in high places to shame.

He said that the outcome of the decisions so far issued by the court has proved that that the cases filed by the APC against the previous rulings of the lower courts were indeed competent.

Recall that the PDP had sought to stop APC from presenting any candidates.

It had similarly secured a judgment refraining the candidates of the APC from presenting or addressing themselves as candidates and barred them from campaigning.

“We are pleased that a sense of justice has prevailed in righting a clear injustice designed at depriving an electorate of the freedom to choose whoever they desire to lead them”, Pastor Cole pointed out.

“The spontaneous outburst of joy that has accompanied the stays”, the APC flag bearer added, “proves that ‘when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice’



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Cole Campaign Organisation Hails Judicial Decision

Posted on February 4, 2019. Filed under: Press Release |

Cole Campaign Organisation has received with profound satisfaction the news of the landmark decision reached by the Court of Appeal presided over by his Lordship, Justice Ali Gumel, JCA.

Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman, Cole/Giadom Campaign Organisation in a statements today said, “The Court in its wisdom stayed the execution of the judgment of the Federal High Court which had stood between the APC and its right to participate in the forthcoming general elections in Rivers State.”

The statement reads: “Recall that Governor Nyesom Wike and the Peoples Democratic Party had dragged the Gubernatorial Candidate of the APC, Pastor Tonye Cole and other candidates of the party to the Federal High Court. 

“In what was obviously an attempt to deny the Rivers people of their right to choose in an election year, the PDP and its leadership in the most bizarre manner moved to forclose the participation of the APC in the electoral process.  

“We are therefore elated by the ruling of the Court of Appeal which has responsibly removed all legal incumberances that were hindering the progress of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State. 

“A statement by the decision of the Court of Appeal has proved beyond reasonable doubt that justice can only be delayed, but not denied. It has similarly justified the legal axiom which says that those who come to equity must do so with clean hands. 

“We wish to place on record that the Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Pastor Tonye Cole who invested so much hope in the judiciary does not consider the pronouncement of the Court of Appeal as a victory only for the APC. 

“Our position is that the landmark decision which opens the way for the APC to participate in the electoral process is an act of God, a victory both for democracy, the people and the judiciary. 

“The judiciary in any democracy is the last hope of the common man.  What has happened in our case is evidence of the fact that despite the turbulence that the institution is facing at this time, ordinary Nigerians still stand a fair chance of securing justice. 

We must not fail to appreciate the political sagacity of our Gubernatorial Candidate, Pastor Tonye Cole who attended court most of the time and inspired members of the party by his conduct and humility. 

“In so doing, Cole has demonstrated that he is a leader who can be trusted;  a dependable leader who has the capacity to lead in times of peace and times of great adversity. 

“While we urge our teeming supporters to gird their loins for the good fight that is ahead, it is our prayer that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, would do the needful by reinstating the names of candidates of the APC on the list of those who have been cleared for the elections. 

“Similarly, it is our considered opinion that INEC would take steps to provide a level playing field by giving the APC a fair chance to campaign, given the time lost as a result of the actions of persons who have proved to be interlopers. 

“The APC in Rivers State has been a victim of a conspiracy of the worst kind. By the grace of God, the evil plans of those behind the plot has collapsed.  

“It is our thinking that as an unbiased umpire, INEC would take necessary steps to bridge the gap between the APC and other parties which have been on the campaign trail. 

“Finally, we wish to thank our members for their patience and commitment. They have exhibited qualities that we are proud of in spite of acts of provocation. We also want to commend the judiciary for dispensing justice without fear or favour. 

“The Rivers people will never forget the courage displayed by  their Lordships led by Justice Ali Gumel, who despite pressure brought by the actions of our adversaries, have ruled dispassionately in favour of the law.”

In a related development, the Rivers State Chapter of APC said the Appeal Court sitting in Port Harcourt today granting Stay of Execution on the Judgment of Justice Kolawole Omotosho of the Federal High Court which nullified all Primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has vindicated the party.

According to a statement signed by APC’s Spokesman, Senibo Chris Finebone said, “the Appeal Court sitting in Port Harcourt today (Monday, 4th of February, 2019) has granted Stay of Execution on the Judgment of Justice Kolawole Omotosho of the Federal High Court which nullified all Primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and also restrained the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from fielding the Party’s Candidates in the forthcoming 2019 elections.”

The statement reads: “We have always said that the wheel of justice may grind slowly, sometimes annoyingly slowly, but surely justice comes ultimately. We believe that today’s judgment has vindicated APC in Rivers State. 

“Now, anyone who has carefully and painstakingly followed our pending matter at the Supreme Court, especially, during the last sitting before the apex court reserved ruling, will easily and safely conclude that our victory at the Supreme Court is only a matter of time. The key issues of REPRESENTATION and JURISDICTION which Justice Chiwendu Nworgu deliberately overlooked in tailoring his judgment to fit into a predetermined purpose, and yet bandy it as a CONSENT judgment, will be completely deconstructed by the excellent legal minds on the Supreme Court bench. In this particular case, the end will justify our dogged efforts as we shall, once again, prevail by God’s grace! 

“All Rivers APC faithful should remain resolute as we are set to recover all that Satan has battled so hard to take away from us. 

“INEC, by today’s Appeal Court ruling, should by now be reinstating our candidates’ names on the ballot in line with the status quo before the pronouncement by the federal high court of Justice Omotosho.” 

Reacting to today’s Appeal Court judgment granting the stay of execution and placing all APC candidates back on the ballot, the Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate Tonye Patrick Cole said, “I just want to take a minute to thank the Almighty God for his grace upon us all. I know without Him, this would be totally impossible. We were up against it. We still are but our God who has been with us throughout this journey will see us to the end. 

“I want to spare a thought for the brave judges and the entire judiciary for simply standing firm on the side of justice. We have faith in you. To all our supporters and leaders in the APC, I want to say a big thank you for keeping the faith. The times have been tough – I know, but you have showed that with God, we are already winners.  

“To my Rivers people, fear not. Nothing good comes easy. This is but one giant step to the promised land.  

“We have taken immediate steps to serve INEC by tomorrow with the ruling which will see APC back on the ballot box in time for the elections.  

“Let us continue to pray. With your help, na we all go do am.”





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