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Tonye Cole Calls for conduct of fresh elections in Rivers State

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….Plea for Righteous Intervention in Rivers State

…..This is as INEC pronounces Wike, PDP candidates ‘winners’ of postponed polls

Tonye Cole, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC, in the 2019 governorship election has called for fresh conduct of elections in Rivers State.

Cole the governorship candidate of the APC in a statement said, “This is a pivotal period for Rivers State and indeed the entire political institutions in Nigeria. Our State has always been at the epicentre of political affairs, most often hugging the limelight for all the wrong reasons. We are the only State that the courts silenced almost all political opposition to an incumbent, nearly making way for a walkover election. We are the only State that is yet to conclude an election three weeks after voters went to the polls. We are the only State that armed militants and the military faced off violently. We are the only State that continues to be a cause of deep concern to the international community. We are the only State that the electoral body is being brazenly accused of unparalleled bias. We are the only State that is openly labeled as electorally violent. We are sick and tired of these negative headlines.”

He explained that, “In this atmosphere, it would be grossly irresponsible to proceed with concluding an electoral process that hardly anyone believes in. It is certainly the constitutional responsibility of INEC to conduct elections, collate and announce results in a credible and acceptable manner, open to the participation and scrutiny of the public at all times and within the eyeballs and participation of political parties and their agents throughout voting, collation and declaration. This process has been completely truncated and its sanctity defiled, the result of which I fear greatly can lead to anarchy and possible loss of additional lives.”

Full text of the statement reads: A good friend once told me as I pondered my journey into the world of politics that if there is one thing that drives politicians the world over, it is FEAR. Politicians, he said, are afraid of losing elections, they are afraid of becoming unpopular, they are afraid of the people who vote, they are afraid of not being relevant in the scheme of things, they are afraid of tomorrow. 

That fear, depending on how it manifests, will drive the desperation with which they will pursue their mandates and will determine to what lengths they will go in order to win an election. That fear, if left unchecked, is potent and permeates through every fabric of an electoral process leaving behind, a trail of destruction that is hard to hide and difficult to repair. 

I set out determined that I must find an answer to the malaise and a solution that would spare us as citizens, the death and destruction that unbridled fear brings. The challenge in itself seemed insurmountable when even before a single vote was cast, the by-word in Rivers State was insecurity and violence but to not face the challenge wasn’t an option and to not seek a solution was cowardly to say the least and so I embarked on a journey to entrench peace into our politics and to instil hope in the hearts and minds of the people.  

Hope – this word and emotion was driven home to me by a study that showed human behaviour is driven by the two extremes of fear and hope, with multiple combinations of both in between. I reasoned that even though fear was a dominant short term emotion that delivered immediate results for the benefit of a few, hope was a far better long term emotion that delivered lasting results for the benefit of the majority, so I chose to anchor on hope to bring the Rivers People the succour that was so desperately needed. 

Fast forward to Election Day 

My candidacy had since been halted and the platform from which I could speak on The Politics of Peace and The Power of Hope had been sidelined. The prevailing voices being heard were those that sowed fear for a living and the State had turned into a battleground of accusations and counter accusations. The voice of the people had long receded into the distant background as had hope for an outcome that would serve the true aspirations of the people. 

One side accused the security agencies of conspiring to steal the elections while the other side was accused of using the independent electoral institution to hijack the electoral process and steal the mandate. In the wake of the accusations, all driven by what politicians fear the most, which is FEAR itself, we saw death visit us as a people and destruction lay siege on our communities.  

Like politicians are want to do, each side was quick to blame the other where the one with more money and influence with the media ends up shaping the narrative that the world sees, hears and ultimately believes.  

So what is the truth?  

It seems to me that the truth is no longer relevant in the blame game that has now characterized the election of March 9th and the subsequent suspension that followed.  

Whose truth is one willing to believe in any case? Is it the truth of AAC that Awara won or that of PDP that Wike won? Is it the truth of the Military that their intervention was to save lives or that of the Rivers State Government that it was to take lives? Is it the truth of the APC that their political machinery backing a little known politician delivered a shocking defeat to an incumbent or that of the PDP that an unknown politician, backed by an ‘unballoted’ party was run over by a sitting governor? Is it the truth that as at the time of suspension only 7 LGA results had been declared and others were still being collated or that 17 LGA results had been collated and awaiting declaration? Is it the truth that collation was suspended for wide scale violence when there was relative peace or that collation was suspended in spite of the peace to enable one party rewrite the results? 

In the scheme of things, the truth has been buried very deep under a mountain of half-truths and lies, which leaves very little room for anyone to claim the legitimate right to the crown. 

Where does that leave us? 

I am constrained by the choices before me to take a stand on something. An oft-quoted saying by Edmund Burke goes  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. The situation we find ourselves in Rivers State is extremely dire and having initially participated and then taken a ringside seat in the elections for Governor of the State, I have seen plenty and have gained substantial knowledge to know that staying silent at this time is akin to doing nothing so evil can and will triumph. 

If there is one thing that I am certain of, it is that the entire election of March 9th is totally and completely compromised from head to toe. There are no results that would be announced today that would reflect the will of the people in any form or manner. There are just as many people who do not trust and will not accept an election that delivers PDP today because of the belief that the umpire has granted unfettered access to the result sheets and a yeoman’s job has been done on the collated results that is guaranteed to withstand any scrutiny through the Election Tribunals or any court of law thereafter just as there are as many people who will not accept a result that delivers the AAC because of the belief that the election day results were structured to favour them by the direct involvement of the military as insinuated by the PDP. 

In neither of the scenarios above is the voice of the people heard nor are the pains and toils taken to come out and vote considered. Indeed, if there is any evil to contend with, it is this rape of democracy that completely ignores what the general voter thinks, says or does simply because politicians genuinely fear that outcome. Politicians will rather emerge with contrived results that still their fear of losing elections, of becoming unpopular, becoming irrelevant in the scheme of things and most of all the fear of what tomorrow brings. 

What must we do? 

This is a pivotal period for Rivers State and indeed the entire political institutions in Nigeria. Our State has always been at the epicentre of political affairs, most often hugging the limelight for all the wrong reasons. We are the only State that the courts silenced almost all political opposition to an incumbent, nearly making way for a walkover election. We are the only State that is yet to conclude an election three weeks after voters went to the polls. We are the only State that armed militants and the military faced off violently. We are the only State that continues to be a cause of deep concern to the international community. We are the only State that the electoral body is being brazenly accused of unparalleled bias. We are the only State that is openly labeled as electorally violent. We are sick and tired of these negative headlines. 

In this atmosphere, it would be grossly irresponsible to proceed with concluding an electoral process that hardly anyone believes in. It is certainly the constitutional responsibility of INEC to conduct elections, collate and announce results in a credible and acceptable manner, open to the participation and scrutiny of the public at all times and within the eyeballs and participation of political parties and their agents throughout voting, collation and declaration. This process has been completely truncated and its sanctity defiled, the result of which I fear greatly can lead to anarchy and possible loss of additional lives.  

Rivers State deserves better in all ramifications! 

We therefore have a choice and a chance for redemption as a state and a people. INEC, the Federal Government of Nigeria, the International Community, Political Parties and all those who care deeply for the people of Rivers State can make history by positioning the State for a completely new round of proper elections that will let the people make a true choice for who will lead them.  

INEC must therefore declare the entire elections of March 9th null and void and set out a new date for fresh elections. 

This time around, there are no distractions left and every eye is upon Rivers State now. The violent elements can be caged and neutralized so they are ineffective on the day of election. We have seen this happen. The people can come out to vote without the fear of intimidation and harassment. We know this is possible. The electoral officials can carry out their duties without compromise or fear of terror. We know this is achievable. The security agencies can provide the environment that enables them operate professionally and efficiently without fear of being shot at or killed in the line of duty. We know this is desirable. The party agents and politicians can carry out their duties without the fear of being killed or maimed for their affiliations. We know this is progress. 

This is a clarion call to the good men out there to conduct fresh elections in Rivers State where the entire focus of the world at large is upon our activities and us. Let us give this land and its people something to cherish and be proud of, a solid foundation to build upon; a democratically elected government that is chosen by her people, freely and fairly, whether or not the chosen candidate is one who just entered politics yesterday or a veteran. Let us allow the people to choose and let their voice be heard loudly and respected completely. 

This is as reports that “even before the conclusion of the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections which it suspended in Rivers State, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, had declared the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, winners.  

“The Commission had also prepared their Certificates of Return, including that of Governor Nyesom Wike, inside sources have revealed. The certificates, which have the name of the National Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, only waiting to be signed-off, are reportedly in the custody of the Resident Electoral Commissioner, REC, Obo Effanga, who it was also alleged, was the mastermind behind the certificates-before-election-results deal with PDP.  

“Though the electoral umpire had suspended the Rivers’ elections via a statement on March 10, 2019, the certificates bear dates later than the April 15 date INEC said collated results would be declared. In its latest press statement on the election saga in Rivers State, INEC gave April 19 as the date that certificates of return will be issued to winners.   

“No official source at the Commission’s Port Harcourt headquarters office was willing to comment on the development when inquiries were made on Thursday afternoon.”

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Rivers politics: Yeeh’s induced decampment, a plot ‘dead on arrival’ – Eze

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… Plot exposes Wike as the loser of guber polls

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, has described the alleged bribing and eventual defection of former deputy governorship candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Mr. Akpo Bomba Yeeh, as the height of Governor Nyesom Wike’s desperation.

Eze, one of the loudest voices of the APC in the South-South region of the country, who stated this in a statement issued and circulated in Port Harcourt on Tuesday morning, noted that Governor Wike had entered the panic mode, which indicated that he had been aware of his loss to the governorship candidate of the AAC, Engr. Biokpomabo Awara, in the March 9 governorship poll and has started engaging the most ludicrous schemes to reverse his fate.

It would be recalled that news broke on Saturday night of an alleged abduction of Mr Yeeh, erstwhile deputy governorship candidate of the AAC, by Governor Wike, the allegation which gained more credibility when his son, Mr Lekue Akpo, came out to narrate how Rivers State government officials stormed his father’s hotel and whisked him away, saying “my father was taken away from his hotel in a black jeep to an unknown place last night and all his phones have been switched off.”

Yee reappeared on Monday to announce his resignation from the AAC, withdrawal from the governorship race and his decampment into the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), confirming some of the insinuations earlier being spread about his being bribed by Governor Wike to sabotage the chances of the AAC at the polls and maligning the name of the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuik Rotimi Amaechi in the process.

However, in his statement, Eze said intelligence reports available had shown that Yeeh was not kidnapped, but was only drawn into a plot midwifed by Senator Magnus Abe, the senator representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District, on behalf of Governor Wike, bribing him with a sum of N200 million and a position to head Governor Wike’s propaganda machine.

“To the chagrin of the entire Rivers state political class, Mr. Yeeh wasn’t actually kidnapped, but through the negotiating prowess of Senator Magnus Abe representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, who initiated and supervised the negotiations that saw to the defection of the former AAC deputy governorship candidate, costing the Rivers state government a whopping sum of N200M. The former AAC deputy gubernatorial candidate is alleged to be a cousin to Senator Abe that made the defection an easy task for the Senator.

Eze highlighted that what many people failed to understand about the politics of Rivers State is that remove militancy in any election anybody can easily defeat Wike no matter the status of such a person as Engr. Awara did. Apart from removing militancy, Wike is an easy prey in any free and fair election because Wike intentionally wicked Rivers people.

Wike out of his lack of vision of what governance is all about created a state without any project to show for billions of naira that have accrued to the State and such huge amounts are wasted on such trivial issue as bribing an individual, whose political value doesn’t matter.

A man that refused to pay pensioners, create any employment and promote any civil servant. A man that cancelled free education, increased tuition fees, abandoned all the Institutions created by his mentor and predecessor, Dr. Amaechi in Education, Health, Agriculture sectors, increased miscreants, hoodlums, cultism etc in the state. Town planning is zero peace zero, skill acquisition zero. These and many more reasons was why it easy for Engr. B. Awara of AAC to defeat him.

For Wike to have challenged God by stating that, “No man born of a woman can defeat me” is the main reason why his effort to bribe God is failing him.

In fact, Wike’s loss in this election is the wish of Rivers people.

Eze expressed shock that a personality like Prince Uche Secondus the National Chairman of PDP could abandon crucial national issues affecting his party to attend an event of such inconsequential that cant assist Wike in his drowning state. To demonstrate how low Wike’s administration has become, governance was not only abandoned for two days but a grand reception with all commissioners assembled in the government House to celebrate the defection of Mr. Yee.

“The defection of Mr. Yeeh to the PDP is not only laughable, an exercise in futility, inconsequential, but also of no impact on the rescue mission that will culminate in the ouster of Wike from the Brick House after 29th May, 2019.

“The new pact between Wike and Yee only succeeded in exposing the fact that Wike truly lost the 9th March polls to Engr. Awara of AAC. It shows that he is not entirely confident that his plot to manipulate the INEC to do his bidding and rig him back in as governor-elect, knowing very well that he has lost, hence the desperation to spend such a huge sum to cause the deputy governorship candidate of his superior opponent, Engr Awara who defeated him in the polls, to muddle sequences of development up.

“I am shocked that despite the fact that Senator Abe midwifed this unholy pact, Governor Wike has appointed the new member of his government, Mr. Yee, to take over from Abe as the Head of the Propaganda Unit of his administration, not minding that this man have no knowledge of media workings.

“Considering Mr Yeeh’s shortcomings on issues on media, Governor Wike has detailed Emma Okah, who is Commissioner for Information, Simeon Nwakaudu, his Special Assistant on  Electronic Media and Abe’s Senior Assistant on Media, Kennedy Friday, to join and collaborate with the new Head of Propaganda Unit to sustain the spreading of already prepared documents full of falsehoods on daily basis to ensure that the image, person and personality of the Minister of Transportation, Dr Chibuike Rotimii Amaechi is reduced to nothing.

“The latest plot is not necessarily about Wike surviving the onslaught to ouster him from the Brick House as he is already aware that his days in the government house are numbered but the plot is  aimed at frustrating and making it impossible for Amaechi to be reappointed into the cabinet of President Muhammad Buhari after May 29, 2019, but what Wike, Abe and those aiding them have failed to realise is their past fruitless and futile attempts and  that they can’t come in between President Buhari and his son, Dr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi no matter the level of propaganda employed. They will fail as they failed in past endeavours.”, he said.

Eze, however, pleaded with the people of Rivers state to be patient with their great son as the plot to destroy him will amount to nothing afterall stating that the mission to rescue Rivers State is a task that must be accomplished no matter the odds” Eze concluded.


Source: Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze



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Ambode dragged to court over revocation of Lekki land

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Ambode dragged to court over revocation of Lekki land

……Lagos leaders protest

The story is being told in Lagos State of the hard nose treatment Governor Akinwunmi Ambode handed close friends of a former governor in South-West.

Allegations of nepotism and impunity flow freely just like tears for many selected for witch hunting.

Governor Ambode and one of the associates of the former governor are locked in a fresh tango over hasty revocation of land.

A letter dated August 8, 2016 and signed by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode revoked the existing Right of Occupancy in the parcel of land known and referred to as Block 128B, Plot 10, Lekki in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State.

Governor Ambode gave the failure to develop the land within the stipulated time and non-payment of ground rents and development charges as the grounds for the revocation.

“That I or any person duly authorized by me shall take possession of the said parcel of land and that any holder, owner or occupier of the said land or any part of it is accordingly directed to yield up possession of the land.”

“Any person who willfully hinder or obstruct the Governor or any person authorized by him from taking possession of the land or any part thereof or from the execution of any function under the provisions of the Land Use Act Cap. L5 of 2004 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria shall be dealt with according to Law.”

But legal experts, public affairs analysts and prominent Lagos leaders are crying foul.

They claim that the property was fully fenced up to protect iron rods and blocks before the notice of revocation of right of Occupancy was handed over to the owner of the land.

They also recalled the encroachment committed by adjacent development owners, the need to regularize it and the visit of top officials of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development to the site in view of enforcing physical and structural adjustment.

Incidentally, the owner of the land, Mr Ayodele Odunlami obtained court order restraining the Lagos State Government,  Office of the Governor of Lagos State (Bureau of Lands), Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, their agents, privies, or any person acting for and on their behalf from assigning, disposing or purporting to dispose of, dissipating or laying waste to or otherwise dealing with the land  and property known and referred to as Block 128, Plot 10, Lekki in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State pending the determination of the motion on notice for interlocutory injunction.

Despite the restraining order, the Lagos State governor gave a go-ahead to his security aide to take over the property as a parting gift.

Some policemen and government officials under the authority of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the security aide were ordered to destroy the Walls and Boys Quarters (BQ).

The incident came on the heels of an outcry by some prominent South-West leaders about renewed efforts by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to take some lands from the owners and give them to his political cronies.

“It is undeserved, unmerited treatment to be given to a Lagosian” one of the leaders of the new South-west People’s Union, Chief Abayomi Ajasa said Monday in Lagos.

Ajasa told a gathering of eminent Lagosians that the security aide moved to the land and commenced construction on it, despite the judgement ordering all the parties to desist from taking possession of the land.

“Flouting a court order, they destroyed the structure on ground and started building whatever they want on the land” Ajasa added.

Credit:  Henry Ovie

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Biases of INEC and their underhand tactics, we have been vindicated – Princewill

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Biases of INEC and their underhand tactics, we have been vindicated – Princewill

Prince Tonye Princewill1A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress APC in Rivers State, Prince T.J.T Princewill who is the Director on Strategic Communications of Tonye Cole Campaign Organization said the biases of INEC and their underhand tactics have been laid bare for everyone else to also see.

Mr. Princewill who made his view known in a statement circulated to journalists stated that, “it is better to be quiet and let people suspect you may have something in your mouth, than to open your mouth and confirm that you actually do. What INEC has shown in their attitude towards us and in putting out their midnight statement on the 15th of March was that they have been unable to resist the allure of big money and the evil of Nyesom Wike. Many of us said as much, but we were quietly dismissed as just being biased. Now that people have heard from an institution with even more integrity, the biases of INEC and their underhand tactics have been laid bare for everyone else to also see. They are not the first to succumb and they will not be the last, but thanks to the current anti corruption trend in Buhari governance, they are now dancing in the market square and the world is watching their backs.”

Text of the statement reads: “The recent terse statement made by the Nigerian Army exposed a wide gap in the relationship between the “independent” umpire and the security agencies, the same people who provide the conducive environment for INEC to operate. What is striking in the statement released by the Army is not that they simply dented INEC’s credibility, but that they called them out in a key aspect of their qualification that leaves them in tatters – their expected independence. How INEC recovers from this remains to be seen, but suffice to say that they can no longer speak with the freedom of the benefit of doubt they have been enjoying, from not only Nigerians but from the international community as well.

“Wike has tried to show us that he can buy anyone, recruit everyone and not be held accountable to anyone in his pursuit of his ambition to lord it over is in Rivers state. Thanks to the Nigerian Army, some elements in the Judiciary and also the Inspector General of Police, not everybody is for sale. There is still hope for justice and the illegal suspension of an exercise that was inching him towards defeat will not save him from an inevitable rendezvous. We conducted a Congress, they complained. We repeated it again, they sued. Judges excluded us from the ballot, we went for option B. Rivers people still humiliated Wike, they suspended his defeat. What more do we need to do, what else do they need to see, to know that this is not about one man, one party or even any individual ambition? It is a movement, united in the recovery of our state, our economy and our collective peace of mind.

“We in Rivers state know that there was no widespread violence that called for a total suspension of a whole state. If there was, how did INEC get results in 17 out of 23 LGAs? We know that widespread violence leaves a trail of death and destruction, if that was the case, how come INEC was able to declare results for Presidential elections when death and destruction was validated, but not for the governorship election when death and destruction was unconfirmed?

If INEC wants to be a responsible umpire, beyond obeying the courts, they will now need to do the following:

1. Apologize to Rivers people and the security agencies, especially the army, to rebuild the sense of joint duty needed to move forward.
2. Issue a statement condemning the violence meted out to all sides with specific reference to the Governor’s illegal storming of a collation center.
3. Cancel the entire process and start again or pending the resolution of all legal matters, announce the results as a collation of results announced per LGA, up to the point of “suspension”.
4. Change the REC and principal officers to conduct the election whenever the opportunity so provides, as there is no confidence in their neutrality and/or competence to conduct a free and fair election.

“Anything short of the above is business as usual and an exercise in futility. We are by this statement indicating our intent to be resolute against all odds in the goal of us rescuing our state from the shackles of wickedness. In both high and low places. We thank all the patriots that have still remained committed to justice in spite of the twists and turns of corrupt institutions.”

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Sanwo-Olu will win on Saturday, says Kayode

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A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC ), Mr Kayode Odu on Thursday said the gubernatorial candidate of APC, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu would win on Saturday.

Odu, leader of a new organisation, The Lagos Vision set up to get as many voters in Lagos State to vote the All Progressives Congress (APC ) Governorship and House of Assembly candidates said the will of the people would see the ruling party through the governorship and house of Assembly elections in Lagos State.

“In Lagos State, we have the people with us and APC will be victorious on Saturday, March 9, 2019” he said.

The group was set up to mobilise the good people of Lagos State to ensure the victory of the ruling party. It was also formed to campaign for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari and installation of Sanwo-Olu as the governor of Lagos State.

“The APC candidate is running to make Lagos better. He is the only one that can strengthen the bond of unity, foster the spirit of oneness, enhance development and promote good governance ” he said.

The APC chieftain spoke after a major road show in Surulere.

“The People appreciate Sanwo-Olu’s sterling qualities. He is the issue of 2019 governorship election. Lagos State needs him”

He said Sanwo-Olu would provide the enabling environment for peace and stability.

“Sanwo-Olu is qualified in every way to become governor of Lagos State. He is only seeking opportunity to serve ”

“Sanwo-Olu will continue to fight against poverty through the provision of sound education, basic health care facilities, potable drinking water, efficient transport, urban and rural communication facilities and other basic services ”

“The APC candidate will guarantee functional institutions such as independent legislature and judiciary as well as responsible and responsive bureaucracy”

“He will mobilise the greater majority of our people for development. Sanwo-Olu will create stability through the promotion of harmonious ethnic and religious co-existence, operate an all inclusive and open government and contribute ideas for the general improvement of our people ”

“The Road Show was organised to mobilise the people of Lagos State to vote APC on Saturday, March 9, 2019″

” Good leadership can be found in the person of Sanwo-Olu. He is the most suitable to emerge as governor of Lagos State”

“Our vision is to reach the grassroots, to let them know the man we hope would become our governor “

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2023 Rivers Politics: Wike Picks Austin Okpara, Dumps Abe and Tamy Danagogo – Eze

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Chief Nyesom Wike the Executive Governor of Rivers State who maybe stopped by the courts from participating in the 2019 gubernatorial election due to discrepancies over his birth certificate is already planning on who will take over from him if he once again succeed in bulldozing himself back to the Government House.

Governor Nyesom Wike who boasted to the inner caucus and kitchen cabinet of his administration comprising mainly of Ikwerre leaders that the birthday certificate saga will surely come to nothing as he is  convinced  that the court will dismiss the case and that he will contest the election and win convincingly.

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze a former ally of Governor Nyesom Wike and an APC chieftain in the State further exposed that Governor Wike while interacting with his caucus and his kitchen cabinet promised to hand over power to Rt. Hon.  Austin Okpara whom he described as a very loyal and trustworthy leader after the expiration of his tenure in 2023 if he wins the 2019 polls.

Eze expressed with nostalgia that this latest plot by Wike and his inner cohorts apart from frustrating the riverine area from ever occupying the seat of power in our life time negates the arrangement with Senator Magnus Abe who was promised that power will be handed over to him if he succeeds to render Rivers APC incapacitated and inability to field any candidate for the 2019 polls  which Senator Abe has professionally executed without any trace of blemish and to deny him what was promised to him so that another Ikwerre son after Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Governor Wike will be imposed on Rivers State is not justifiable and unacceptable.

For Governor Wike to disclose to  his kitchen cabinet mainly of ikwere extraction during their  meeting held in the govt house where he disclosed that he can not either trust Magnus Abe or Tamy danagogo who is said to be eyeing the governorship ticket in 2023 is regrettable, abhorable  and condemnable.

Eze postulated that with this unholy step envisaged by Governor Wike for 2023, he has refused to acknowledge the fact that based on his woefull performance for the past four years that he has governed the State that the people of Rivers State have resolved unequivocally that he Wike Must Go come May 29th, 2019.

Eze regretted that some class if politicians in Rivers State have ganged up against the APC Leader in the South South region of Nigeria because of his stoic stand that power must rotate to the Riverine section of the State. Amaechi has proved that he is a just man whose love for Rivers State and her emancipation is infectious and legendary.

Eze said that Governor Wike is totally free to live in his dream world but with the adoption of governorship candidate of the African African Alliance Congress (AAC), Engr  Awara Biokpomabo, by the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state, it is advisable for Governor Wike to start packing his goods out from the Brick House as the David of Rivers State is now set to take his rightful place in the scheme of things in the state but if he doubts he can search and read how King David was anointed by Prophet Samuel.

Eze urges the entire Rivera State people to seize this golden opportunity to rescue our dear state from the hands of those that have ruined and make her a mockery before the other States in Nigeria”, he said.


Source: Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

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Why AAC for Rivers Governor – Princewill

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A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress APC, in Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill who is the Director, Strategic Communications Tonye Cole Campaign Organization has thrown his weight behind the adoption of the African Alliance Congress (AAC ) for the governorship poll.

Mr. Princewill in a statement made available to journalists said: “Even though I cannot hide my disappointment at the non inclusion of Rivers State APC candidates on the ballot come Saturday, I too must approve the decision reached by our leadership to support Sowore’s AAC in our upcoming Governorship election. With the way things are hot in Rivers state, a double AC may just be what we need.”

The statement reads: Seriously though, “Wike must go” and “Power must rotate”, were what attracted me to this cause. It was not candidate specific then and it is not candidate specific now. Tonye Cole and the other APC candidates will still have their day in court. The apex court has not yet spoken and since we’re advised not to speak while eating, Rivers state without Wike will allow the judges to speak even more freely.  

The injustice of exclusion like this will be written about for years to come and the actors and the role each one played will be dissected by law professionals and the rest of us, the world over. It’s nothing short of a disgrace. Justice for me is the annulling of this election, I still stand by that. But since justice has been denied us for far too long, we have opted to do what is available to us now; Vote out Wike. For as long as we all await justice, let us do it with a different person sitting in Brick House.  

That is where Biokpo Awara comes in. I urge all those who love us to vote for him and all those who despise Wike’s politics to do same. I must advise you all to do so peacefully please. Election Violence is not our friend. He is Wike’s brother. And this Saturday, both Wike and his brother will meet their match, when the security agencies ensure your votes count, free from harassment and free from intimidation.  

Oyibo man talk say; “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Let us hold this one first before all our candidates come out from that bush.  

Vote Biokpo Awara. Vote AAC. Remember the motto and also the logo. Hands up. Let’s take it back from those who want to keep taking us back.



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2019 guber race : Activist set to lead ‘Otogee’ rally in Lagos

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A renown human rights Activist and Convener, Save Lagos Group (SLG), Comrade Adeniyi,Alimi Sulaiman has concluded arrangement to lead a million man March rally tagged “Otogee in Lagos” which he would use to canvass for vote for opposition political parties in the forthcoming governorship race in the state.

He maintained that the awareness rally was imperative because Lagosians should be free from impostor who Lord himself on the people of the state since the return of democracy back to Nigeria in 1999.

This was contained in a statement issued by the Group’s Media office and copies were made available to newsmen on Sunday, urging the Lagos masses to take their destiny with their hand by using their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) to vote out ineptitude party in the State.

Comrade Sulaiman disclosed that the Save Lagos Group would hold meetings over the weekend with the concerned citizens of the State, opinion leaders, leaders of thought and opposition political leaders across registered political parties with the concerned groups in the course of liberating the good people of the State from the hand of present impostor.

The group which strongly condemned the disruption of the last meeting of the group on Thursday, insisting on the joint effort to ensure the liberation of the State from the enslavement of Interloper and its agents in the State.

According to the group,” The total liberation of Lagos State and her citizens must be joint responsibility of all and sundry. Whenever we call out for  ‘Otoge’ rally,every Lagosian who wants liberation of the State from the present demons should grace it.Lagos State must be liberated from the hand of current political party.”


Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman.

(Revolutionary Alfa),

Convener,Save Lagos Group(SLG)


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We are remobilising for Nsima Ekere – Ita Enang

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We are remobilising for Nsima Ekere – Ita Enang
Senator Ita Enang, Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly Matters,(Senate) has said the APC has started remobilising for the election of Obong Nsima Ekere and other candidates of the party ahead of March 9, election.

Enang at a press conference in Uyo said all stakeholders and members of the APC in Akwa Ibom State are working in unity for the success of the party.

“We are resuming our effort at mobilising our members for the election. All of us are working in unison to ensure that Nsima Ekere emerges the governor.”

“It will be preposterous for anyone to think that our candidate has withdrawn from the governorship race. Those who are spreading such rumour are doing so to undermine our campaign.”

Enang urged members of the APC to turn up en masse and vote for candidates of the party in the forthcoming election, saying that the APC will defend votes of their members.

“Come out and vote. We will protect your votes.”

Speaking on the just concluded presidential and national assembly election, he said there was a deep compromise between PDP and INEC against the APC.

“There were irregularities and attempts at rigging the election. The result does not reflect the wishes of Akwa Ibom State because the PDP colluded with INEC staff, both permanent and ad hoc, and rigged the election.”

“The election of February 23 is the lowest low that the INEC REC, Mr. Mike Igini has gone. He descended into the election arena as a player not as an umpire.”

The President’s aide stressed that with the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari, the road is clear to connect Akwa Ibom to the government at the national.

“The road is better pointed with the election of President Muhammadu Buhari. Voters should keep faith and destiny with APC to ensure that we connect with the national.”

“Members of the APC in Akwa Ibom State are happy, strengthened and encouraged to go into the gubernatorial election.”

Enang stressed that Akwa Ibom State has a future in the APC

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Bonny Peace Summit: APC hails Amanyanabo-in-Council

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…..Blasts PDP for her anti-peace stance

….Straighten the records

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, a joint meeting of Amanyanabo-in-Council, Titled Citizens and Political Stakeholders in Bonny was held at King Perekule Palace. The meeting, which was intended to reconcile all differences arising from the botched Presidential and National Assembly elections in Bonny and to prevent a reoccurrence, was presided over by the Amanyanabo himself, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III.

The All Progressives Congress, Bonny chapter expresses her profound gratitude to the King, Chiefs and Titled Citizens of Bonny Kingdom for their efforts towards a peaceful and cordial political environment in Bonny Kingdom.

However, it is regrettable that in less than 24 hours after a meeting of such magnitude convened and presided over by the Amanyanabo himself and subsequent signing of undertaking by representatives of the two dominant political parties, the APC and PDP, our brothers and sisters of the PDP have taken actions that negate the conciliatory spirit of the exercise by running to the media to give out uncomplimentary and negative reports against the APC, Bonny Chapter.

To us, that action was ostensibly taken by the PDP to discredit the APC, make a political capital and, possibly, please their paymaster somewhere, who had mandated them during their campaign in Bonny to win at all costs, or risk being rendered irrelevant, politically.

As a political party which comprises men and women of exceptional nobility and proven integrity, we will not fold our arms and watch our political opponents paint us in very dark colours, demonize and portray us in bad light before the innocent public.

Therefore, in order to put the records straight, below is the text of the undertaking signed by both parties and all critical stakeholders:

Joint Meeting of Amanyanabo-In-Council, Titled Citizens’ and Political Stake Holders, At the King Perekule Palace Hall, Bonny, Held On Wednesday 27th February, 2019.

An Undertaking

Sequel to the breach of peace that occurred on Saturday the 23rd of February, 2019 that led to the cancellation of elections in Bonny and the attendant hardship and disenfranchisement of the Bonny people in the Presidential and National Assembly Elections, Amanyanabo-In-Council has called on the political parties and political stakeholders to undertake as follows:

  1. That no political party or its Representatives shall take actions that would be detrimental to the interest of Bonny Kingdom.
  1. That no political party or its Representatives shall engage in any act of thuggery or sponsorship of same in the bid to have an advantage in the elections in Bonny Kingdom.
  1. That all political matters must remain and political, and shall not extend to individual rights to brotherly relationship.
  1. That no political party or its Representative shall use State Security apparatus to intimidate, harass or destroy the peace in the bonny Kingdom in the bid to have an advantage to the detriment of the Kingdom.
  1. That all political stakeholders shall put the interest of Bonny first in all political decisions and actions.
  1. That in the event of the disregard or flouting of this peace undertaking recourse shall be made to His Majesty for sanctions against any individual or political stakeholder not withstanding his/her position.
  1. Any tittle citizen found to have flouted this undertaking shall after investigation be decisively sanctioned.

This peace undertaking is made this 27th Day of February, 2019 under the sign and seal of Amanyanabo-In-Council.

Signed and sealed by Bonny Political Parties and Stake Holders:

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Bonny

  1. Hon. Amasenibo Rodaford LongJohn
  2. Hon. Amasenibo Simon Hart
  3. Hon. Amaopusenibo Randoph Brown
  4. Hon. Amasenibo Abinye B. Pepple
  5. Hon. David Rogers Irimagha
  6. Hon. Amaopuorubo Toru Ofili
  7. Hon. Amb. Charles Tonye Jumboo
  8. AMB. Vitoria Allison
  9. Madam Lali Green
  10. Hon. Isobonye Tobin

All Progressives Congress (APC) Bonny

  1. Amasenibo Israel Waribo Pepple
  2. Hon. George Tolofari
  3. Amasenibo Edward E. Pepple
  4. Hon. Omuso Abbey
  5. Amaopusenibo Fubara K. Hart
  6. Mrs. Dabota Jumbo
  7. Hon. Henry Halliday
  8. Amaopusenibo Nelson Ben-Irimagha
  9. Hon. Adiesigha Halliday
  10. Adolf Ransom Pepple

SE-Alabo, Amb. Dagogo Claud Wilcox, FSS, psc, JP, MON

Chairman, Bonny Chiefs’ Council.

Se-Alabo Arthur Wellie-Pepple, PhD, FCAI, Msonta, AAGDD

Secretary Bonny Chiefs’ Council

Amaopusenibo Sir Fred S. Pepple

Gen. Secretary, Tittle Citizens’ Assembly

In consideration of the above, the All Progressives Congress, Bonny Chapter, urges the general public to disregard any other information being released by the PDP, as it is intended to hoodwink them and turn them against the APC.

The All Progressives Congress, Bonny Chapter views the action of the PDP, Bonny as totally disrespectful to the Amanyanabo, the Chiefs and Titled Citizens who have made rigorous efforts to ensure a peaceful coexistence and mutual interplay between the APC and PDP in Bonny.

By the actions of the PDP, Bonny which is totally against the peace meeting and the undertaking signed thereafter by representatives of the APC and PDP in Bonny, as well as stakeholders, the APC respectfully calls on the traditional institution to take note of who actually were the perpetrators of the violence that led to the cancellation of the February 23 presidential and national assembly elections in Bonny.

Signed for APC, Bonny Chapter:

Hon. George Fubara Tolofari, Leader 

Amasenibo (Hon.) Israel Waribo Pepple, Chairman 

Amasenibo (Barr.) Edward Ebenezer Pepple, DG, APC Campaign Org

Mr. Adolf Ransom Pepple, Publicity Secretary

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