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Peller Unity Cup: Alesh Akeem meets Shina Peller, Aquila group

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Peller Unity Cup: Alesh Akeem meets Shina Peller, Aquila group

Nigeria’s leading and celebrity pencil artist Alesh Akeem has been spotted with Quilox CEO, Shina Peller amidst the on-going Peller Unity Cup.

Alesh Akeem and Shina Peller were seen together alongside other members and crew of the Aquila records during the south-western states tour for the tournament.

The tournament according to Shina Peller is played to immortalized his late father’ Prof. Moshood Abiola Peller and mark the 20th anniversary since he departed. He also added that the aim tournament is to improve Oyo state grassroots football without any hidden political intentions.

Alesh Akeem is famous for drawing and presenting hyper realistic artworks to international celebrities and top notable Nigerians.

Source: Adeyera Olubunmi

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Tansformers: The Last Knight storms cinemas nationwide

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Tansformers: The Last Knight storms cinemas nationwide

Transformers The Last Knight 1.jpgThere comes a moment in everyone’s life when we are called upon to make a difference, the difference that will create change and the change that will save the world.

The key to saving the future lies buried in the secrets of the past and the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Now, it’s up to the unlikely alliance of inventor Cade Yeager, Bumblebee, an English lord and an Oxford professor to save the world.

“Transformers: The Last Knight,” a science fiction movie relates a story of how the hunted will become heroes. Heroes will become villains. Only one world will survive: theirs, or ours.

Screenwriters:Art Marcum, Matt Hollo
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Jerrod Carmichael, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Santiago Cabrera, Liam Garrigan…

Transformer: The Last Knight, a movie of 2 hour 29 minutes, produced by Don Murphy, Tom Desanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Lan Bryce was premiered at Odeon Leicester Square in London on June 18, 2017 and released on June 21, 2017 in the United States has continued to be  a significant box office hit overseas.

Transformers: The Last Knight now showing in cinemas nationwide, distributed by Silverbird Film Distribution.

Isoken11The distributor of Isoken, a block buster movie which tells the story of self discovery that explores cultural expectations, racial stereotypes and the bonds that unite families, in touching, dramatic and sometimes funny ways.

It stars studded movie stars – the talented Tina Mba in conjunction with Dakore Akande, Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin, Damilola Attoh, Lydia Forson, Patrick Doyle among others.

Find  trailer youtube link

Credit: Youtube


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The movie, “Light Will Come” takes Nigeria cinemas by storm soon

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…as Popular Yoruba Actress Eniola Badmus Beats Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka) Silly!

“Don’t mess with me” was the clear warning Eniola Badmus sent to her male colleagues in the Industry when she forced Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka) to drink from the cup of her fury. It had started as a matter of difference in opinion as to whether a female could call the shots in the home when Saka who had been put off by the argument she canvassed, set his tongue to overdrive ridiculing her and as she later stated “he crossed the line”.

Bam! came the blow that rattled the King of sitcom. He instantly fell on the ground dazed and amazed by the turn of events. Eniola was furious and charged at him like a raging bull raining blows and slaps on him. Trust Saka, his mouth did all the shouting as he raised his hands to defend himself from the heavy shelling. The alarm caught the attention of those around who rushed to the scene and it took three men to pull her away. Saka was injured and thankfully he was treated by a good neighbour.

During the battery, there were lights…cameras… and action! Of course all that happened on the movie set of “Light Will Come”, a romantic comedy produced and directed by the ingenuity laden Tchidi Chikere. Saka really did get hurt but it was an accident…the price to pay for being an actor.

In the movie, Lukas (Hafiz Oyetoro) has to contend with his domineering and abusive wife Aisha (Eniola Badmus) who takes delight in engaging him in a boxing bout at home. At work, he is a bumbling and comical personal assistant to his chronic bachelor boss Raymond (Majid Michel) whose parents have mandated him to get married. Together they must find the ideal wife his elite parents would approve of but it repeatedly goes wrong.

The movie also stars Mercy Johnson – Okojie, Majid Michel, Shaffy Bello, Ada Ameh, Rahama Sadau and Nuella Njubigbo.

“Light Will Come” will be released in cinemas across Nigeria from February 17th 2017.

Watch Trailer below:

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“Arrival” – The Multiple Award winning Sci-Fi Film breaking Barriers!

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…Storms cinemas in Nigeria from January 27th 2017

img_20170121_091252Imagine waking up one morning ready to start the day, then notice there’s a strange looking massive structure suspended in the sky. Curiosity lures you along the investigative path then you realize, yikes! It’s an alien ship! What!!! How did they sneak in? What do they want? Are we going to hear the famous words “Hello Earthlings”?

Hold on to your horses because Hollywood’s ace director Denis Villeneuve beautifully adapts Ted Chiang’s short story titled “Story of Your Life” to produce the blockbuster Sci-fi film titled Arrival”.

The film stars Amy Adams (one of the highest paid actresses in the world with two Golden Globe Awards, six BAFTA Awards and  five Academy Award nominations, starred in Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice), Jeremy Renner (Captain America Civil war, Avengers :Age of Ultron), Forest Whitaker (Taken 3, Rouge One: A star wars story), Michael Stuhlbarg (Men in Black 3, Steve Jobs) and Tzi Ma (Rush hour 3).

In Arrival, twelve mysterious UFOs touch down across earth in random locations. No violent act is made against mankind ‘yet’ but people are freaking out and want to know why they’re here! They need a versatile linguist in the art to communicate with these aliens a.k.a Heptapod and get answers from them. The US military enlists expert linguist Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) to investigate these UFOs. They travel to one such landing site in rural Montana in search of the answers and what they discover will leave you speechless!

The film takes us on an emotional ride unveiling humanity, time, memory, and all that isimg_20170121_091553 worth fighting for on planet Earth. Arrival stands out and is in a class of its own with sixteen Awards, one hundred and twenty seven nominations including nine nominations at the British Academy Film Awards and two nominations at the Golden globe awards.

Even the hard hitting critics such as Robbie Collin have scored Arrival high saying it is “introspective, philosophical and existentially inclined – yet it unfolds in an unwavering tenor of chest-tightening excitement”.

It’s no doubt a fantastic, emotionally thrilling, mystery clad, action and suspense laced film.

Arrival is distributed by Silverbird Film Distribution WA and opens in cinemas across the Nation from January 27th 2017.


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The Movie 76’, Sweeps 14 AMVCA Nominations!!!

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The Movie 76’, Sweeps 14 AMVCA Nominations!!!

movie-76The Izu Ojukwu film 76 has again stunned the film world. Following its huge opening in the box office and after sweeping the top awards at the African film festival, the period drama 76 has reminded movie goers why it was so well received by international studios and cinema goers the world over.

A statement by Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity to Prince Tonye Princewill today said, “At the nominee dinner of the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards for 2017, it swept the board with an all time record number of nominations in 14 categories. All this in a year that has seen the bar in African film raised to what is quite clearly, international standards. The 14 nominations were in the following categories:”

  1. Best Musical Score
  2. Best Cinematographer
  3. Best Writer
  4. Best lighting direction
  5. Best Makeup
  6. Best Costume design
  7. Best Actor in a lead role
  8. Best Actress in a lead role
  9. Best Film (West Africa)
  10. Best Art Director
  11. Best Sound
  12. Best Picture Editor
  13. Best Director
  14. Best Overall Film.

Reacting to the nominations, the Executive Producer, Tonye T.J.T Princewill expressed pleasant surprise at the sheer number of nominations the movie received, especially in light of the quality of films that were on offer, but was quick to highlight that the scope of nominations was a testimony to the strength of the team behind 76 and their sheer commitment in their different departments.

“I am happy for the team, they worked so hard and sacrificed so much to take their art to another level. Tonight is for them. I hope the public appreciate their work too and do them the honour of going to the Africa Magic website to vote for all of them. While doing that, my co-Executive Producer, Adonijah Owiriwa and I would love for you to vote for us too.”

76 is in cinemas nationwide across Nigeria. Next stop is Accra, then the rest of Africa before the rest of the world. Catch it now!!

Find out more at


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76 Heads Straight to Number 1

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… Ramsey, Rita, DKD and IB tour cinemas

img_00041The hotly anticipated movie – 76, the first Nollywood film to get an international sales and distribution deal is out with a bang in cinemas and in its second week since its release.

In a press statement signed and made available to The Press today by Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu, Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity to Prince Tony Princewill said, it (76) is still topping the charts and selling out tickets to audience as people waiting till weekends to watch the film have been left disappointed as many arrived cinemas to find the movie completely sold out.

The statement continues thus: “Some say it is the quality of the film that is generating the buzz as it has left audiences wowed by the high production standards it has set. Others say it is the acting, as Rita Dominic and Ramsey Nouah put up such stellar performances that they have not only given their fans another reason to celebrate them, they have won over a new legion of movie enthusiasts.img_0018

“Many who never watched Nigerian films before, have been converted after watching 76. It is not the usual comedy or Nollywood film but it has all the moments of laughter, action, pain, tears and downright edge of your seat excitement all wrapped into one. No matter the theory on the success of 76, what is clear though is that its impressive numbers can not be removed from the commitment the cast and the crew are showing to the film.

“As of the last count, 13 cinemas had seen Rita, Ramsey, DKD and Ib Fiberesima behind the counter selling tickets, interacting with fans, taking selfies and conducting audience reactions. This is from Ajah to Abuja, from Palms in Lekki to Palms in Ibadan and from Cedi Plaza in Abuja to Filmhouse in Surulere. Turning up without warning and making cinema goer’s day.

“It’s Director, Izu Ojukwu, famously described as the “Steven Spielberg” of Nigerian cinema is notorious for being a lot more comfortable behind the camera. But even he was on tour and had this to say for his film. “I have done my part. Now it’s time for audiences to do theirs and assess if we did our part well. Initial responses are encouraging I must say. Going on tour has helped me see where next I should take my art of filmmaking.

img_0020“When quizzed on the next steps, the Executive Producer of the movie, Tonye T.J.T Princewill said that “having been recognised by Hollywood, Toronto and London, we thought that being recognised back home may be asking too much. But what we are seeing here is simply mind blowing. Selling out shows is one thing but selling them out when they are overlapping, I have never seen done before. There is no place like home. None.

“Put on top of that, the fact that 76 just won four awards for best Script, best Actor, best Director and best overall Film at the recent African Film Festival and you could not have asked for more. Commercial and artistic success is hard to achieve together. Usually you will do well to achieve either. We will continue to tour the country to engage with the fans and surprise Nigerians at their local cinemas through the holidays and into the New Year.

“Next stop we head to Kano, Owerri, Benin, Asaba, Warri and my beloved PH. We haveimg_0007 already made our money back with our Hollywood deal, but the best reward for us is a chance to see Nigerian eyes light up when they feel the impact of 76.”

“Many fans emerged from the screenings with overwhelming excitement. One of the fans flew in from Accra just to watch the film, another drove from Ibadan to come and watch it only to find out it was also showing in all the 3 cinemas there. 76 is showing now all over Nigeria. Click on the video below to capture some of the audience reactions and see pictures of the tour”


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Obasanjo Endorses Princewill’s Military Thriller 76’

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Obasanjo Endorses Princewill’s Military Thriller 76’

…. As it Hits the World Stage

…..Set to Premiere First at the Toronto Film Festival


Movie cover

The eventual release of Prince Tonye Princewill’s Military Blockbuster, ’76’ would be an experience well worth the wait.

Mr Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu, the Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity to Prince Tonye Princewill who made this known in a statement said that the movie, which has been in production for over 6 years, and has passed the scrutiny of many movie critics, including having the full endorsement of the Nigerian Army; just recently got the nod of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo who became Head of State to succeed Murtala Mohammed whose assassination is depicted in the film.

“This is very good achievement for the Adonis production team as Gen Obasanjo was well placed in the Army hierarchy when the actual events depicted in this movie took place in 1976” the statement noted.

A private screening was held for the former president at his Presidential library in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The former President used the opportunity to reflect on the events of the past, and reemphasized the importance of the unity of Nigeria. IMG_20160816_165719

According to him, the killing of a Muslim on a Friday by a gang thought to be Christians, particularly when we remembered the first coup, which upturned the political situation in the country, gave a very bad signal. We thank God Dimka was caught. What this will amount to; where will it lead us to and how can we get us out of this mess? These were the questions Nigerians had in mind.

While describing the film as “a mixture of sweet and sorrow”, Obasanjo commended the team for the production. He said: “It will make us remind ourselves not to go back to the dark days, which put us in go-no-go situation. We might not yet have lived up to our best, but we have lived through our worst.”

IMG-20160816-WA002He added: “We can have more of this, as there are more national issues that can be portrayed. We are capable of the best and that is what this film has shown,” he said.

The Executive Producer of the film, Prince Tonye Princewill, who led a delegation of the Cast and Crew including Rita Dominic, Izu Ojukwu and Chid Mokeme, responded saying the cast and crew of ‘1976’ were on tour of the country to seek support and stakeholder endorsement for the film, billed to premier in cinemas in November.

“The youth of today need to have a sense of the past, we have no sense of history, hence the resolve to have the film 1976, which is simply called ‘76”, he said.

Princewill said the visit to Obasanjo was important, “considering his position at that time in the country. He was there – in the front row. We deemed it wise to come and show him the film and curry his esteemed endorsement, which as you can see we have just got. We give all the glory to God.”

Hours after the former President gave his nod, the landmark cinematic production, hit another milestone by being the first all-Nigerian, made in Nigeria movie chosen to have its own world premiere at the prestigious 41st Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This is the first of two in its world tour which is set to span across six continents.

s1According to the statement, “the film will have its specially laid out red carpet premiere on Sunday the 11th of September 2016 at the one and only Isabel Bader Theatre promises to be a truly unique & momentous occasion. All the key cast, crew and many special guests are all committed to walking the red carpet. Thanks to our Canadian media partners, the event will also be transmitted live via social media. A first for Nigerian audiences”

It would be recalled that the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the most recognized film festivals in the world – a very important partner in facilitating the rise of emerging Oscar contenders, and as a key precursor in the awards race, all eyes will be on TIFF’s full line up, which often hosts high-profile premieres of Oscar-bound movies.

Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu

Personal Assistant – Media and Publicity










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The Movie ‘76: Princewill, from a tycoon, to politician and now film maker

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The Movie ‘76: Princewill, from a tycoon, to politician and now film maker

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

1The name Prince Tonye Princewill does not need any introduction to any person who has been a keen observer of the political milieu or terrain in the Niger Delta region and to be more specific the Rivers State political game.

Born into the famous Princewill’s family in Buguma of the ancient Kalabari Kingdom in Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State, Tonye who is fondly called ‘TP’ has made a name for himself not only as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, politician but also as a producer of home movie in collaboration with other famous and seasoned movie producers such as Izu Ojukwu and Adonijah Owiriwa.s1

For the sake of time, and because of Prince Tonye Princewill’s entrepreneurship activities as well as his political incursions and philanthropic works are issues that are in the public domain, which can easily be scooped even from the internet, suffice it say that this piece is going to dwell briefly on Princwill’s currently found love – movie making.

1-1Apart from TP’s initial hand in the sponsorship and production of NNENDA and Kajola, another breathtaking, awe-inspiring, suspense-filled, sit-on-the-edge and top-notch movie that is currently trending is ‘76.

‘76 is a romantic movie which tells the story of a young military officer from Nigeria’s Middle Belt region who gets entrapped in a steaming relationship and eventually marries a beautiful student from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

The couple blossoming romance is jeopardized by endless military transfers, and they face the ultimate test when news of the soldier’s involvement in a botched coup attempt hits the headlines of newspapers.‎

When the movie was initially screened to select viewers in Lagos early February this year, the satisfaction of the viewers was glaring as the movie brought tears coursing down the chicks of everyone in the hall including one of the star actresses, Rita Dominic.

According to TP, “76 is about Nigeria. My hope is that as people watch this powerful film, they see what I saw, escape from the day to day hassles and then immerse them in how life should be. If we succeed, we will get more youths empowered and that is the ultimate goal. Over 200 cast and crew were used in ‘76. info-2

“76 is a deeply emotional movie, and it resonated deeply with me as I am sure it will do for viewers not just in Nigeria, but around the world.

“The movie’s message presents a number of questions including how we got here, amongst many other issues.

“No doubt, ‘76 is the first movie we did on celluloid, first movie to be shot in an army barracks, first blockbuster in our pack, first movie to do a private screening within post production. First this, first that. But as it was challenging, it has also been very rewarding. To see the child grow into a man leaves a smile on the face. All in all it took us seven years to get here. I am my own worst constructive critic, but I can look back on ‘76 and say, wow, we tried!” TP commented.

cmt-1‘76, directed by award winning director, Izu Ojukwu, is also inspired by events that culminated to and followed the failed 1976 coup d’état, and features real life, archived, actual footage that contributes to the movie’s overall authenticity.remember-1

For Izu Ojukwu, “‘76 is a tale of love in a time post war.”

“The movie deals with a range of issues including the plight of the African woman, and the usually invisible pain of a soldier’s wife,” he said.

“76 highlight the enduring Nigerian cultural values of courage, resilience, patience, loyalty, faith and family and the nation’s ability to surmount all challenges.”

’76 set at the Mokola Army Barrack in the ancient city of Ibandan, Oyo State, the movie features famous Nollywood names including Rita Dominic, Ramsey Nouah, Chidi Mokeme, Ibinabo Fiberesinma, Memry Savanhu, Ada Ofoegbu, Daniel K. Daniel and a host of others.

14The movie which is scheduled to be release officially by the 4th Quarter of this year, promises to be one of the turning points in the movie making industry or rather Nollywood as many awaits its formal release with much expectation.

Faustinus wrote in via


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Amaechi: Wike has been put to shame – Rivers APC

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Amaechi: Wike has been put to shame – Rivers APC

…Hails Nigerians for celebrating Ex-Governor’s legacies

The Caretaker Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike, has been put to shame by the large crowd of Nigerians from all walks of life who gathered at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, on Monday to honour the immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, and celebrate his legacies.

“By turning out in large numbers to honour Ex-Governor Amaechi and through their touching testimonies at that grand reception put together by Amaechi’s Committee of Friends, Nigerians have spoken with one loud voice, shaming Chief Nyesom Wike, who has devoted the past two months of his illegal occupation of the Government House in Port Harcourt to wage an unnecessary war against the man who made him politically in a desperate bid to tarnish his reputation,” the Rivers State Chapter of APC said in a statement signed by the Chairman, Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya.

The party condemned Wike’s witch-hunting of Amaechi, noting that it is a classic case of one biting the finger that once fed him. “We are, however, not perturbed by Wike’s antics because, as we have pointed out time without number, the Caretaker Governor is hounding an innocent man and his efforts to rubbish and pull down Amaechi, who is his political mentor, will turn out to be futile,” Rivers APC said.

It drew Wike’s attention to the testimonies of important political leaders at the reception for Amaechi, all of whom acknowledged the former Rivers State Governor to be an incorruptible Nigerian patriot. “We are grateful to Nigerians for taking their stand on the side of the truth on the Amaechi issue. Our special thanks go to President Muhammadu Buhari for his continued confidence in Amaechi, as well as to Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, his Plateau State counterpart, Rt. Hon. Barr. Simon Bako Lalong, President Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari, and the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, for publicly identifying with Amaechi and testifying to his unimpeachable character,” Rivers APC said.

It advised Wike to bury his head in shame as the overwhelming positive declarations in Amaechi’s favour means that his plot to pull down his predecessor has hit the rocks as earlier predicted by the party.


Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,

SSA Media and Public Affairs to the State Chairman, APC Rivers State

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By Nwaorgu Faustinus                                                                                   

Stephen Obinna Abara, Author and Poet, hails from Ngor-Okpala L.G.A in Imo State.  Born to the family of late Engineer Albert Abara, and Ezinne Eileen Abara of Umuene, Stephen is gradually but steadily creating a niche for himself in the literary sphere. His maiden book was published by OGUSA publication series 2000, entitled: A Historical Review of Education in Obiangwu (1900-2000).

A former President of Obiangwu Graduates and Undergraduates Association (OGUSA) from 2000 -2001, Stephen used his position at the time to champion the interest of students, graduates and people from his town by creating educational awareness  and community development.

Currently a Nigerian-Canadian Author of two books and a poet, Stephen founded the Glendon African Foundation Canada (GAF) where he serves as the GAF’s Chairman. Also a two-term Senator Representative at the York University and the winner of the Glendon African Poetry Competition at the University in 2008-09, Stephen is the Author and Editor of the ‘Best Selling book of African Inspired Poetry entitled,’ Anthology of African Poetry, U.S.A

He has performed Spoken and Heard Poetry across Canada both at the University, Toronto Library, Rise Poetry Group Scarborough, Up from the roots at Harlem, International Conferences, Nubian Spoken Word Events, Igbo Religious Events in Etobicoke, Afro Fest 2012, Poetry Express Book launch Accent on Eglinton. He has also performed at Rathburn Youth Centre event on Anti-Violence and Anti-Bullying among Youths in Canada; Healing the Wounds-Dreams Affected by Violence among Somalia’s organized by Somalia Student Association York University, and currently the Miss Black Beauty Canada 2012.

An award winner of the renowned Canadian Millennium Scholarship Fund, Stephen is a holder of bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy, Arts, International Studies and Political Science from Urban University Rome, University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, West Africa, and York University Canada respectively.

Stephen who often wears an amiable, inviting, and friendly facial expression is an adventurist, having traversed the length and breadth of Europe, America and Africa, and has never stopped learning new things while reading and writing poetry.

His love of poetry and writing has inspired his collection and creation of a range of poems (Anthology of African Poetry – reviewed by Yvonne Maria Phillip), fiction, drama and non-fiction. His forthcoming book is a drama entitled, OME IHE JIDE OFO! – A book with universal message of Peace, Truth and Justice

Get a copy of Stephen’s book at:, Barne & Nobles, Toronto Library Canada, Harriet Tubman Institute of Global Migration York University Canada, York University Book Stores, and Accent on Eglinton, and





Knowing and Discovering Africa (ANTHOLOGY OF AFRICAN POETRY) a Review

By Yvonne Maria Phillip

When asked what comes to mind when one thinks of Africa, the answers are as varied as the

Continent itself.  Africa is: History, Beauty, Richness, Majesty Sadness, Hunger,

Troubled/Struggle, The Beginning

In this ANTHOLOGY OF AFRICAN POETRY, published by Xlibris Corporation United States in 2012, edited by Stephen Abara, eight poets from Africa or of African descent, contribute poems about their beloved continent touching on some of the economic, cultural, and social issues facing Africa today. Stephen Abara is the Founder and President of Glendon Africa Network (GAN). The organization focuses a combination of diplomatic and highly rational methodologies, in order to curb and actually provide solutions for the social, economic and political problems of Africa today. At another level, GAN, in association with York University here in Toronto, aims to put in place strategies that would, in effect, inspire students to appreciate the expressive cultures of Africa and promote bilingualism and inter-cultural understanding among themselves.

These noble and timely objectives resonate among and within the poems in the anthology. The following describes the aesthetics of the books itself, and briefly highlights the intrinsic value brought to the anthology by contributing poets and poems:

René –Middet Gabiro : Mon Rwanda,

Melanie Lindayen: Nigeria,

Nadia Singiroh: Africa! Things will get better in the morning, To the Sister I wish to have had, Peace –Africa, Tender Love, Everlasting Love

Stephen Abara: The Huge Elephant: The Essence, Flames are high, Rational Trumpet

 Africa Dreams in Shamble

Marfo Bonsu M.K: She Cries

Junior Mandoko: Eloko ya makassi,

Aggrey Chepkwony: Anthem from the Hermit, The Slum, Night Runners, Sold Off

Robert René : Pinasse Du Temps, Pourquoi le Singe Ressemble ‘A L’Homme

The works by these selected poets and their peers showcase the real purpose of this book, which is to “improve understanding of African lifestyle and identity, foster knowledge about Africa through Afro-centric expressive cultural arts and spread the African culture and identity through the educational  sponsorship of African Children.”

The pages of the first part of book, is a blend of creamy beige and traditional white. The creamy beige starts out at the top and slowly moves down fading into a more traditional white, only to meet again with the solid lines of a double border: of which the top line is traditional brown in appearance, whereas the bottom line appears a lighter shade. Then again, the borders spread out in both directions to the edges of the page to curl around the numbers. The photos and artworks, of each poet, placed atop and centre of the pages are tasteful and aesthetically pleasing; that is, these highlight rather than clash with the overall color décor. Finally, the second half of the book completes and adds esthetic power to the book’s appearance, where the pages are a darker brown and the photos and scenes from the Glendon Africa Network are sharp and clear against the chosen backdrop.

Through the poems in ANTHOLOGY OF AFRICAN POETRY, the cultural, social, and economic concerns facing Africa are dramatized and the readers’ understanding of African lifestyle and identify between cultures is improved. Here are many examples of the complexity of forces and circumstances that saturate the African landscape and culture: the plight of children in whom the history of tradition is expected to be fulfilled even at the expense of their well-being, the social crisis of the homeless, despaired, and those trapped by the tragedy of war, and the economic poverty of many (where people live in perilous, poor conditions) existing alongside both extracted and untapped rich resources and commodities such as gold and diamonds and other minerals. Several selections provide a clear window into this unique experience.

Huge Elephant, by Steven Abara addresses Africa’s environmental concerns; referred to as the great elephant tusk–trapped, and urges Africa to shout out and embrace modernization to better showcase its potential strength. Then again, though other poetic gems add to the lustre of understanding and insight, there is a shift in framing the experience beginning with the poems by René-Mideet Gabiro and Melanie Lindayven. Definitely more sociological in scope, these address and reveal the plethora of cultural and social situations that shape the African people.

René-Mideet Gabiro’s poem Mon Rwanda written in French sings of Rwanda, her beauty, blessed by God, her sad history, her struggle for freedom and peace, and of National Heroes fighting for her good and her future. In mournful sequence, the rhythms speak to us about a Rwanda savaged by the hell of war, and where the land—the very thing Rwanda is known for—namely her mountains—could be a double-edged sword in troubled times. It’s also a poem of remembrances that lament the loss of lives and simultaneously highlights and confirms that the land, ever celebrated in song and rhyme for her rich beauty shaped in undulating mountains, could be the very thing that traps and destroys both life and landscape.

On the other hand, Melanie Lindayven’s poem entitled Nigeria is a lighter look at Africa’s social aspect. Set in a village-the very essence of social life, bound by a tight network, where one person is dependent closely upon the other-Nigeria, the poem, exemplifies images of power. Who can resist the strength of this stormy refrain when she speaks about the “…downpour deadening the mercantile cacophony of the crowd.”  But there is also an ominous feature of power, she warns. Are these the wings of angels or demons “clapping blackly in the sky with pious force”? In the end though, she soothes the sinews of the poem by invoking images of discovery, of what it feels like to experience the dual mix of rain and sun… After all, she seems to be telling us, life is about contrasts, where the wonders of being lies in a taste of the everyday, looking at the human person indulging in the not so secret desires of many to walk in the rain, umbrella-less, uncovered, and snatch a brief moment of freedom and the rare chance to share a oneness with the power and wonder of nature.

She Cries by Marfo Bonsu, brings a universal resonance to the work. It rather sends out a ‘call’    as it entreats, on behalf ‘Mother Africa’, that Africans around the world come together in remembrance, defence and understanding of home. Make no mistake. This is a call of love of self and neighbours and a deliberate attempt to foster pride in African nations. The message is threefold, consisting of a rallying cry for Africans to embrace unity, not strife; as well as a confident note that, though Africa’s children flee in the face war, they do not surrender; lastly, there is a kind of love that binds them to Africa that is entrenched deep within their hearts and that of their descendants, so whether they flee or stay, she is a their only source of hope when they despair.

Finally, Aggrey Chepkwony’s contributions: Anthem from the Hermit, Slum, Sold Off, and Night Runner compile an unapologetic look at some of the darker social and cultural situations that define Africa. Social issues like homelessness punctuated in Anthem from the Hermit, where many live the day-to-day fight for the basics of shelter, food, and clothing, add to those fears governed by war and despair and life in even more desperate living conditions and the impoverished take a double whammy impact in Slum. Not only are the two poems a comment on the social and cultural experience of Africa, they also integrate their disposition with the state of another major area of life, which is the economy, and seems to reinforce the orthodox correlate: that better economies naturally lead to better life situations.

Night Runner tries to show how cultural appeasement takes place in the face of pressures from both old traditions and modern ways of thinking and doing things, and how government officials today participate within, and indeed negotiate, these realms. We learn about traditions and apparently unbending policies that permit the ‘selling off’ of young girls into marriage to adult men. This is poignantly captured in the poem Sold Off, which is written from the point of view of one who had first-hand experience of being sold and unable to prevent the same from happening to a sibling. Their despair highlights the plight of our littlest human beings who are seen as commodities rather than as beloved children.

These poets sing the same songs, of love and loss, loss of a continent, loss of a country and of community when families must flee the place of home to foreign lands. But even when they learn new cultures and mix the old with the new they still try to preserve what was there before.  Their window of hope comes out in songs that caress the heart of the only home they knew, mother Africa. This treasure trove of poems makes us believe that we can speak about Africa only when we have sat in her bosom. Africa is a mystic, mythic continent, truly speaking the whole world of feelings, hopes and dreams. Now when one is asked what comes to mind when one thinks of Africa, the answers may still be varied and confirm some original views, but new ones more down to earth and comprehensive may come to mind as well. Africa is:

Love-Desired, Undeterred, Time Worthy, Beauty, Magical, Rich UNITY

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Nwaorgu Faustinus, Media Representative to Stephen Obinna Abara


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