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Nigeria Set To Benefit from Deep Sea Mining – Dr. Dakuku

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 Nigeria Set To Benefit from Deep Sea Mining – Dr. Dakuku

…seeks support on capacity building

The Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Dr. Dakuku Peterside has stated that Nigeria is set to benefit from the deep sea mining through effective harnessing of the opportunities by working with the International Seabed Authority (ISBA).
The NIMASA DG who made this known at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Assembly of the International Seabed Authority (ISBA) held in Kingston, Jamaica said that irrespective of the numerous resources in Nigeria, there was the need to work more closely with the ISBA in the area of seabed resources exploration.
Dr. Peterside who led the Nigerian Delegation to the event commended ISBA on its role in the optimal utilization of seabed resources among maritime stakeholders and solicited for assistance in the area of capacity building to survey deep sea and establish data base of mineral resources available for the benefit of all mankind.
He stated further that the Federal Government is currently developing policies that will aid the harnessing of seabed resources and will be working closely with the ISBA.
According to Dr. Peterside, “the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Transportation is developing a country blue economy policy and strategy which will incorporate the sustainable development of the country’s deep seabed resources”.
Speaking further, he said at the moment the Nigerian Navy Hydrographic office has been undertaking hydrographic survey and charting of our maritime area, and added that in the same vein NIMASA is working with Nigerian Navy to effectively enforce the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea and other relevant international maritime instruments to which we are a party around our continental shelf.
He also noted that, while seeking exploitation of the mineral resources within the Seabed off our national maritime jurisdiction, marine environment preservation and protection will continue to be given top priority.
Dr. Dakuku used the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Michael Lodge of the United Kingdom on his appointment as Secretary General of ISBA Council and Eugenio Joao Muianga of Mozambique on his election as President of the Authority’s 23rd session.
He added that Africa is proud of the feat of Eugenio Joao Muianga and pledged that Nigeria is ready to cooperate with and support the work of the Authority while looking forward to benefiting from available opportunities.
The International Seabed Authority is an autonomous international organization established under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the 1994 Agreement relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
The Authority, which has its headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica, came into existence on 16 November 1994, upon the entry into force of the 1982 Convention and as at July 25, 2016 it has 168 member countries of which Nigeria is one.


Head, Corporate Communications,



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INCRA Replies Wike’s Invectives against Transport Minister, Amaechi

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INCRA Replies Wike’s Invectives against Transport Minister, Amaechi

…Describes Wike as a paradox


The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a foremost media group in Rivers State, says its attention has been drawn to a sleazy press statement by Governor Wike’s media aide against the person of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.


The group in a statement signed today signed stated that “naturally, we would not have responded to this dross but we are constrained by our commitment to our fundamental operational philosophy of projecting, protecting and promoting Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, to react accordingly and keep Wike on his tracks.


Text of the statement reads: “Not much was expected from Wike when he took the oath of office on May 29, 2015, as Governor of Rivers State and true to expectations, Wike has proven beyond doubts that he has absolutely nothing to offer beyond political chicanes and sophistry. With each passing day, Wike’s theatrics assumes more ridiculous and worrisome dimension.


“It beats us hollow, how Wike has little or no time for anything other than politicking at the expense of Rivers people. We recall that we have consistently critiqued the Governor’s actions or inactions on several issues where we believe he has fallen short of expectations and most times advised him accordingly, yet he has never responded to any of those either in words or action but hastily responds to any politically related statements made about him, an indication that he is a misfit for the office of the Governor.


“Governor Wike’s misgovernance and directionlessness are purely a reflection of his mindset. A man who only see government as an opportunity to plunder the resources of the State for selfish reasons other than the collective wellbeing of the masses, this is evident in his alleged N850 Million acquisition of a School adjacent his multibillion-naira mansion along Ada-George road, in his country home, amongst many other numerous inordinate acquisition of properties within the same area.


“We are not bewildered at Wike’s lack of tact and focus in governance, particularly because,  he was foisted on Rivers people through the back door. He has repeatedly shown that he became governor by happenstance and is grossly unprepared for governance. Evidently, Wike, is not apprised with the workings of government and has seized every given opportunity to make a spectacle of himself, thereby, stripping bare his greenness. While the economy of the State is in a free fall, Wike’s slush funds and private purse continue to grow  into a fort.

Sadly, over two years after, Wike continues to straggle about the political space aimlessly, blaming his inefficiencies and failures on Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, his boss and benefactor, who has moved on and has continued to impact positively on Nigerians through the Ministry of transportation.


“Rather than task his administration with delivering dividends of good governance to the people of Rivers State, Wike has made attacking Amaechi the only agenda of his administration, a situation that is itself, paradoxical as Wike, being a Chief of Staff to Amaechi, was an integral part of the same Amaechi-led administration which he attacks religiously.

“Does Wike need to be reminded that it was the opportunity Amaechi gave him to serve as Chief of Staff in his government that served as a springboard to his political growth?


“The Wike-led government symbolises the rule of vices over virtues and moral midgets over nobles, a grim reversal of the natural order of affairs. Wike’s administration is bereft of the capacity to initiate good projects or programs yet it mismanages those it inherited or supervises their deterioration. Most facilities at the State secretariat are not functional due to negligence and lack of maintenance on the part of government; thus, civil servants are subjected to the rigorous challenge of devising means of going about their duties.


“We are shocked at Wike’s description of the appointment of Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside, as futile and an avenue for Amaechi to indemnify him for the cost he incurred during  the 2015 governorship elections in Rivers State. Obviously, this line of thought by the Governor is a reflection  of his habitual practice of making appointments on the basis of returns back to him and not on meritocracy. It is a known fact that the Governor imposes a certain percentage on all appointees and contract awardees as a return to him which is why he flagrantly disregards due process in the award of contracts.


“Dr. Peterside, a refined and intellectually sound personality with international acclaim does not fit into any of Wike’s reckless descriptions. Peterside, continues to evince rare and peerless leadership and administrative prowess, qualities which the Governor has not been able to manifest for over two years now, since assumption of office.


“Peterside’s appointment as DG of NIMASA was wholly on merit and not on grounds of compensation or blackmail as Wike would want the public to believe. His transformational achievement at NIMASA since his appointment as DG of the agency are sterling and has gained several international recognition and honour, a feat Wike is willing to pay through his nose to acquire.


“It is an aberration for Wike to compare his visionless government to the achievements of Peterside in all ramifications. Peterside, as a member of the National Assembly, personally instituted a scholarship  scheme that saw several youths of Rivers State travel abroad for their studies, but under Wike’s administration all Rivers sons and daughters abroad on scholarships by the Amaechi administration were recalled and their scholarships terminated. As Commissioner of Works under the Amaechi administration, Dakuku Peterside did more than Wike has done as Governor for over two years now. Many years after serving as Commissioner, his imprints can still be seen and felt all over the State. Wike has failed in virtually every sector of government, Agriculture, Education, Employment, Health, Infrastructure, human  capacity development, etc.


“Obviously, Wike’s memory failed him too soon. It is on record that the internal road network in his country home, Rumuepirikom, which he plans to reconstruct with billions of Naira, were fully awarded to him by the Amaechi administration through the ministry of works under the Works Commissioner, Dakuku Peterside. In other to amass wealth for himself, Wike, executed sub-standard roads without paying compensations due his kinsmen even when such compensations were fully accommodated for in the contract terms.


“Wike’s barefaced lie that Amaechi’s political structure was unable to deliver Peterside in the 2015 elections is a slight on the sensibilities of Rivers people who were denied the opportunity  to vote for the candidate of their choice. It is on record that despite the electoral fraud masterminded by the PDP under the auspices of former President Jonathan and his wife, Patience Jonathan, the APC never lost any elections in Opobo-Nkoro Local Government Area, not even on any of the several rerun elections.  All elections in Opobo-Nkoro were lost at the elections petition tribunal under questionable circumstances. Were it not for the use of state apparatus and manipulation of the electoral umpire, Wike would never have been Governor.


“Wike’s allusion that Dakuku Peterside made away with the election results of Ikwerre LGA during one of the rerun elections in a bid to spare his boss, Amaechi, some embarrassment, is not only fictitious but a grand farce and has no bearing with reality. Ikwerre LGA is a safe haven for the APC, being the home LGA of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Honourable Minister of Transportation and Leader of the APC in the State.


“Wike who became governor by fluke and judicial magnanimity must learn to make the most of this lifetime opportunity by taking the business of governance seriously with all sense of humility and service. Perhaps, he needs to be reminded that he may not always have an “Oga” that will tell him to go here or there at ungodly hours to seek one judicial favour or the other, as he rightly affirmed during his Supreme Court verdict thanksgiving service in his hometown.


“While the Governor is busy trying to beguile the unsuspecting public into believing he is performing well with his low-class motor park, jetty and pleasure park projects, Kebbi State, with allocation and IGR far below that of Rivers State recently commissioned a mega rice mill adjudged to be one of the biggest in Africa. In the same vein, Lagos State is set to launch its 5000 buses Urban Mass Transit Scheme to remodel its transport sector and cushion the transportation challenges of its growing population.

“One wonders if Rivers State is now a Local Government Council to be embarking on such low-profile projects.

Amaechi’s indelible legacies stare Wike in the face and will continue to haunt him and act as a constant reminder of his failure as Governor.

“In 2019, Wike will have  to test his popularity at the polls for the first time in reality. He must come to the realisation that only his legacies will speak for him in 2019 as no magic, electoral infractions and shenanigans will be enough to make him stay in office beyond May 29, 2019.


“For now, he continues to bear the onerous burden of measuring up to Amaechi’s achievements and legacies as Governor of Rivers State. Until then, we have the need to reiterate Amaechi’s advice to Governor Wike for the umpteenth time, “SHUT UP AND WORK.”


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Ekiti NULGE Boss Prostrated for Fayose before LG Workers Were Paid-Faparusi

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Ekiti NULGE Boss Prostrated for Fayose before LG Workers Were Paid-Faparusi

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon Bamidele Faparusi, has advised governor Ayodele Fayose to stop treating Ekiti workers like slaves in the payment of salaries.

Faparusi said it sounded so unfathomable and authoritarian for the local government workers through their President, Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees, Ekiti chapter , Com. Bunmi Ajimoko,  to
have prostrated  and rolled on the ground before the governor consented to pay their 2015 Leave Bonus and deductions .

In a statement in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday, Faparusi declared that Fayose as a self-acclaimed Prophet must know that a labourer is due for his pay and such should be redeemed as and when due as commanded by the scripture.

Faparusi bemoaned that for Fayose to have allegedly  subjected  the workers to trauma after receiving bumper allocations and bailout before paying them signposted an establishment of  a totalitarian
government in Ekiti under a democratic setting.

The governorship aspirant said  Ekiti received  a sum of N5.2 billion from the federation account last month and got another N4.7 billion from the FG’s bailout , which ordinarily could  pay a total of three
month  salaries and leave bonuses for 2015 and 2016 to all workers.

He argued that after consultation with the labour leaders, including Chairmen of Nigeria Labour Congress, Com de Adesanmi and his counterpart in Trade Union Congress, Com. Odunayo Adesoye ,  the
governor  agreed  to pay only one month salary to  State workers and 2015 leave bonus , which he had redeemed.

Faparusi added that the governor also paid the local government workers their 2015 deductions and 2015 leave bonus without any salary paid, in spite of the spirited and concerted efforts made by Ajimoko, including rolling on the floor at Osuntokun Villa, governor’s lodge in Ado Ekiti in the presence of all labour leaders.

“Under Dr Kayode Fayemi, several appointments were made. Former Governor Fayemi appointed about 45-member cabinet and several Special Assistants and Senior Special Assistants and added to the State civil service the wage bill was N2.5 billion monthly.

“But now, Governor Fayose,  hiding under economic recession pruned down the appointments to  about 30-member cabinet and  with  few special assistants  reportedly less than 20  and he was still claiming
a monthly  wage bill of  N2.5 billion while the LG is N1.4 billion even when available records at the Accountant General’s office confirmed that the authentic  State’s wage bill was N1.7 billion when
that of LG is N1.1 billion .

“Even at N2.5b wage bill, the staggering N9.9 billion received by both local and state government can pay three months salaries for both State and local government’s civil servants and the 2015 leave bonus
across board.

“So, Governor Fayose should stop treating the workers like slaves. He should know that the State runs a full-fledged monolithic economy resting primarily on civil service architecture and whatever affected
that arm will permeate to all sectors like Ekiti people are currently groaning under hardship under the reign of terror as typified by Governor Fayose”.

On the incendiary comment allegedly credited to Fayose that President Muhammadu Buhari had been placed on life support in a London hospital since June 7, 2017, when his sickness allegedly relapsed, Faparusi said such caustic comment is capable of pitting the country against each other along ethnic lines.

Faparusi contended that Governor Fayose, as a leader of the PDP was supposed to play opposition role, but added that such should be done with dignity and candour and not for personal gains as being allegedly done in this wise.

“Governor Fayose was expected to play opposition role, no doubt about that but the party structure could have played the role he has been playing better if he has respect for constituted authorities.

“Governor Fayose is a man that loathed development of institution and party structure with passion. Rather than fortifying the PDP to be able to play opposition role, he decided to hijack their roles and
subsumed them to the extent that the state PDP under Barrister Gboyega Oguntuase and Jackson Adebayo as Publicity Secretary was a shadow of itself.

“I  want to plead with Nigerians to ignore Fayose’s ranting and perceive him as being  grossly infantile and callow to be a governor under an ideal society except in a degenerated society like Nigeria”,
he concluded.

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Newark City Award To Gov. Umahi another Testimony of a Great Achiever – NGO

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Newark City Award To Gov. Umahi another Testimony of a Great Achiever – NGO

…..Congratulates Umahi for Becoming an International Figure  

Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi, has been described as an International figure, a trailblazer, a radical revolutionist, an asset to Nigeria and an example for others in leadership positions at all levels to emulate.

A grassroots NGO, the David Umahi Nweze Akubaraoha Ebonyi Transformation Agenda (DUNAETA), stated this while reacting to the Newark city award on Governor Umahi of Ebonyi State on 3rd August, 2017.

DUNAETA in a statement issued in Abakaliki on Monday stated that recent award from Hon. Ras Baraka the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, United States of America (USA) on Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has once again put Ebonyi State in the International limelight positively. With his emergence as this year’s winner of the coveted Zik’s Prize for Leadership as a leading light in the politics of Nigeria and his declaration as the wisest Governor in Nigeria by the Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, the recent award by the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, USA now places Governor Umahi now as an International figure and proud of the entire Ebonyi State.

Lady Monica Eze who also doubles as the Technical Adviser (TA) on Media to Gov. Umahi further stated that, “I am so elated, proud and excited that I am an Ada Ebonyi as the tenure of my uncle, boss and Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Nweze Umahi has brought light and international limelight to the entire Ebonyi State as a Nigerian born legal practitioner, Dr Jude Obasi Nkama from Ebonyi State, made history on January 6th, 2017 as he became the first African to be appointed as a judge in the 349 year history of the Newark city and State of New Jersey, USA. Dr. Jude Obasi Nkama, a former Governorship aspirant at the 2011 governorship election in Ebonyi State got his license to practice law in the city of Newark in 2002.

The DUNAETA Boss commended Hon. Ras Baraka, Mayor of the City of Newark for his recognition of two great sons (Gov Umahi and Dr Nkama) of Ebonyi State and two other Nigerians, Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro whom he appointed as the Deputy Mayor of the city and Evans Anyanwu, Esq. as Chief Prosecutor of the city Newark and assured him that DUNAETA will reciprocate this kind gesture and magnanimity by conferring on him a special award before the end of the year.

According to the statement signed by the DUNAETA Founder and President, Lady Monica Ada Chidinma Eze, “the recent award has proven that Umahi’s feats in Ebonyi State was not a fluke but a true testimony of a man on a divine mission and in recognition of hard work and expertise which the Ebonyi State Governor has impacted on governance in the State therefore he eminently deserves this award or any other award considering his unprecedented feats within two years in office as the Governor of Ebonyi State, which has given hope, not only to the South Easterners but to the entire Nigerians that leadership that can take her out of her present wood and predicament is still possible.”

DUNAETA described Governor Umahi, who doubles as the Chairman of South East Governors Forum, as “an asset to our generation,” adding that “the Newark award awarded to him is well deserved in view of his massive investments in security, welfare, infrastructure, agriculture, health and education in Ebonyi State.

“Gov Umahi’s style of leadership is truly unique and has the imprint of wisdom all over it. At a time when many other states are finding it difficult to pay workers’ salaries or meet other basic needs as a result of the economic recession in the country, the Umahi Administration, despite Ebonyi’s modest resources, embarks on numerous road projects, flyovers, roundabouts, street lights and hospitals, while also executing a revolution in agriculture, as well as the educational and health sectors. This is in addition to regular payment of civil servants, who also get paid a 13th month by the State Government. Therefore, every award on this new revelation and face of our democracy is an award well placed DUNAETA said in the statement signed by the President and Founder, Lady Monica Ada Chidinma Eze.

DUNAETA wonders what any reasonable Ebonyian will be thinking that will becloud his/her mind from being proud of his state of origin and his governor when the Mayor of Newark New Jersey USA can be proud of our Governor.

We are glad and happy for this honour and wish the Governor more of such awards and plead with the Ebonyians to ensure the re-election of Gov. Umahi come 2019 to enable this divine visitation on our dear State not to cease.

Congratulations to our able and capable governor.

Monica Ada Chidinma Eze, 

President DUNAETA & TA On Media to Gov. Umahi


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APC is Alive – South-South Leaders

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APC is Alive – South-South Leaders

South-South leaders recently lavished praise on Chief John Odigie-Oyegun for broadening the vision of the All Progressives Congress (APC) beyond winning the presidency and majority of the states.

“The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun is carrying out effectively the functions and duties of the office of the national chairman. He has done well. APC is a great political party, an institutional entity. The party has attracted competent and talented individuals in Nigeria” they said.

In a statement in Yenegoa by the South-South Leaders Forum (SSLF), the leaders applauded the national chairman for stopping selfish politicians from hijacking the ruling party and destroying the nation’s democracy.

They also commended him for his inclusive style, greater transparency and openness in the affairs of the party.

“Chief John Odigie-Oyegun is doing what is best for the party. We thank him for the election of progressives across all parts of the country.”

Signed by the leader of the group, Dr. Uche Amadi, the leaders said the claims by the suspended Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Comrade Timi Frank and his sponsors that the party is dead are baseless and untrue.

“APC is not dead. We do not need autopsy. The party is alive and well in the presidency, National Assembly, the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. The party is strong and visible in Nigeria.”

Describing Frank’s comment as wrong and immature, the leaders said “the suspended deputy national publicity secretary and his sponsors had done a disservice to the ruling party.”

“APC is not in trouble. The party is in power and has real political message for Nigerians. Its brand carries a lot that is positive. It is not losing any ground” the leaders said.

Emphasizing Oyegun’s hatred for undemocratic tendencies, the leaders insisted that the party was not divided.

“APC is not walking wounded. It is not divided or in electoral trouble. It is not in a crisis of meaning, identity and trust.”

They urged Timi Frank to retract his comment.

“Timi Frank and his sponsors are not democrats. They don’t care about the party. He and his sponsors want to destroy APC” they added.


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Oyegun is a focused politician, North Central leaders insist

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Oyegun is a focused politician, North Central leaders insist

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun on Friday received an outpouring of support from North Central leaders.

The leaders who met under the auspices of the North Central Political Leaders Forum (NCPLF) in Ilorin praised Oyegun for playing a leading role in the country’s democratic development, pushing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to near-irrelevancy and inspiring the grassroots.

“The APC National Chairman is building the party and acting responsibly. We are with the National Working Committee of the APC. We support Chief John Odigie-Oyegun” the leaders said.

They described Oyegun as “a focused leader with a tactical mind.”

The leaders in a statement signed by NCPLF Chairman, Alhaji Mustapha Adisa, commended the national chairman for bringing a different perspective, offering purposeful leadership, motivating Nigerians to vote along the lines of policies and party politics and filtering out distractions.

The leaders also praised the former governor of Edo State for promoting the party’s interest on a variety of fronts, running effective meetings and building consensus, despite sometimes strong differences of opinion and perspective.

“We are grateful to Oyegun for putting forward a positive agenda for the unity and expansion of APC. We are grateful to our national chairman for attracting enough support for our great party.”

Emphasizing that the national chairman is a leader with a dedicated work ethic, the leaders advised critics, particularly political officials, to stop playing spoiler or petty politics.

“Chief Odigie-Oyegun, a peacemaker, is living with a strong sense of integrity. His fundamental approach to administration is working for the party.  He is interested in winning more elections and taking Nigeria to a higher level” the leaders added.

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Amnesty Boss Set to Bag Peace Ambassador Award at Odi Festival

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Amnesty Boss Set to Bag Peace Ambassador Award at Odi Festival

…As Bayelsa Chief Whip Applauds his Achievements

Satisfied with his sustainable reintegration and peace building efforts in the Niger Delta region, the organizing committee of the 60th edition of the popular Odi Ogori Ba Uge International Festival has concluded plans to confer a peace award on the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brigadier General Paul Boroh (Rtd) at the grand finale of the festival this Saturday at Odi in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

Chairman, organizing committee of this year’s edition of Odi Ogori Ba Uge, Prince Iwefa Aganaba who gave reasons for the conferment of the Niger Delta Peace Ambassador Award on Gen. Boroh, said before this time, Niger Deltans were generally tagged as militants and with all sort of ill vices because of the agitations that culminated in militancy in the past, noting out the narrative has now changed with the peace building initiatives of Gen. Boroh, whose pragmatic reintegration efforts have brought peace and stability in the region.

“The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Gen. Paul Boroh (Rtd) is the Peace Ambassador of the 60th Edition of Odi Ogori Ba Uge. We did not just give him that position, it is to tell the world that he has done well and we are solidly behind him, it is to tell the world that the Presidential Amnesty Programme, which he is coordinating is making so much impact in our region and we are in full support of it.

“The Amnesty programme is a physical representation of the peace we are enjoying in this festival and we believe that we will go beyond this festival. We believe that the Amnesty office will spread the narrative of the impact it has made and is still making beyond this festival like we are seeing today”, Prince Aganaba maintained.

A statement signed and made available to journalists in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by Mr. Wabiye Idoniboyeobu, media consultant to Brigadier General Paul Boroh said that in his principal’s  public lecture titled “The Federal Government’s Amnesty Programme and Its Implications for the Niger Delta, Particularly the Youths, Gen. Boroh, who was represented by his senior reintegration officer, Mr. Jude Gbaboyor, noted that the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP)  was designed under late President Umaru Yar’Adua’s adminstration to return peace to the then restive region, saying that the programme has succeeded in restoring peace and stability to the region through various reintegration programmes for the 30,000 former agitators in its roll, which include education, vocational training, professional training in aviation and maritime, automobile engineering, entrepreneurial training and tourism and hospitality.

He disclosed that hundreds of beneficiaries across the nine oil-producing states are being trained to establish their own crop, poultry and fish farms.

Giving a breakdown he explained that only recently, 100 delegates were given starter parks after undergoing a recertification programme in catering and fashion designing at the International Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, Yenagoa, 105 delegates were trained in agro-business at the Songhai Farms, Rivers State, 200 trained in fish farming at Perecastle Fish Farm, Patani, Delta State, adding that his agricultural revolution has brought hope to the youths in the region.

He went further to say that, 100 delegates at Songhai Delta, 24 delegates at the Federal University Technology, Owerri, in addition to various ongoing empowerment refresher training programmes in Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom states.

“An average of 25 each have been trained in fish farming in six centres including the Delta State University by Gedisco Energy Solutions, Infinite Farms in Ozoro, Delta State, and Orus Resources Farm, Aluu, Rivers State.

“At the Institute of Oceanography, University of Calabar, Cross River State, 96 were trained in fish farming. Ma-Atari Farms, Port Harcourt, trained another set in poultry farming. Ogbebor Leadership Institute, Ologbo, Edo State, trained beneficiaries in rubber processing, TSC Services trained 24 in general agri-business at the Edo State College of Education, Iguoriakhi, while Eunirusk Investment trained 18 in cassava, corn and oil palm processing at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State.

“48 beneficiaries were trained in crop farming at the Faculty of Agriculture, Imo State University (IMSU), another 25 had training in cassava cultivation, processing to baking flour and fabrication of processing machines at the Rivers State centre of the renowned International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Oyo State, facilitated by Primevails Nigeria Limited”, he said.

These training programmes in agriculture were designed as a full value chain – from farming, production, processing, packaging, marketing to agri-business management, with each farm, according to Gen. Boroh, requiring the services of at least four farmers, creating 4,000 farm workers in the region under this phase.

“Currently, 200 delegates are undergoing automobile training at Innoson Kiara Academy, at Nnewi in Anambra state, apart from 120 delegates that were earlier trained at Innoson Kiara Academy last year. The Amnesty office recently launched the Presidential Amnesty-Sport for Peace to meaningfully engage talented ex-agitator. The list is endless” Gen. explained.

Mr. Jude Gbaboyor, who also is a delegate that came out with First Class Honours in his university in Malaysia, cited himself as part of the success story of the Amnesty programme, hinting that secretary to former ex-agitator, popularly known as General Boyloaf, he spent four years in the creeks, but that after accepting amnesty, he had opportunity to travel abroad to do his first and second degrees and now owns a large fish farm in his village in Delta State, addition to being staff of the Amnesty office.

Meanwhile, the Chief Whip of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Hon. Tonye Emmanual Isenna, representing Kolokuma/Opokuma Constituency 1 has applauded performance the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Gen. Boroh (Rtd) saying that though he had reservations about the Amnesty Programme, he has seen notable changes in the programme.

“I had my reservations before now, but under Gen. Paul Boroh, I have taken keen interest in the Amnesty programme. I must comment that Gen. Boroh is doing well.

“I have seen the coordinator going round, supervising persons that have been trained and giving them starter packs”, the lawmaker reiterated.

He however frowned at a situation where some beneficiaries of the programme sell their starter packs after they have been empowered, adding that “after you have been trained and given starter packs, you have to make a living out of it, but some people are selling their starter packs to buy other things to show they are big boys and after one month they are poor.”

“You have to make use of what you have been given to fend for yourself. You don’t have to blame anybody, you have been given the necessary empowerment, and then why are you selling the starter packs”, he queried.

Dignitaries at the public lecture included, Member representing Yenagoa/Kolokuma Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Doye Diri, Former Permanent Secretary, Dr. Godknows Igali, T O Ogoriba, President, Yenagoa Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Industry and Agriculture, Hon. Ndutimi Komonibo, Commissioner for Development, represented by the Director of Tourism, Head, Monitoring and Evaluation, Amnesty Office, Mr. Bestman Probel, Liaison Officer, Amnesty Office, Piriye Kiyaramo and Reintegration officer, Tarila Osi, among others.

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Nwodo Now Using Ohanaeze Presidency to Feather his Political Nest – SERG

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Nwodo Now Using Ohanaeze Presidency to Feather his Political Nest – SERG 

The South East Revival Group (SERG) has accused the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, of “engaging in political bazaar and patronage rather than working to stabilise Igbo land in the face of growing marginalization and killing of Ndigbo which has resulted to separatist agitations”.

The socio-political pressure organisation in a statement signed by its Secretary General, Barrister Benedict Ezeagu observed that it was unfortunate that rather than defend and promote the overall interest of Igbos, the President General has turned himself into a political tool.

“It is very unfortunate that the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, rather than defend and promote the interest of Igbos, has made himself an available tool in the hands of Igbo detractors and non-Igbos, especially the Arewa irredentists, to denigrate Igbo nation, our sacred traditional institutions and prominent Igbo sons and daughters.

“Such despicable cases in recent time were when he decided to attack Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) agitators, a deviation from his earlier declaration as a father to the young Igbo people, who would have called his erring children into his bedchamber and counseled them, if he believed that they have missed the mark in their strategy for Igbo self-determination.

“Having forgotten so soon the apolitical nature of his office, in his bid to impress his newly found political allies, the Ohanaeze President General chose to openly castigate his acclaimed children after he has descended so low to represent a former military ruler at a book launch.

“Rather than stay in his office to attend to challenges facing Ndigbo in Igbo land in Nigeria, which has metamorphosed to an international separatist agitations for Igbo self-determination, he abandoned his duties to go hunting for northern politicians.

“It is becoming more and more obvious from emerging facts that Chief John Nnia Nwodo may have, with a sugar coated tongue, hoodwinked prominent Igbo leaders into supporting his then ambition to clinch the Ohanaeze Presidency for ulterior political motive.

“Or, why did he, on assumption of office, quickly dash to the north to meet politicians and have continued in the same voyage ever since?

“Why is it a bit difficult for him to sit down in his office to coordinate the efforts to liberate Ndigbo from their oppressors in Nigeria by bringing together the Igbo self-determination agitators and other Igbo sons and daughters to find a common solution to the Igbo Question in Nigeria?

“Is he not worried to see how the northern youths that issued quit notice to Ndigbo are being pampered and caressed by their northern leaders while their counterparts in the Eastern region are being hunted down daily?

“We are indeed surprised that after starting well as Ohanaeze leader, his recent utterances, visits and reciprocating visits by northern politicians have created serious doubt about the image of an apolitical organisation that should be led by a brave Igbo with impeccable integrity.

“His initial statements and positions may have been mere appearance put forward to get Igbo support to feather his personal political nest to the detriment of the larger Igbo interest.

“We therefore call on the Ohanaeze President General to retreat and sit down at the Ohanaeze Secretariat in Enugu and attend to myriads of socio-political and economic challenges confronting Igbo people and receive anyone on a courtesy call as a leader of a prominent Igbo socio-cultural organization, rather than cheapen his position by joining political entourage and gallivanting all over the eastern region as a mere ‘political errand boy”, the group said.

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Rivers APC Unveils the Successful Candidates of Its Just Concluded LG Congress

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Rivers APC Unveils the Successful Candidates of Its Just Concluded LG Congress

…Describes the exercise as a huge success

…urges members to be united and focused

The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has read several reactions based on the conduct and outcome of her just concluded non elective Wards/LG Congress held on 29th July, 2017 in all the 23 Local Government Areas of the State. The party observed with misgiving some of the reactions which were calculated attempts by external forces to discredit an excerise that was held not only with the best democratic practices but an exercise that was done in a very peaceful manner in the Local Government Headquarters of the party.

The party felt displeased that this program that was widely advertised to hold in the Local Government Areas of the State and surprisingly instead of most of our party chieftains mobilising their supporters and associates to the venues of this congress in their Local Government Headquarters preferred to mobilise them to Port Harcourt for reasons the leadership of the party is still at a loss to fathom. What may have led to this if not as a calculated attempt to discredit the party, create unwarranted tension and division among party faithful.

The party further stated that contrary that were presented to the world that no party member or leader was denied participation or access to the venues were the Congress was conducted based on the reports we got from the party’s officials that monitored the exercise.

“Let us state that as much as we don’t intend to exchange words with anybody or group of persons over this exercise, we wish to reiterate that our political party in the State is not only united but very focused to ensure that we don’t fall into the pranks that caused us the 2015 general elections in the State as we are very determined to ensure that the current government in Rivers State is shown the way out come 2019 to enable us restore the credibility and honour of Rivers State and her people”. Rivers APC said in a statement signed by the State Chairman, Chief (Dr.) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, and released on Tuesday in Port Harcourt.

The party pleads with members that are disenchanted in any form with the outcome of the Congress to unite with the party in her drive and mission to sustain democracy and salvage our dear State from the Draconian Government currently operating in the State. This notwithstanding, the party reiterated that it will not be deterred, dissuaded or distracted in this mission to salvage our State from the hands of those who have turned her into Rivers of Blood and a laughing stock amongst comity of nations particularly within the States in Nigeria no matter the outbursts and actions of most of the people that have benefited so much from the party.

The party also described the attacks on the leader of the party in the State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the incumbent Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as unnecessary, unwarranted and misplaced as we can’t forget in a hurry the risk and trouble the leader took in re-positioning the party in the State. The party is and will ever support every democratic effort by the leader to ensure that we succeed in our common mission of taking over the Brick House come 2019.

The party formally presents to the public the names of the candidates that were duly elected during the exercise of 29th July, 2017 and congratulated these great sons and daughters of Rivers State and urge them to be focused and carry out their functions for the betterment of both the State and the nation at large.

The Comprehensive List for Rivers State APC LGA/Ward Congress Delegates:-


  1. Hon Udi Odum
    2. Hon Ode ThankGod
    3., Mrs Oyani Wilfre


1, Chief Emmanuel Ibodeng Njah.
2, Engr. Sampson Ngerebara.
3, Mrs Paulina Asuk.


1, Chief (Barr) Dumo Lulu-Briggs
2, Madam Ngoba Karibi Whyte
3,Chief Dabo Dappa

4, ASALGA APC LGA Congress Delegates:

1, Hon Lolo T. Ibieneye
2, Hon Ojukaye Flag Amachree
3, Mrs Joeba West

5,  Ahoada East LG DELEGATES

1, Barr, Eric Apia
2, Dr, Ndubisi Adikema,
3, Hon Ms Queen Ideozu

6 Ahoada West LGA Delegates

1, Hon. Awori Miller
2, Hon(Mrs) Faith P. Esor
3, Hon Chinedu Kio

7, Bonny LGA Delegates

1, Hon. George F. Tolofari
2, Amasenibo Hon. Fubara Hart
3, Miss Justina Ala Wilcox.


  1. Sir Ngo Martyns-Yellow
    2. Hon. Iboroma Harry
    3. Mrs. Salome Benibo


1, H.E. Oji Ngofa
2, Mrs Augusta Ejie Emerge
3, Chief Precious Osaroeke


1, Hon. Nnamdi Okere
2, Hon. Golden Chioma
3, Mrs. Cecilia Mmeni


  1. Chf. Sampson Agbaru
    2.  Chf. Allen Nma
    3.  Mrs. Edith


1, George D N Feyii
2, Gordon M. Tormwe
3, Barida  Samuel

13, Ikwerre LG DELEGATES

1, Hon Chibike Ikenga
2, Hon Contro Asobi
3, Hon Mrs Onyinye



15, Obio/Akpo LG DELEGATES

1, Hon Chikaodi Dike
2, Madam Beatrice
3, Dr Lawrence Chuku


1,Chief Jona Tamuno
2, Hon Maureen Tamuno
3, Noble Aseme


1, Engr Ndubisi Nwankwo
2, Onyekachi Ojiegbe
3, Mrs Florence  Ubani

18,Ogba/Egbema Ndoni LG DELEGATES

  1. Mrs. Blessing Ofuonye
    2. Victory Ogolo
    3. Joe-light Oyibo


  1. Hon. Michael Donald Igolima
    2. Barr. (Mrs.) Aleruchi Cookey-Gam
    3. Hon. Maclean  Bethel Uranta

20,  Oyigbo LG DELEGATES

1, Hon Gift Okere
2, Chief S N Azu
3,, Mrs Eunice Nwonu


1, Hon. Demue Ledee Demue
2, Hon. Koteh Brown
3, Hon. Mrs Giobari Naabiradee


1, Chf, Hon Nnamdi Wokekoro,
2, Hon, Mrs Irene Inimgba
3, Hon, Sir Collins Owhonda.


1, Hon Joe Philip Boroma
2, Dr Batam
3, Mrs Kate Ngboi

Source: Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,

SSA on Media and Public Affairs to the State Chairman, APC Rivers State



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Wike Continues to Forge More Documents Against Amaechi…

Brags that He Has the CJN, Judiciary in His Pocket

Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike has continued to twist, falsify and forge fresh documents that he intends to use against the immediate past governor of the state and now Minister of Transportation Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

Wike wants to use the elaborately distorted and most times outrightly but carefully forged documents to persecute and prosecute his erstwhile benefactor in court. In the past couple of days, Wike has been telling anyone who cares to listen, bragging that he will certainly get a conviction, a judgement against Amaechi in the law courts on spurious charges of corruption using his forged documents because he (Wike) is in control of the judiciary at the state and national level.

For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state that Wike has been boasting that he has the judges in the Rivers State judiciary in his pocket, that he’s in full control and that the State judiciary would always give him any judgement he wants against Amaechi. Furthermore, Wike is bragging that the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) is his ‘main man’, that would readily and easily assist him get any judgement he wants against Amaechi at the apex court, using his contorted documents. Wike is also telling anyone who cares to listen that the Supreme Court (Justices) and judges generally are not happy with Amaechi and so they would easily convict him with any forged document he presents in court. Power drunk Wike is using the recent visit of the CJN to Rivers State as his bragging right to prove his ‘extreme’ closeness to the CJN.

Nigerians would recall that only a few days back, Livingstone Wechie, the young man Wike used to accuse Amaechi of corruption and write false and frivolous petitions to the National Assembly, EFCC etc, confessed in a live television programme and in a statement he also circulated to the media, that all the documents he used to wrongfully portray Amaechi as corrupt when he governed Rivers State, were phonies, forged documents given to him by Wike’s Rivers State Government House.  Wechie also admitted, like we have always said, that the forged documents were used as the template and basis for the Justice Omereji led Judicial Commission of Inquiry, a panel Wike set up early in his administration to witch-hunt, malign, vilify and persecute Amaechi.

Sadly, this is the kind of administration that presides over the affairs of Rivers people. An administration that embarks on wholesale forgery and distortion of government documents and then retails it out to his minions, the media and now the judiciary in a shameful and futile bid to defame and destroy Amaechi. Brazenly, without any scruples, Governor Wike runs an administration that manufactures and concocts documents to indict Amaechi of corruption. Yes, this is the kind of character, a low-level conman that is at the helm of affairs in Rivers State.

Since he became governor, Wike’s sole agenda has been to attack and vilify Rotimi Amaechi, no matter how ridiculous and silly he sounds.   Everyday in Rivers State, there is one frivolous, false story of what Amaechi did or didn’t do. Same pattern, the same blatant lies using distorted and forged documents, same old concocted stories of corruption allegations against Amaechi told with different twists.

Nigerians will not forget in a hurry how Nyesom Wike, hurriedly called a suspicious late night press conference to lie that the over $43million found by EFCC in a luxury apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos and the apartment belongs to Amaechi.

Wike shamelessly said that the money was part of what was stolen from Rivers State – and warehoused in the Ikoyi house – by his predecessor and current Minister for Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi. Not done with his concocted tales, Wike went further to threaten the President Mohammadu Buhari administration with fire and brimstone if the money is not returned to him (Wike). He gave the Federal Goovernment a seven-day ultimatum to return the money; otherwise, he would institute the mother of all legal actions against the Buhari government to recover the money.

That’s the typical Wike, a lying, reckless, irresponsible and brutal forger that has become the laughing stock of his peers and the nation.

Source: Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi Media Office

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